William Callow 1670

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Episcopal Will 1670E #056 Jurby, of William Callow, died 12 April 1670, intestate: 
Summary: children Bahie, William (dead by 1693) & Elizabeth/Bessy Callow, sister Ann Callow, brother Thomas Callow, wife Isabel Cry (father is Thomas Cry who was dead 
by Feb 1693/4), son in law Robert Boddaugh (married Bahie by Dec 1685), Edward McNameer (2nd husband of the wife), son in law William Boddaugh (married Bessy by 1693)
Jurby parish register:  Wm Callow    buried 29 April 1670
Jurby parish register:  William Callow married Isabel Cry on 6 June 1659, Jurby
Ballaugh parish register:  Issable Cry als McNameer    buried 25 Feb 1702/3
will of daughter: ArW 1731A #49 Ballaugh of Bahee Boddaugh als Callow: dau Ann, son Daniel
will of wife:   ArW 1702 #36 Ballaugh will of Isabel McNameer als Callow als Cry: husband Edward McNameer, daughters Bahie & Bessy Callow, stepson
will of brother in law: Archdeacon Will 1679A #32 Ballaugh will of Thomas Cry, died 1679: wife (?Margaret Garrett) remarried 
Daniel/Dollin Caine by November 1680, son Thomas (of age by 1702), dau Joney (of age by Nov 1689), dau Catharine (of age by 1690, 
dau Margaret (of age by 1703), sister Isabel Cry (md 1st William Callow died 1670, 2nd Edward McNameer), mother is alive & was 
cared for by Edward McNameer for 2 years, supervisors: William Kelly & Edward McNameer & Daniel Goldsmith

