Alice Cubbon alias Curghey 1671

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Date: 25 February 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #19 Arbory will of Alice Cubbon alias Curghey, dated 2 November 1671: 
Summary: husband xxx Cubbon is alive, children including son Thomas Cubbon, witnesses: Thomas Parr & Henry Watterson, pledges: John Costeen & Henry Cottier

KK Arbory November 2th 1671 The last will and testament of Alice Cubon alis Curghie who comitted hier soule to God and her body to Christian buriall; Item she bequeathed to the poore after the discrecon of her husband & Executors; Item she bequeathed to her sonn Tho: Cubbon soe much goods as the rest of her children had to witt soe much as any one of the sd children had, and then she ordained the sayd Tho: her son (after he had soe much as one of them) and the rest of her children joynt executors of all the rest of her goods whatsoever, Itt: she left upon the sayd Executors to satisfie Sr Tho: Parre for his paines to com to give her the holy Communion (Mr Robinson being on the north side) and to write her will Testes Tho: Parre jurati Hen: Watterson The Inventory of the goods of ye abovesayd Alice Cubon alis Churghy viewd and priced by foure swarne men to witt Hen: Corrin, Richard Credeene, Nicho: Moore & Hen: Watterson junior as followeth The deceadents pt of the goods priced to ye sume of ........... 03 14 06 Debts due to the deceadent from Atturney Qualtrough ........... 01 12 03 It: from John Harrison of KK Christ ........................... 00 05 00 It: from George Harrison ...................................... 00 05 00 The execrs: at yeeres, & ye good in yr cutody pledges in forme of law: Jo: Costin & Henry Cottere

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