Isabel Cannell alias Coraige 1671

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Date: 10 March 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #40 Ballaugh will of Isabel Cannell alias Coraige, died 17 December 1671: 
Summary: husband [Gilbert] Cannell is not mentioned [his will ArW 1670A #073 Ballaugh], dau Margaret Cannell, sister Averick Coraige, brother in law 
Thomas Corlett (married Averick Corlett als Coraige), nephew John Corlett, niece Catharine Corlett, also: Charles Cannell owed 3s & various goods, 
witnesses: Robert Boddaugh & William Kneale, pledges: Thomas Mylevorrey & Daniel Clark    
Ballaugh parish register:  Issabell Corraige buried 7 Dec 1671
husband:  Ballaugh parish register:  Gilbt: Cannell buried 16 March 1669/70
will of husband: ArWill 1670A #073 Ballaugh will of Gilbert Cannell, died 16 March 1669/70: wife Isabel Coraige, 
dau Ann & dau Margaret Cannell, sister, also: John Murrey junior merchant, Thomas Crellin of Douglas
will of father: ArW 1649A #40 Ballaugh of Daniel/Donold Corraigh/Coraige, died 30 March 1650: wife Joney Coraige als Garrett (died 23 March 1648/9, 
ArW 1649A #41 Ballaugh), son in law Thomas Corlett (married Averick), dau Isabel, granddau Joney Corlett, dau Averick (married to Thomas Corlett), 
also: John Kneen, William Quayle, witnesses: Thomas Boddaugh & John Kneen, pledges: John Garrett & Jo Steane/Stephen  
will of mother: ArW 1649A #41 Ballaugh of Joney Corraigh/Coraige als Garrett, died 23 March 1648/9: husband Daniel/Donold Coraige died 1649
 his will ArW 1649A #40, dau Isabel married, witness: John Kneen, pledges: John Garrett & John Steane/Stephen
will of sister: ArW 1682A #33 Ballaugh will of Averick Coraige, died 14 April 1683: husband Thomas Corlett (he died a week before her, ArW 1682A #32), 
son John Corlett, son Thomas Corlett, also: niece Margaret Cannell, William Corlett of Ballaterson; witnesses: Daniel Boyde/Boddaugh & Philip Cottiam
will of brother in law:  ArW 1682A #32 Ballaugh will of Thomas Corlett, died 7 April 1683: wife Averick Coraige 
(died a week after him, her will ArW 1682A #33) son John Corlett, son Thomas; witnesses William Kneen & William Killip

The last will and testamt: of Isable Coraig who depted this liffe december the 17th 71; Ffirst she comitted her soule to God and her bodie to Christian buriall; It: shee left to her sister Averick a carcheiffe and a plading peticoat, It: she left to Tho: Corlet a sheep; It: she left a sheep betwixt Jo: Corlet and Kathrin Corlet; It: she constituted and ordained her daughter Mrgrett Cannell her true and lawfull exec: and yf Good call for the said Mrgrett wthout issue then she the said Isable hath left her pt of her goods unto her sister Averick and her xxxxffee, she said that she and her husband ----d noe more of Charls Cannells goods but iijs dj a blanket a yard of linge & dj a sheep hog Testes Robt Bodogh Wm Kneele jurati Invent: priced by 4 sworn men viz Wm Bodough Patr Killip The execr sworne in forme of law & Wm Steane & Jo: Corlett to her Aunt Averick Coraige sworne 3£ 8s the executrix of Lawfull supvisor yeares pbatum et solvit 1s The goods in the Avericks hands & hath given pledges secundum forman legis Tho: McYlvorey & Donll: Clarke

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