Gilbert Clarke 1671

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Archdeacon Will 1671A #42 Ballaugh will of Gilbert Clark, dated 23 November 1671: 
Summary: [1st wife Catharine Gawne died 1657, ArW 1657A #10 Ballaugh], 2nd wife Ellin/Nelly Mylevorrey remarried Arthur Moughton/Boughton by November 1673; 
son John, son William (less than 14 years old), dau Catharine (less than 14 years old), dau Mally Clark, dau Grace Clark, brother Daniel Clark, brother Thomas 
Clark, sister Jane Clark; brother in law Thomas Mylevorrey, brother in law [brother of 1st wife] Thomas Gawne, also: Thomas Thompson junior, Nicholas Thompson, 
John Corlett senior of Ballacorag (owed 11s plus xxxx between them), John Kelly of the Carlane/Kiarlane/Killane & his son Patrick (whom Gilbert taught a trade), 
brother in law [brother of 1st wife] Daniel/Dollin Gawne, mother in law Catharine Gawne alias Lace, witnesses: Daniel Gawne & Nicholas Thompson, pledges: John 
Clark & John Teare & Nicholas Thompson & Thomas Clark
  youngest dau:  Ballaugh parish register:  Kathrin dau of Gilbt Clark  christened 15 April 1662 in Ballaugh
will of first wife: ArW 1657A #10 Ballaugh will of Catharine Clark alias Gawne, died by late 1657: husband Gilbert Clark remarried to Ellin Mylevorrey [he died 
1671, ArW 1671A #42 Ballaugh], 3 children dau Mally & dau Grace & son John Clark, brother in law Thomas Clark, sister in law Jane Clark, brother Thomas Gawne, 
brother Dollin Gawne, mother [Catharine Gawne alias Lace] is alive [her will EpWill books 1660-1665 Ballaugh], 2nd wife [Ellin Mylevorrey] of husband mentioned 
in 1672 (husband Gilbert dead by November 1672), also: Christian Cowle, pledges William Mylevorrey & Thomas Kinread, Nicholas Thompson pledge in 1672, witnesses: 
John Kelly & Catharine Stephen, pledges: William Mylevorrey of Jurby & Thomas Kinread of Ballaugh
2nd wife: Episcopal will books 1684-1688 Jurby, will of Ellin Moughton alias Mylevorrey
NOTE: Arthur Moughton and Arthur Broughton are the same person in Jurby in 1669
2nd husband of 2nd wife:  Jurby parish register:  Arthur Mughton   buried 2 December 1689
  Jurby parish register:   Arthur Murton (?Moughton) married to Ann Kelly on 16 November 1669 in Jurby
   per ArW 1671A #42 Ballaugh will of Gilbert Clark, Gilbert 1st married Catharine Gawne (ArW 1657A#10) & 2nd Ellin Mylevorrey, 
	 & she married about 1672 2ndly to Arthur Moughton 
Jurby parish register:   xxxx [?Joney] dau of Arthur Moughtin & Ellin Vorey  christened 18 June 1676 in Jurby
Jurby parish register:   Ann dau of Arthur Moughtin & Ellin Vorey  christened 19 March 1678/9 in Jurby
Jurby parish register:   Patrick son of Arthur Moughtin & Ellin Vorey  christened 11 May 1684 in Jurby
her 2nd husband & their son:  1704 Composition Book, Jurby, intack #111:  Patrick Moughty was entered for two small parcells of intacks one of 3d and another of 
1d being late enclosures, the 3d rent was compounded for in the year 1666 by Arthur Moughty fine for the same was 12d, one life in being soe is now to pay 8d
?related to her 2nd husband Arthur: 1704 Composition Book, Jurby, intack #36:  Joney Moughton daughter 
of Thomas Moughton & wife of Thomas Cannon was entered for a parcel of intack land
?related to her 2nd husband Arthur: 1687 Jurby: Old Jurby Deeds**** #7:  date 5 May 1687: Thomas Mylevorrey of Jurby & wife Joney Mylevorrey 
