Bahie Kinread alias Cleator alias Cowle 1671

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Date: 10 March 2018
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Archdeaon Will 1671A #43 Andreas will of Bahie Kinread alias Cleator alias Cowle, buried 16 January 1670/1: 
Summary: 1st husband xxxx Cleator, 2nd husband [Philip] Kinread is not mentioned [died June 1669, ArW 1668A #88 Andreas], son John Cleator, 
son William Cleator, son Philip Kinread (underage, of age by 1678), dau & executrix [Joney] Kinread [married to Thomas Crenilt by February 
1671/2, ?is Catharine Crenilt their daughter], goddau Catharine Keneen, Joney Keneen, Alice Lace, [granddau?] Catharine Crenilt, witnesses: 
Catharine Christian & John Huddlestone & John Lace, pledges: John Lace & Henry Inch 
will of 2nd husband: ArW 1668A #88 Andreas will of Philip Kinread, died 14 June 1669: 1st wife [Catharine Kerruish, died 1649, ArW 1649A #077 Andreas] 
& her children: Gilbert, Jane, Catharine, & Daniel Kinread; children of 2nd wife [Bahie Kinread alias Cleator alias Cowle] is alive [but dead by February 
1671/2, her will ArW 1671A #43 Andreas): son Philip & dau Joney (married to Thomas Crenilt by February 1671/2) & son William Kinread; William was apprenticed 
to John Wade, witnesses: John Christian & John Huddlestone, pledges: William Keneen & John Christian 
  dau:  Joney Kinread married Thomas Crenilt about 1670 Andreas
  ?granddau: Andreas parish register:  C---- dau of Thomas Crenilt buried 3 April 1676
  Andreas parish register:    xxxx daughter of Thomas Crenill  christened 17 October 1675 in Andreas
  Andreas parish register:    Ann daughter of Thomas Crenilt  christened August 1676 in Andreas
  Andreas parish register:    Thomas son of Thomas Crenill  christened 7 August 1679 in Andreas
  ?grandson:  ArW 1716A #50 Andreas will of Thomas Crenilt, died 17 December 1716: sister & executrix Catharine Corlett alias Crenilt, sister's sons 
	John Corlett & Daniel Corlett  (rec'd legacy in 1727) & John Corlett, sister's dau Margaret Corlett, master Mr John Curghey of Ballakillingan, 
	also: Philip Kneale's wife, witneses & pledges: John Brew & Philip Sayle junior, also Thomas Corlett & William Caine entered a claim
          Andreas parish register:  Cath Corlet als Crenilt, smallpox, buried 25 July 1724 Episcopal will
          Andreas parish register:  Richard Corlet buried in Lezayre on  9 June 1717
          Lezayre parish register:   Issabel dau of Richd Corlett christened on  1 Apr 1697  in Lezayre
          Lezayre parish register:   Ewan son of Richd Corlett christened on  15 Jun 1699  in Lezayre
          Lezayre parish register:   Margaret  dau of Rich Corlett christened on  31 Mar 1702  in Lezayre
          Lezayre parish register:   Joney  dau of Richd Corlett christened on  21 Apr 1705  in Lezayre
          Lezayre parish register:   John son of Rich Corlett christened on  18 Apr 1708  in Lezayre 
          Lezayre parish register:   Daniel son of Rich Corlett christened on  16 Nov 1710 in Lezayre    
will of son: ArW 1697A #63 Bride will of John Cleator, died 1 August 1698: wife is not mentioned, 
son John Cleator, sister Joney Kinread, witnesses: John Joughin & John Cowle

Jan: ye 16th 1670 Andreas The last will & testament of Baheey Cowle alis Kinred who first committed her soule to God & her body to Christian buryall; Itm: shee left to Sr Joh: a yonge sheepe; It: to Joh: Lace clarke 1s; It: to her son John Cletor & his child a sheepe and a lambe, & a new canvish; It: to my sonn Willm: the cloath in ye walke milne & 2s & all wt oats is left after my funerall is discharged for a legat; It: to my sonn Phillip Kinred 20s. It: to my goddaugr Cathe: Keneene a lambe. It: to Jony Keneene a mufler. It: to Alice Lace the remainder of my windeinge sheete. It: to Cathe: Crenilt 6d; It: I leave to my daugr all necessaries belongeing to the hous, pott, chist, a girdle, etc whom allso I ordaine & appoint to bee my true & lawfull execr, & shee to discharg my funerall; It: shee left to her son Phillip her pt of ye roofe of ye houses & gardens Testes Cathe Xstin The execr sworne in forme of law J Huddleston jurati John Lace pbatum et solvit 6d The Invent of the said testatrixe taken & prised by Jo: Cotter Willm Kneene & Henry Inch amounts to in all .................. 0 - 8s - 6d note her pt of ye horses left to discharge ye debts besid & also 2s paid to Willm Kinred to Joh: Lace 1s pbacone & church dues 2s-6d, to Donll: Kinred 2s-0d funerall chargs only in drinke 6d The goods in the custody of ye execr: & hath given pledges Joh: Lace & Henry Inch July ye 16th 1671 Jo: Cleater enters his claime against ye execr: of his mother Bahee Cowle for ye sume of 12s due debt being lent moneys as shall appeare Janury: ye first 1678 This day Philip Kindred son to ye above Baheey Coule being at lawfull years came to the Records and acknowledged to have recd: all that was due or left to him by the death of his mother and doth therfore for ever acquitt ye Execr: as wittness his mrk Philip Kindred X p me Joanen Christian Regr: Archd:

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