Nann Kelly 1670

Submitted by: Joyce M Oates
Date: 17 January 2018
Original: 0106202

Episcopal Will 1670E #058 Jurby, of Nann / Ann Kelly, died 10 May 1670: 
Summary:  sister, husband, mother 
Jurby parish register:  An Kelley    buried 18 May 1670

Jourby The last will & testament of Nann Kelly who depted ys -----[fold] about ye xth[10th] May 1670, Ffirst commited her soul to God -----[fold] body to Christian buryall. It: I leave to my mothr a cl-----[fold] the little linen & woollen cloath I have I leave to my s-----[fold] whom I ordaine & appoint my execr: It: I leave half a fir: of barly I have in the house below towards my fune-----[fold] I leave a wescott cloath to my sister the haguag-----[fold] to redeeme it; Itm: the corne one ye growne in the Croft & rest -----[fold] leave to my husband & if he dye to returne -----[fold] her execr: pbatum et solvit 4d testes Nicho: Cowley juratus Willm: Voaghtin The mother is sworn in behalfe of Executr: All ye goods included in ye will pledge Pat: Caine

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