alias Moughton sold for £8 - 2s to John Corlett of Ballaugh a parcel of intack in Jurby, yearly rent of 2s, adjacent to the watercourse that 
runs to Carlane & is known as Close Moughtin; witnesses Robert Killip x & Hugh Craine x; Court Oct 1687
  Episcopal Will books 1671-1675 Jurby, will of Thomas Moughty/Moughton
  Jurby parish register:   Joney Moughton married Thomas Vorrey/ Mylevorrey on 15 Aug 1682  in Jurby
  Jurby parish register:   Joney Moughton married Thomas Cannon on 13 August 1694 in Jurby
will of daughter:  ArW 1677A #068 Ballaugh will of Catharine Clark, died 14 February 1677/8, intestate: mother Ellin Moughton alias 
Clark alias Mylevorrey, brother William Clark (underage), father [Gilbert] Clark is dead, see his will ArW 1671A #42 Ballaugh
will of niece: ArW 1687A #70 Ballaugh will of Alice Clark, died 28 December 1687: mother Cooney Clark alias xxxx is alive [died January 1705/6], 
father [Thomas] Clark is dead [his will ArW 1681A #52 Ballaugh], nephew William Clark,cousin Grace Clark,full brother John Clark, full brother 
Nicholas Clark, half brother George, half brother Patrick Clark, half brother William, neighbors & witnesses: Philip Mylevorrey & Thomas Cowley.

Ballaugh November ye 23 1671 The last will and testamt: of Gillbt: Clarke, being in perfect memorie, ffirst he committed his soule to ye pro----- of ye allmighty God, & his body of Christian buriell, Item ----[edge] bequeathed unto ye poore one sheep one halfe firlett of ----[edge] It: he willed yt whearas it was his former wiffes will yt his son should have ye Gardens yt Doncan Christian lived in, therfo----[edge] now yt it was his will & pleasure alsoe, yt ye sd John should Inheritt & enjoy yt same; Itt: to his sd son Jo: ffive shillings wor----[edge] of sheep, & a shee hogg as legasie, Itt: to his sonn Willm: 40s ----[edge] of ye moneys yt had in Moughtins Close, Itt: to his daughtr: Ka----[edge] twenty shillings of ye foresayd moneys & 1 sheep & lambe, Itt: ----[edge] Tho: Thompson junr: 1 hogge, Itt: to his fforesayd sonn Jo: his best ----[edge] aperell Itt: to Pat: Kewes his pt of ye moweinge shiwe, Itt: to Tho: Gawne his coat; It: to Dan: his brothr: 1 dublett 1 payre of breetches & 1 payre stockings; Itt: to Nicho: Thompson halfe an oxe yt ye sd Nicho: had ----[edge] his owne costodie; Itt: to his wiffe Nellie Mcylvory his pt of yt ----[edge] of ye Croft wherin he dwelt accordinge to his bargan; Itt: he ----[edge] =ed constituted & ordayned his three daughtrs: vizt: Mallie, Grace ----[edge] Kathr: his true & lawfull executrs: of all ye rest of his goods ----[edge] =able & unmoveable, his will & pleasure was yt Nicho: Thompson & ----[edge] Mcylevora his brothr: should stand supervisors of his 2 children ----[edge] Itt: it was his will yt if it please God to call for his daughr: Kath before shee come to 14 yeares of age, yt yn hir stear or pt of g----[edge] shall fall due betwixt hir mother & his yongest sonn Willm: and ----[edge] if it please God to call for ye sd Wm: before he come to 14 years of age, yt yn his pt of goods & lands shall fall due ye sd Wms: mother ----[edge] son Jo: It: ye teststator willed yt John Corlett senr: of Ballacorag[?] ----[edge] indebted unto him ye Just summ of xjs besids all ye -co-----ss yt evr ----[edge] betwixt ym, & yt John Kelley of ye Carlane owed him xijs for learning his son Patr: a trayd, wch xij he allowed ye sd Kelley ----[edge] unto Tho: Mcylevora yt lives by Tho: Clarke, in