Sir Hugh Cannell 1670

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Date: 20 January 2018
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Episcopal Will 1670E #061 Michael, of Sir Hugh Cannell, died 10 May 1670: 
Summary: granddau Mrs Margaret Cannell; goddau/ggranddau Leonora Cannell, granddau Mrs Ellin Radcliffe, cousin Silvester Radcliffe, grandson 
James Cannell, dau Mrs Ann Cannell also: John Quayle, Charles Cannell, Mally Cannon, Dorothy Sherlock, Margaret Caine, Charles Cannell
Michael parish register:  Sir Hu: Cannell       buried  10 May 1670
will of wife: see will of grandmother: ArW 1631A #28 Michael, of Jane Cannell alias Gell, died 12 February 1630/31:  husband Sir Hugh Cannell, son John Cannell
will, ?his 2nd wife:  ArW 1649A #34 Ballaugh of Ellin Cannell alias Garrett alias Kelly, died 16 January 1649/50: Ellin Casement, 
Margaret Caine, dau Margaret Garrett, sons John & Thomas Garrett, 2nd husband Hugh Cannell, Deemster John Cannell
will of grandson: EpW 1670E #062 Michael, of Mr Hugh Cannell, waterbailiff, died 4 April 1670: 
wife Margaret Cannel alias Calcott, father is dead, dau Leonora, sister Mrs Radcliffe

Michaell 1670 the last will and Testamt: of Sr: Hugh Cannell who departed this liffe the 10th of May ; first he bequeathed his soule to God and his bodie to Christian buryall; Itm: he left to be distributed to the poore at all hallowtide next a boule of malt and a firlet of wheat; Itm: he left to his grandaughter Mrs: Margret Canell 40s; Itm: he left to his goddaughter Leonara Cannell 40s and the small tither belongeinge to his third this yeare; Itm: he left to his grandaugh= =ter Mrs Ellin Rattcliffe 40s; Itm: he left to his cossen Sill Rattcliffe 20s and 10s between the rest of the children of Knockailley; Itm: he left 10s xxxx 10 to Ja: Quayle to John Quayle 10s; Itm: he left to Charles Cannell 30s; Itm: he left to Mally Cannon 5s; Itm: he left to Dorithy Surlocke 5s; Itm: he left to his grandson James Cannell his best gound; Itm: he left to Margret Caine 5s; Itm: he left to Charles Cannell his hatt; Itm: he left to his daughter Mrs Ann Cannell 40s; Itm: he left all his grandchildren in Generall Executors of all the rest of his goods moveable and unmoveable Testis Charles Cannell } pbatum et solvit xijd Margrett Caine } jurati The legacie of 30s left to Charles Cannell is affirmed by ye wittnesses to be left him in consideracon of some accompts betwixt them Mr Tho: Ratcliffe is sworn in Cort both to bring in a pfect Inventory and to be true to ye rest of ye Executrs: And is impowred to pay all debts legally recordred, and to be accomptable for ye remainder The Inv: wthin 14 dayes sub pena juris March 7th 1670: Mrs Tho: Ratcliffe entrs against ye Executrs of Sr Hugh Cannell fore xvj£ & craveth tryall March ye 7th 1670: The Executrs of John Wattleforth enters for 14s against the Executrs of Sr Hugh Cannell & craveth tryall May ye 25th 1671: Grace Quayle entrs and ye Executrs of her formr husband John Black entrs against ye Execr: of Sr Hugh Cannell for xxiijs due as will appeare & craveth tryall Rich Ffox cleark entrs: for vjs 8d [next page] No: ye 21th 1670: Mr John Christian entrs: against ye Executrs of Sr Hugh Cannell and his granchild Mr Hugh Cannell for ye tyth of clearks close for xl yeares & craveth tryall ffeb: ye 22th 70: Ellin Calthorp enters against ye Execrs: of Mr Hugh Cannell late watter bailefe for xxvj£ 5s sterl: & craveth tryall June ye 13th 1671 [next page] A parfect Inventory of ye Goods of Sr Hugh Cannell deceased given in uppon oath by Mr Thomas Ratcliffe Amounts to ye summe of ........................ 13£ - 7s - 0d Out of wch sd summe theire is } to be deducted to pay funerall chargs }... 5£ - 7s - 9d pledges secundum forman legis Capt: Patricke Christian of Jourby, & Wm Caine of KK Michaell

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