Averick Cowley 1670

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Date: 21 January 2018
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188 Episcopal Will 1670E #064 Ballaugh, of Averick Cowley, buried 20 May 1670: 
Summary:  brother Thomas Cowley
Ballaugh parish register:  Averick Cowley     buried  20 May 1670
?will of mother: ArW 1658A #47 Ballaugh, of Ellin Cowley alias Corlett, dated 24 August 1658:  eldest son Thomas Cowley, son John, daughters 
Ellin and Averick Cowley, supervisors Thomas Corlett (?brother) and Phinlo Quayle (?brother in law), husband xxxx Cowley is alive

This is affirmed to be ye last will and testamt: of Avericke Cowley, who bequeathed all that shee had to her brother viz Thom: Cowley being only the qrter of a cow, and hee to pay to Margt Kneene ijs, and vjd legacy to any could pretend Interest to call them of Bahee Kelly juratus ye Executr: is Tho: Cowley John Loony juratus pbatum et solvit vjd pledges secundum forman legis Tho: Kneene et John Loony

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