soe much mo----[edge] ye testatr: owed unto ye sd Mcylevora, and yt ye sd Mcylvora took ----[edge] Kelley as depter; Itt:he willed yt he ought to Doll: Gawn 14s wch ----[edge] Gawen allowed him to bestowe upon his mothr: Kat: Lace, & yt he ----[edge] tyme of ye croft wherin he now dwelt, yt ----[edge] & yt ye sd Katt: Lace had halfe of ye ----[edge] testes ye foresd debt of 14s, & to his wife oblig----[edge] Dan: Gawne the blanket is only sworne by Jain Clark, ye test----[edge] Nicho: Thompson jurati The wife sworne in form of law & the execr: allso at age supvisor under yeeres Note in the mothers hand of the yongest child goods 40s Legasie in Land & is to keep the child till 2 yeeres be ended after ys day it satisfied & paid allreadie for ye same by the execur: & hath given pledges for ye same ----- ------ [torn bottom edge]----- ----- [next page] A Inventorie to ye goods of Gillbt: Clark taken & praysed by Wm Boddauch Wm: Killip Wm: Gawen & Jo: Coraige as followeth £ s d Item: ye deade pt of ye cattle ............... 03 - 08 - 00 Itt: ye deads pt of ye horses ................ 01 - 06 - 08 Itt: ye deads pt of ye sheep ................. 00 - 16 - 00 Itt: one caddoe .............................. 00 - 04 - 00 Itt: in bedcloath & bouster .................. 00 - 05 - 00 Itt: in course yarne ......................... 00 - 01 - 08 Itt: in flaxe & hempe ........................ 00 - 03 - 04 Itt: In woole ................................ 00 - 01 - 02 Itt: in talloe ............................... 00 - 00 - 06 Itt: in pewter ............................... 00 - 01 - 06 Itt: in small vessels ........................ 00 - 01 - 00 Itt: one little wheele & one tub ............. 00 - 02 - 00 Itt: one spayd 1 grasie ..................... 00 - 01 - 00 Itt: one mayse of hearings ................... 00 - 05 - 00 Itt: in barrels & tubs ....................... 00 - 07 - 06 Itt: one oxe ................................. 00 - 01 - 00 Itt: halfe a wollen wheele & cardes .......... 00 - 01 - 06 Itt: ye deads pt of ye chists pott} boards & other small things }........... 00 - 04 - 06 Itt: in meale ................................ 00 - 06 - 00 Itt: in barlie & rye ......................... 00 - 09 - 04 in oats ................................. 00 - 08 - 00 8 - 13 - 8 two of ye execurs: at lawfull yeeres & ye goods in theire owne custody & hath given bonds in forme of law: Joh: Clark & Joh: Teere The goods of ye yongest child in the hands of the mother & hath given pledges in forme of law Nicho: Thompson & Tho: Clarke verte [next page] debts to be deducted out of ye Invt: wch is paid by ye mother in ye behalf to Cathe: one of ye execr: vizt to Tho: Mcylevorey ............ 2s - 0 corps prsence & duty ....... 1s - 0 Court ffees ................ 10d [next page] Tho: Mcylevorey enters against ye exer: of Gilbt: Clark for ye sume of 12d due debt Jo Corlett enters allso for 40s due debt: & allso halfe an oxe March 14 1671/2 Margt Craine enters her claim against ye execrs: of Gilbt Clark for 3s Nor: ye 6th 1673: This day Arthur Boughton hath paide unto Tho: McYluvorrey for 8s & in ye behalfe of his wife Nelly & Cathe: Clarke her daughr: & 2d fees & doth acquit & discharge them for the said debt & he acknowledged allso ye he hath received full satisfactione from ye rest ofye execrs: for their pt as witness his hand Tho: McYlvorrey X

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