Robert Kneale 1671

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Date: 18 March 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #50 Andreas will of Robert Kneale, died about 3 February 1671/2, intestate: 
Summary: wife is alive, 4 children: son Patrick & son John (underage) & dau Elizabeth/Bessy & dau Jane, brother John Kneale, 
pledges: father Patrick Kneale and nephew? John Skinner son of Gilbert Skinner [& Joney Kneale]
?wife:  Episcopal will books 1679-1683 Lezayre,  will of Margaret Kneale alias Kneale
?will of sister: ArW 1678A #11 Andreas will of Joney Skinner als Kneale, died 7 Nov 1677: husband [Gilbert] Skinner 
is not mentioned [his will ArW 1671A #52 Andreas], dau Catharine Skinner, dau Ann/Nanny Skinner, son John Skinner
will of sister in law: ArW 1681A #74 Andreas will of Christian Kneale, died 24 July 1681: not married, brother John, 
sister Jane, sister Catharine, sister's children: nephew John Kneale & niece Jane & niece Elizabeth/Bessy Kneale, 
nephew Patrick Kneale (executor, of age), witnesses: John Christian & Jane Kneale, pledges: John Lace & John Kneale

Andreas Robt: Kneele departed ys life intested (aboute the 3d of feb: 1671) whereof the Court haveinge intelligence hath decreed his 4 children Admynistrators and the children at yeeres supvisors of the children under yeeres: a Legasie to the wife upon sight of the Invent: the names of ye children Pat: Jo: Bessye & Jaine Kneele: all at age except John Kneele The Admynistrators sworne in forme of law and Pat: Bessy & Jaine joyntly with the next of kindred one the fatherside viz John Kneele sworne suprvisors Salvo tamen vincuig suo jure decretum et solvit 1s 8d The Invent: of the said testator amounts to ........... 03£ - 16s - 00d The wife Legasie halfe ye bock or 7s - 6d The goods of the child under age in the custody of Pat Kneele his eldest brother & hath given pledge secunda forman legis Pat: Kneele ye grandfather & John Skinner son of Gilbt: Curia tenta apud Leyayre Mar 8th 1671/2

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