Richard Sherlock 1670

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Date: 12 January 2018
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Episcopal Will 1670E #037 Rushen, of Richard Sherlock, dated 24 May 1670: 
Summary:  Bessy Cubbon, people owing debts: John Taylor, Margery Crain, Margaret Gell, & Thomas Sherlock
see also, ?a sister: ArW 1637A #88 German of Catharine Cubbon alias Sherlock, died 27 November 1636: husband William Cubbon, son, 
pledges: William Sherlock & William Elletson / Ellison

May 24th 1670 The last will & testamt of Rich: Shurlogue who comitted his soule & his body to Christian buriall, Itt: hee left to Bessy Cubon 1s Itt: to ye Minister 1 mutton, and nominated debts due to him as follows ffrom John Taylor 2s, from Margery Craine 2s 6d, from Margt Gell 6d, from Tho: Shurlogue 4d

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