Ellin Kelly alias Killip 1671

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Date: 10 March 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #38 Ballaugh will of Ellin Kelly alias Killip, died 13 December 1671:  
Summary: husband xxxx Kelly is not mentioned, dau Catharine Kelly, dau Jane Kelly (married to widower Edmund Comish by August 1677 [his 1st wife Jane Quayle, her 
will ArW 1672A #36 Ballaugh]), son Thomas Kelly, grandson Patrick [Kelly], deceased brother William Killip owed her 5s [see Episcopal will books 1669-1671 Lezayre], 
witnesses: Thomas Clark & Charles Kneale, pledges: Thomas Mylevorrey & Daniel Gawne   
will of son in law: ArW 1683A #18 Ballaugh will of Edmund Comish, died 30 January 1683/4: 1st wife Jane Quayle died February 1672/3 [ArW 1672A #36 Ballaugh], 
2nd wife [Jane Kelly] is alive, no children are mentioned, brother Henry Comish, also: William Corlett, Joney Kneen, Thomas Kermode sumner, witnesses: Robert 
Killip & Patrick Kelly [nephew of 2nd wife Jane Kelly] & William Moughton,  pledges: Nicholas Thompson & Robert Boddaugh/Boyde
1st wife of dau Jane's husband: ArW 1672A #36 Ballaugh will of Jane Comish alias Quayle, died 23 February 1672/3: husband Edmund Comish remarried by August 
1677 to Jane Kelly & he died January 1683/4, ArW 1683A #18 Ballaugh, no children are mentioned, also: [?aunt] Averick/Arick Corlett alias Garrett & her dau 
Jane Corlett, [?uncle] Philip Garrett, [?uncle] Phinlo Garrett, William Corlett (?married Averick) was left her part of the Croft, witnesses: William Christian 
& Nicholas Christian, pledges: Patrick Kewish & John Corlett

Ballaugh This is affirmed by the wittnesses hereunto subscribed to be the last will and testamt: of Ellin Killip who depted this liffe the 13th of December 71, ffirst she comitted her soule to God and her bodie to Christian buriall; It: she left in Lagasie to her daughter Kathren haulf a quart of hemp; It: to her grandson Patrick a gray blankett; It: to her daughter Jane a blanket a sheet her pt of the flax and woole in the house, a crock and third qrter pte of a cow and a sheet unwhitned, She left due to her execr: from the execr: of Wm: Killip her brother 5s; It: she constituted and ordained her son Tho: Kellie execr: of all the rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable Testes Tho: Clarke The exec at Lawfull yeares Charles Kneele jurati the whole Invent but 8s The execr sworne in form of Law The goods in ye execr: custody pledges: pbatum et solvit 10d Tho: Mcylworey & Donll Gawne Curia tenta apud Michaell Mar 7th 1671/2 August ye 11th (77) This day Ed: Comish in behalf of himself and his wiffe came to the records and acknowledged themselves paid and satisfyed in wt was bequeathed to the sd Jane Kelly as legacie from the above testator her mother and acquits the executrs: of the same

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