Margaret Cowle alias Joughin 1670

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Date: 24 January 2018
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Episcopal Will 1670E #075 Bride will of Margaret Cowle alias Joughin of Shalghag/Shellag, dated 24 May 1670: 
Summary:  son William, other children, husband is not mentioned
See ArW 1628A #85 Maughold: William Cowle of Shellagh in Bride is pledge for inventoried goods of Donold/Daniel Stowell/Stole will 1628 #85 Maughold
See ArW 1628A #85b Maughold: William Cowle of Shellagh, Bride, witness for Daniel Stowell whose daughter Catharine Stowell 
married Richard Cowle about 1625, Articles of Marriage 1628 #85b Maughold
See ArW 1668A #92 Bride: John Cowle of Shellag mentioned (and his wife) in will of Christian Mylchreest alias Joughin will 1668 #92 Bride
See ArW 1668A #92 Bride: William Cowle of Shellag mentioned in will of Christian Mylchreest als Joughin will 1668 #92 Bride

May 24 Invent: Margr Joughin Shellage taken & prced by 4 sworn 1670 men viz: Jo: Cowle, Charles Cowle, Jo: Cotter, & Wm Kaighin It: the whole Invent: is pced to ..............} ........ 37s - 8d & taken in pcesse bec: ye execr: is at lawfull } yeares & hath the whole in his owne hands......} The Executr: at age sworne in Cort & hath given pledges Wm: Cowle, & Wm: Kaighin This is affirmed to bee the last will & testamt: of Margt: Joughin who was in pfect memory at the making thereof Imprmis She committed her Soule to Gd & her body to Xtian buryall, It: Shee willed to the poore whatsoevr pleased her execr: It: all the rest of her children shee tooke one her conscience shee had dischardged of any thinge they could --- from her for any manr of due wtsoevr: It: Shee left to the p---- a mutton & appointed & ordayned her loving son Wm Cowle her lawfull & sole execr of all the rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable wtsoevr, & to see her well buryed & her will pformed. pbatum et solvit xijd testes: Jo: Harrison rector } Nicho: Moore clerke } jurati

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