Patrick Cottier 1670

Submitted by: Joyce M Oates
Date: 17 January 2018
Original: 0106202

Episcopal Will 1670E #046 Patrick, of Patrick Cottier, died 8 June 1670, intestate: 

KK Pat: 
Pat: Cotteare depted this life ye 8th of this instant June 1670 intestate, wherof 
ye Church haveing intelligence hath decreed his onely sister Ann Cotteare Admrx: 
of al his goods movable & unmovable wtsoever, who is at age & sworn in 
				Decretum est et solvit   2s  vjd
Salvo tamen vincuig
 	suo jure

The Inven: of ye above Pat: Cotteare prised by 4 sworn men comes to 
the summe of ...... xlvjs sterl: 
	pledges secundum forman legis   Tho: Knayckle and 
	   John Key

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