Jane Norris alias Sayle 1670

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Date: 16 January 2018
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Episcopal Will 1670E #090 Maughold will of Jane Norris alias Sayle, of Ramsey, husband is alive, they have 2 children, her parents are dead: 
Summary:  2 children underage, parents dead, husband xxxx Norris is alive
Maughold parish register:  Jane Norris, Ramsey      buried  2 April 1670

KK Maughall Ramsey This is affirmed to be ye last will & testamt: of Jaine Sayle als -------[fold] Imprs: shee committd her soule to God, & her body to Christian buriall -------[fold] Joney Coulbreaugh a petticoat & stockins & shooes, shee bequeathed -------[fold] poore English woeman an old petticoat, and an old smacke and -------[fold] all her goods whatsoever to her 2 children, and wisht her husband t-------[fold] up ye goods due to her by ye death of her ffather & mother on the so-------[fold] Testes Marke Cowle } pbatum et solvit xijd Margt: Cottiam } jurati Note yt ye wittnesses affirme upon oath that the testator said at her will makeing that if ye children dye underage, her husband should have ther goods The Inven: of Jaine Sayle als Norris priced by 4 sworne -------[fold] Wm Kerroush, Marke Cowle, Wm Quay & John Quarke a-------[fold] to ye summe of ........................................ 01£ 01s 00d more added, the mothers apparell & shaped linnens ..... 00 - 11 - ob The goods at prsent in ye ffathers hand who hath given pledges Ewan Christian & John Callow Debts to be deducted ffunrall charges, buriall moneys, pbacon & other Cort ffees ............................ 00 - 05 - 03 cleere remaining .......... 01 - 07 - 03

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