Margery Curghey alias Kneale 1670

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Date: 12 January 2018
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Episcopal Will 1670E #093 Maughold will of Margery Curghey alias Kneale of Ramsey, dated 17 May 1670, husband Edward Curghey:
Summary: husband Edward Curghey, brothers John (married) & William (married) Kneale, brother Daniel Kneale, godson Robert Kneale's son, 
Joney Kneale, Margaret Kneale alias Crow, William Scarff's wife, John Wattleworth's daughter, Margaret Knickle, Richard Fox, witnesses 
Robert Kerruish & Thomas Corlett, Grace Quayle (has a child), young Ewan Christian

[fold]-----ey Anno 1670 May ye 17th ------med to bee ye last will and testamt: of Margery Curghey als Kneale ------ fir she committed her soule to God & her body to Christian buriall; Itm: She ------ her husband Edward Curghey the two ffeatherbeds and all ye woollen cloathes ---- with all ye houshold stuffe, in like manner ye pott, if it would not be recovered b----- ---- as Corbs, also left him ye Trunk wth a peice of Lynen cloath of niene[?] h----- willed ye sd Edward to sell ye Trunck to Grace Quayle and if hee did not, then shee left it to her executr: ----- left a kerchiffe to bee put on her selfe to ye grave moreover shee bequeathed to her sd husband whatsoever money was in ye house and said it was not much, bequeath---- to h----- also ye stones, and 5 sheepe, viz: --- mootons, 2 ews, and 2 lambs, and t----- shee left him because hee might have occacon to goe into those pts wher here relations goe ----sing, and hopeing they would be kinde unto him. Itm: shee bequeathed all her Qibb----- --- her sd husband, except ye best, wch shee left to her brother John Kneale. Itm: shee ---- ----nd her sd husband to coffin her, and cleere her to ye grave, and that Mullo be ------ ----ee in ye house, to bee bestowed at her ffunerall. Itm: shee left to her brother ---iell Kneale sixe sheepe viz, 3 ewes and 3 hogges, and a Colt To ------ ---- god=sone Rob: Kneales sone one lambe. To Joney Kneale her ------ ---- wascoat and a crosslett. Itm: shee bequeathed to Margt: Kneale als Crow her ----s, & stockins, and a green petticoat. To Wm Scarfes wife a white pettico----- ----th her bedes betwixt John Wattlforths daughter, and Grace Quayles child ----- -----bequeathed to Margt: Knickle a yellow petticoat and all her smocks, wth a pair ---- ----- wolins, likewise ye Lynens that were then about her in her bed of sickness ---- to Mr Rich: Ffox a mootton, Shee bequeathed to her bro: Johns wife her best ------ron and a baskett and ye rest of her wearing Lynnens to her bro: Wms wife. Itm: shee ---tituted and ordained her two brothers, John and Wm Kneale her true ----- ----- full Executrs: of all her goods movable & unmovable whatsoever and ----- whatsoever is already in each others possession, that is to say wthin doares --- ----- be devidable, and left her sd bro: Wm an oxe wch he had akeepeing ------ ------ she bequeathed to Robt: Kerroush, and Tho: Curlett a sheepe betwixe them ---- ---cause they would be at trouble wittnessing ye will. Itm: she said there was a barr----- ------er bro Johns in ye house. Itm: shee said that her Apparell ------ --- fitt by an------ ---- --e worn, and therfore willed ye Executrs to sell them Robt: Kerroush } pbatum et solvit xij Tho: Curlett } jurati Shee left that if any claimed Interest in her goods they sh-------[torn edge] wth vjd legacie a peice, and left further to her hus------[torn edge] of pladin, the russett leadow cloath to ----- --------[torn edge] linen to Margt: Knickle. Itm: -------- [torn edge] her from young Ewan Christian -----[torn edge] hood and ----- ----- [torn edge] [next page] The Inv: of ye goods of Margery Curghey als Knayele ------sey £ s d Imprs: her Apparrell Lynnen & woolen .................. 02 - --- - 02 some yearne & some fflaxe & woole 22 sheepe ............................................. 01 - --- - 13 A goose vjd 2 horses 13s x[10] yrds linen 10s ....... 01 - --- - 03 The Executrs: are to pfect this Inven: wthin ----[torn edge] sub pena juris pledges Wm Knickle & Ewan C-----[torn edge]

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