William Cowin 1671

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Date: 22 February 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #15 Arbory will of William Cowin, died about 1670:  
Summary: wife Christian Cottier, underage children, brother Philip, witnesses: Nicholas Kewley & Richard Brew, pledges: William Quayle & John Dawson

This is affirmed to be ye last will & testament of Willm: Cowne who first commited his soule to God & his body to Christian buryall; It: hee be queathed to his brother Phillipe 6d Legasie; Itm: hee constituted & ordained his children joyntly execr: of all his goods wtsoever & ye tuitione of her children to his wife Christian Cottere, & if ye children all dye then ye goods to returne to his said wife Testes: Nicho: Kewley Ricd: Brew jurati Note ys will given in at Michelmas last Will Quaile & Jo: Doason recorded pledges noe fee pd Apll: ye 24 1672: Jo: Quill entres against ye said execr: for 6s 24th 1672: Peter Comisse enters for 18s in worke

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