Jourby Wm Callow depted this life ye life about ye 12 of Aprill 1670, wherof the Church haveing intelligence hath decreed his children viz Bahee, Willm: and Bessie Callow Administrs: of all his goods movable & unmovable wht soever, the next of Kinread of ye ffather side viz Ann Callow supvisor, and a legacie to ye wife upon sight of the Inventory Ann Callow ye supvisor hath halfe ye deceadts: goods & hath given pledges for their xxxxx xxxx ye children goods wth ye tuicon of ye Children are in the hands of the mother by the consent of ye Supvisor and hath given pledges: Tho: Cry & Wm Kelly according to law Salvo tamen Decretum et solvit 2s 6d £ s d The Inventory is ....... 01 - 15 - 06 In Cattle & heifer The pledges above inserted note 3s of Cort ffees is to be deducted The lands bequeathed by ye deceadts: ptee[?]: Brother viz Tho: Callow unto ye Issue of ye above Wm Callow is to be added to ye Inventory wch was morgaged to ye sd Tho: the summes appearing by ye sevrall Bills Aded to ye Inventory In Cattle .............................. 05 - 00 - 00 In houshold stuffe ..................... 00 - 17 - 00 In Corn plackett & oats } this corne is satisfied as appears by Robt 42 stoucks for ye Execur: } Boddaugh acquittance hereunto annexed due from Tho: Cry ..................... 01 - 10 - 00 } this is due un= due of ye wives portion .............. 05 - 00 - 00 } lesse it bee cleerd this pd as appears by ye annexed account in form of law [next page] the wittnesses wthin named (save Ewan Killipe who is sicke, and William Christian who is absent) have deposed the wthin Certificatt to be true in every particular as wthin written this 22th of 9ber 1684 before me Edw: Christian Add this to ye Decree of Wm Callow of Jurby 17 yeares agoe. [next page] Mr Deemster Christian These are to Certifie that by us whooste names are hereunto subscribed, that 2 years agoe, we ware swarne for to exiamin out what goods was paid unto Rro: Bodaugh and his wife being chyldren: goods by Edw: Macylmeer and his wife, and as for ye sd goods we have under our hands for the same at that tyme and ye same being loft therefore to our best knowledge, & memory that ye good, that was received by Ro: Bodaugh and his wife did amount to 05£ - 00 - 00, and some od moneye, which, ye sd Edw: Macylemear saith it was a eleven shyling, vjd, which we doe not know that to be truth, but we know that there was some revarsle besids ye 05£, but doth not know how much, but as for ye 05£ we know for certaine to be truth and this we give, under our hands and marke for to be truth as wittness our hand and markes this 16th of No: 1684 I doe know, this Certificatt Tho: Kelley his marke X above written to be truth Edw Killipp his marke X as wittness my hand Dan: Burrage his marke X Tho: Christian Will: Christrey his marke X Ric Waver[?] his mark X Ffeb: 15th & 17th 93 acknowledged by ye husbands of ye two surviving Admstrxe: yt ye half of this 5 £ was due to Wm Calow ye other Admstr: before me S: Watleworth Regr: [next paper:] Decembr: ye 8th 1685 I doe hearby acknowledge and confesse both myselfe, & my wyffe Bahee Calloe, to have had and received from and att ye hands of Edward McNemeer or stepfathr:, and or: mothr: ffourty too stokes betwixt plackett & ots wch 42 stokes was due from or sd mothr: by or: ffathr: Wm Calloes Inventry: Therfore we doe hearby acquit and discharge or sd mothr and hir now husband yr haires executors administr: and assignes therof, and desires yt ye Registr: may be pelased to cross the booke for ye same by vertue hearof, this as wittnesse my subscripcon wittnesse prsent Robrt: Bodaugh my marke X Nicho: Thompson The above acquitances is proved and acknowledged by vertue of Mr Deemstr: Christian, taken before me ye day and yeare abovesd: Doll: Caine Coroner [next page] fffebf: 15th 1693/ Robt: Boddaugh who married to one of a wthin Admsrs: vizt: Bahie came this day & acknowledged to be paid of ye within Inventory ye sume of 5£ 11s 6d, in behalfe of his wife & ye ---e Admstrs: from ye hands of Ed: Macnameer who married ye Relict of ye within Will Calow and ---h hereby acquitt and release him ye se Ed: MacNameer his execrs: of ye same for d---- As witnesse his mrkd Robt: Boddaugh ffebr: 17th 93/: Will: Boddaugh ye husband of Bessie Calow one of ye within Admistrs: came this day and acknowledgeth to be fully satisfied & pd: whatever from ye hands of Edw: MacNameer ye full summe of fifty shills: due to her by ye death of her father Wm: Calow As witnesse his mrk Willm: Boddaugh X Novem: die Robt: Boddaugh is also satisfied as appeare by ye annexed paper [slip of paper:] Robrt: Boddaugh came this day before me and acknowledged to have received from the hands of Edward McNameer and his wife Issabell Cry all the filiall protion or childs part of goods due to ye sd Robrt: in the Right of his wife Baheey Callow by the death of her ffather Willm: Callow who dyed in Anno (70) and gives htis as a full discharge & quietus ---ist to ye Edward McNameer & his Execrs: for ever, for their full proportion of their sd ffathers Inventary, wch the Regr: is to anex to ye Decree & Inventary of ye sd Willm: Callow Dat: ye 15th of ffeb: 1693 Jon: Christian V.G. [slip of paper:] ffebrie: ye 14th 1693 Whereas Tho: Cry deceased et his wife promissed 10£ portion to there daughter Issabell Cry when she maryed Willm: Calow wch 10£ the sd Issabell doe hereby declare to be paid & fully satisfied to her in ye time of her said husband Wm Calow as follows: Impris paid of ye sd 10£ to morgage Land there wth ........................... 5£ 00 0 Item due to ye sd Tho Cry } from his sd daughter & } husband for mowing hay } vizt: 9 daymoathes for } 14 years & alsoe for } plowing harrowing & sevrll } other work dureing the sd }... 5£ 00 0 fime for all wch work } it was agreed betwixt ye } sd ffather & his daughter & } husband that ye other 5£ was } quitted & fully satisfied } & this ye sd Issabell is willing (if desired) to depose upon oath as witness her subscrip= tion ye day above mentioned Issabell Cry als McMeer her X Issabell Cry hath made oath before me that the above acct: is true in every particular, and therfore ye 5£ portion mentioned in the Invento =ry is to be deducted. ffeb ye 15th 93 Jon: Christian V. G.

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