Phinlo Watterson 1670

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Date: 17 January 2018
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Episcopal Will 1670E #054 Patrick, of Phinlo Watterson, died 24 May 1670: 
Summary:  son Thomas, Alice (of age), Isabel (of age), Margaret (of age), brother Patrick, servant Bahie Brew
will of father: ArW 1653A #04 Patrick of William Watterson, died 14 October 1653, intestate:   son Patrick, dau Joney, son Phinlo, also: Thomas Radcliffe
will of wife: ArW 1661A #113 Patrick, of Ann Watterson alias Gell, died 10 July 1663, husband xxxx Watterson is alive: husband alive; Bahy Brew is to bring 
up her youngest son; dau Alice, dau Isabel Cottier;  5 children Alice & Isabel & Margaret & Thomas & William are exec; brothers Thomas Gell & Henry Gell

Patricke The last will & testamt: of Ffinlo Waterson who depted this life the 24th of May 1670 who beinge in pfect memory, bequeathed her soule to God, her body to Christian buriall; to the poore a firlett malt, dj fir: wheate & a sheep. It: to his son Tho: three oxen, two horses & a maire; It: he constituted & ordained his said son Tho:, Ales, Isable and Margrat his lawfull executors of all his goods moveable & unmovable. The said Tho: giveinge his said three sisters three halfe firletts of barly apeece out of the croop; ye rest of the Crope to his said son Tho:, he also left to his brother Patricke a firlett of barly, and if his sd brother thought it was not ynough to take another firlett; also he willed to his servant Bahy Brew a blankett wch was on his bed pbatum et solvit vjd Testes Wm Quirke } Wm Knickle } jurati The Inventory of of ye goods of ye said Ffinloe goods priced by 4 sworne Rich: Quirke, Wm Quirke, Phil: Talior and Wm Knickle Impris: three cowes ..... 3£ more in sheep 6 ......... 8s The goods in ye eldest childrens hands viz Margt:, Allice, & Esable who hath given pledges according to law Wm: Knickle & John Key

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