Catherine Kewney 1670

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Date: 25 January 2018
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Episcopal Will 1670E #078 Lezayre will of Catharine Kewney alias xxxx, died 20 February 1669/70, intestate:
Summary:  son John Kewney & daus Margaret, Isabel, & Catharine (married John Cottier) Kewney, son in law Philip Garrett
?see will: ArW 1661A #099 Lezayre, of Robert Kewney, died 13 March 1662/3:  dau Jane; dau Catharine; son in law Philip Garret; son John, wife is not mentioned

Kath: Kewney depted this life about ye xxth[20th] of ffeb: 1669 intestate the Church hath decreed her children viz: John, Margt:, Esable, and Katherin Kewney Administratrs: of all her goods movable and unmovable whatsoever, who are all at age They have all relinquished ye Administracon Decretum et solvit vjd except John Cotter husband to Kath: Kewney who is sworn to Administer penny pound like as farre as ye goods will extend, and to bring in an Inventory Salvo tamen vincuig suo jure The Inv: comes to vijs vjd pledge John Kewney according to law to bee deducted buriall money ........ xijd clearke silvr: ....... iijd pbacon ............... vjd to ye Regr: .......... iiijd ffunrall charges ..... ijs To ye Sumnr .......... iiijd No: ye 26th - 70: Phillip Carrett enters clame against ye Administratrs: of Kath Kewney for vjs and vjd due to him upon ye accompt of some blanketts, and for ye Corbs due to his wife, by ye sd Kath: death

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