John Qyark 1670

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183 Episcopal Will 1670E #059 Michael, of John Quark, Croft ye Furt, died 12 May 1670: 
Summary: wife Marriad Kerran, dau Catharine Quark (married Patrick Caine), dau Jane (married John Broadman), 
daus Bahie & Ellin & Ann,?grandson (of age by 1723) William Caine
Michael parish register:  Jon: Quark     buried 14 May 1670
Michael parish register:  Mariod Kerran  buried  26 Oct 1675
Michael parish register:  Kath: Caine als Quark  buried  11 Feb 1716
Michael parish register:  Kath Quark married Pat: Caine on 4 May 1663 Michael
?Michael parish register:  Elin Quark   buried  9 Oct 1675
Malew parish register:  Jane Boardman als Quark, widow  buried  4 May 1741
Malew parish register:  Jane Quark married John Boardman 1 July 1688 Malew
will of step father in law: ArW 1669A #071 Michael, of James Cry, died 19 January 1669/70, wife Alice Cry als Kerron als Callister 
died 1656, ArW 1656A #18 Michael: sister Ann Cry, stepdaughter Marriad Cerron/Kerron & her husband John Quark
will of sister in law: ArW 1655A #38 Andreas of Alice Martin alias Taylor alias Cry, died 15 September 1655, husband John Martin: 
son John Taylor (soldier, off the Island), brother James Cry, sister Ann Cry, Margaret Quark & brother John Quark, husband John Martin
will of mother in law: ArW 1656A #18 Michael, of Alice Cry alias Kerran alias Callister, dead by 29 July 1656: husband James Cry, 
dau Marriad, also: Alice Mylrea, Margaret Callister, Elizabeth Quine, Henry Cannell, William Mylrea
will of dau Catharine's mother in law: ArW 1663A #012 Michael, of Joney Caine alias Quayle alias Corlett, died 1 March 1664/5: husband xxxx Cain 
is alive, son Patrick Caine (his father is alive, wife is Catharine Quark); dau in law Catharine Quark (wife of Patrick Caine); son William Caine 
(his father is alive), son William Quayle; dau Margaret Caine; dau in law Bessie Goldsmith (married either Wm Caine OR William Quayle [more likely]); 
also: Joney Fargher; Katherine Corlet; Marriad Corlet; Alice Creere; Joney Gell 

NOTE: This Will is not included in the old Episcopal Index but was found with the Episcopal Wills

Michaell 1670 The last will and Testamt: of John Quarke who departed this liffe the 12th of May; first he bequeathed his Soule to God and his bodie to Christian buryall; Item he left to his daughter Katherin Quarke and her husband Patt: Cayune the houses and the little old garden belonging to the sd houses, and forty shillinges, or else halfe of the Croft called Croft afort of 6d Intake rent wch was due to them before by Contract bar= gaine now 20s of the sd 40s is alreadie paid in accompt and hee left to ye sd Katherin and her sd husband the new garden lastly taken in ajoyninge to the sd old garden in the other 30s of the sd 40s and to be cleere of the sd Croft; Itm: left to his daughter Jane Quarke the sd Croft affort for dues and if the sd Katherin and her husband were not pleased with yt he left uppon ym to returne to the sd Jane ye sd 20s and new garden and to have halfes with the sd Jane in ye sd Croft affort; Itm: he left to his wiffe Marriad Kerron a bould of malt that was in the house, and his pte of voz[?] pcell of ground whereof he had a settinge from Henry Woods & duringe her liffe, and if she did not live to the Expiration of the settinge at her latter day, to returne it to his Executors; Itm: he constituted ordained and appoynted his three children Bahie, Ellin and Ann Quarke his true and lawfull Executors of all the rest of his goodes moveable and unmoveable Testis Wm Caine two of ye execrs sworne in forme Wm: Quayle jurati of law, & also supvisor of ye child Jo: Kaighin under yeere pbatum et solvit xijd The Inventory of the above menconed Testator is taken by 4 swarne men and praized as falloweth .......................... £ s d Itm: 2 ptes of 2 mairs ........................................ 0 - 8 - 0 Itm: 1 cow and two heiffers, the deads pt of ym prized to ..... 0 - 16 - 0 Itm: the deads part of a duzen of sheep ....................... 0 - 12 - 0 Itm: the deads pte of two loomes .............................. 0 - 11 - 0 Itm: the deads pte of the vessells small and great} and all the house hould stuffe & summ money } ........... 1 - 13 - 0 summ: 4£ - 0s - 0d The goods in ye hands of ye 2 eldest children who hath given pledges Hen: Woods & John Kaighin [next page] May 20, 1723: I Jane Boardman als Quark, daughter of Jo: Quark of KK Michael, do own to have recd: from Wm: Cain twenty five shills: in consideration of a Croft bequeathed me by my sd ffather, & my mother Mariod Karran, called Croft y furt, & doe acquit him of the same for e= ver witness my subscription Jane Boardman her mrk X Teste me J Woods Reg. Ep.

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