Henry Gell 1671

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Archdeacon Will 1671A #18 Rushen will of Henry Gell, dated 8 April 1671: 
Summary: not married, sister Joney Gell, brother Thomas Gell & brother William Gell; nephew John Gell, a niece, also: Catharine Read alias Crebbin 
(married to xxxx Read, her will in Episcopal Books, 1669-1671), Henry Crebbin, wife of Henry Corkish, wife of John Corkish, witnesses: John Thompson & 
Robert Nelson, pledges: Henry Watterson & Henry Read
?will of father: ArW 1679A #24 Rushen will of Robert Gell, dated 2 January 1679/80: wife is not mentioned, 
son William Gell, son Thomas Gell, son in law William Taylor;   witnesses: Henry Watterson & John Watterson
see mention of Henry: EpW 1670E #034 Rushen will of Thomas Read, died 15 May 1670: wife xxxx [?Ann xxxx] is alive [?died 1675, ArW 1675A #129 Rushen], they have 
a daughter [?Joney], brother Henry Read, niece Catharine Moore (dau of deceased Jane Moore alias Read, Episcopal will 1647-1650 Rushen]); nephew? John Read (was 
owed 2d), sister Catharine Watterson [als Read] was owed 1s, overseers: brother Henry Read & Henry Gell, witnesses: William Clague & Richard Thompson, pledges: 
Daniel Clucas &  John Watterson; NOTE the following: Henry Read & Thomas Read & ?John Read & Jane Read & Catharine Read are all siblings, Thomas married [1670E 
#034 Rushen], Jane married xxxx Moore (dau Catharine), John married (ArW 1663A #145 Rushen, children Henry & John & John & Thomas & Ann), Catharine married Henry 
Watterson (ArW 1676A #19 Arbory, dau Catharine), NOTE, that Thomas paid 4s 6d in funeral expenses for children of his sister Jane Moore alias Read
See: ArW 1669A #041 Rushen will of William Quinney, had a bargain for Corrin's Croft, dated 2 February 1669/70: wife Ann [Corkill] is alive but ill & was left Corrin's 
Croft, 2 children [Alice & Margaret], supervisors of the children: Henry Corkish & Henry Gell & brother? John Quinney, witnesses: Henry Taylor & Richard Thompson

Trinity Rushen Aprill ye 8th 1671 The last will & Testamt: of Hen: Gell who being in perfect memory comitted his soule to God, & his body to Xtian buriall; Itt: he left to his sister Joney 3 sheep (over & above the rest) wth 1 chest 1 baskett & 1 quart of wooll; Itt: to his nephew Jo: Gell 1 sheep; Itt: to his neece 1 sheepe; Itt: due to him from Hen: Crobin 3s from Katharen Read als Crebin 5s, from Hen Korkishes wife 2s-6d, from Jo: Korkishes wife 1s-10d, from Robert Lowey 1-d, from Isable McYlvorrey 30s, wch he gave her to keepe; Itt: to ye minister 1 younge mutton, from Hen: Crobin 6d; It: he nominated his brethren & sister Tho:, Wm, & Joney Gell sole executors of all ye rest of his goods movea= ble & unmoveable Wittnesses pbatum est et solvit xijd Joh: Thompson } Robert Nelson } jurati At a Court holden at Castletowne May ye 10th 1671 [next page] Trinity Rushen June 8th 1671 A true Inventory of the goods of Hen: Gell prized by 4 sworne men vizt: Tho: Xtian Hen: Read, Hen: Crobin, Jo: Crobin, as followeth £ s d Itt: 7 sheepe ...................... 00 - 10 - 16 Itt: all his cloathes .............. 00 - 04 - 00 The goods in ye custody of ye execr: & hath given pledges secunda forman legis Henry Waterson & Henry Reade

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