Dorothy Harrison alias Radcliffe 1670

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Date: 24 January 2018
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Episcopal Will 1670E #073 Bride will of, of Mrs Dorothy Harrison alias Radcliffe, died 9 July 1669, intestate: 

Summary:  children John (?married), Ann, Catharine, Amy, Arthur, and others, husband is alive

KK Bride Mrs Dorlthy Harrissone als Ratcliffe depted this life ye 9th of July 1669 intestate, wher= of the Church haveing Intelligence hath decreed her children John, Ann, Katherin, Aymy, & Arthur Harrisson Administratrs: of all her goods movable and unmovable whatsoever (all the rest of the children haveing had considerable porcons, and are satisfyed), the children at ate Supvisors of ye children under age, and a legacie to ye husband upon sight of ye Inventory Salvo tamen vincuig Decretum est et solvit 3s 4d suo jure All ye Administratrs: are at lawfull yeares, and ye ffather is sworn to act all things according to Law and hath given pledges Mr. Thomas Allen & Mr Thomas Harrisson The Inventory wthin a month sub pena juris The Invent: brought in by ye parson } in grosse because ye children at age is } lx£ The pledges are above inserted

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