Robert Caley 1670

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Date: 25 January 2018
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Episcopal Will 1670E #077 Lezayre will of Robert Caley, died 22 March 1669/70, intestate: 
Summary:  brother Gilbert Caley in Ireland, brother Ewan Caley, sister Ann Caley in Michael
will of father: ArW 1665A #076 Lezayre of Robert Caley: wife, son Robert Caley, dau Ann, youngest son Ewan, 
also mentioned: David Cottier deceased left a legacy to Robert, John Cottier, Robert Caley of BallaCaley

Trinitie Ayre Ewan Cally hath relinquished his pt of his bro Ro: Callys Administration in ye fact of ye Court therfor his sister Ann is to be charged This pved ye 22th of Aprill 1670 Robt Cally depted this life ye 22th of March 1669 intestat, wherof ye Church haveing intelligence hath decreed his bro: Gilbrt: Cally in Ireland, Ewan Cally, and Ann Cally his sister Administratrs: of all his goods movable and unmovable whatsoever Ewan Cally is sworn to bring in a pfect Inv: (but he hath refused his pt of ye Administration and ye sister (now in KK Michaell) is to bee charged forth wth to appeare, that shee may in like manner eyther refuse, or stand to it, that we may pceed according to Law. The sister hath appeared and as her bro: Ewan hath, soe hath shee, refused the Administratorsp: therfor but is sworn that shee will conceale no pt of his goods; therfor ye Sumnr is to goe forthwth, take an Inventory & secure ye goods till ye Genrll Sumnr: be sent to take charge of them to order them according to law [previous page] Aprill ye 15th 1671: Gilbert Quayle entrs: against ye Executrs: of Robt Cally for ye summe of 5s sterl: due debt as can be made to appear & craveth tryall [bottom of page] March ye 15th 70: Gilbrt: Cally desires that cognizance may be taken th----[edge] thre is some pcell of Land due to him by ye death of his ----[edge] Robt: Cally deceased, wch was bequeathed to him by David Cotter and some other thinges detained from him & craveth tryall see: ArW 1665A #76 Lezayre of Robert Caley: David Cottier deceased left a legacy to Robert Caley, which legacy Robert left to sons Robert & Ewan, mentioned in will of Robert Caley will 1665 #76 Lezayre

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