Bahie Cleator alias Teare 1671

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Date: 21 March 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1671A #53 Andreas will of Bahie Cleator alias Teare, dated 16 May 1672:
Summary:  husband Philip Cleator, dau Jane Cleator, dau Joney Cleator (underage), supervisors: brother Henry & sister Alice Teare, 
witnesses: William Teare (left 6d) & Alice Teare [?Martin alias Teare] (left 6d),      
            ?Alice Teare  born about 1628 ?md John Martin abt 1650, son [?John] b bef Dec 1654, other children
            ?Bahie Teare  born about 1632  md Philip Cleator abt 1654, dau Jane b.abt 1655 & dau Joney b abt 1660
            ?Mark Teare  born about 1634   md Joney Crenilt abt 1655 (pregnant in 1658), illegit dau Ann, dau Bessy (md WmS),son Jn 1658
            ?John Teare  born about 1638  ?md  Cath Radcliffe, his will ArW 1665A #024 Andreas, son John, gson Daniel, son James, dau Isabel
            ?Henry Teare  born about 1640 ???md Catharine Crenilt in 1663 Andreas
witness:  ArWills 4 Jun 1700 defuncts, Andreas: Alice Martin als Teare was dead by this date
see also: ArW 1666A #37 Andreas will of Isabel Teare alias Bittle, died 1 February 1666/67: husband Daniel Teare is alive, has children, dau Joney, 
sister Catharine, sister's daughter, brother John Teare, father is alive, sister in law Catharine Teare, Alice Teare alias Martin, 
will of brother: ArW 1658A #65 Andreas will of Mark Teare, dated 16 May 1658: wife Joney Crenilt is pregnant (to be named John if a boy who was 
born by the time of probate [NOTE, that Joney remarried 28 February 1659/60 in Andreas to William Kewn); dau Elizabeth/Bessy Teare, illegitimate 
dau Ann Teare, brother in law Thomas Crenilt & his wife; supervisors: brother in law? John Creer & brother Henry Teare, sister Bahie Teare & 
sister Alice Teare & brother John Teare; son in law (married Elizabeth/Bessy by 1671) William Skinner, brother in law Callum Crenilt (father of 
William Crenilt & brother of wife Joney Crenilt), nephew William Crenilt (son of Callum Crenilt & nephew of wife Joney Crenilt), also by 1671 
nephew & niece James Teare & Isabel Teare (children of John Teare) had custody of dau Bessy's legacy in the testator's brother John's hands, 
witnesses: William Sayle & brother in law Callum Crenilt, pledges: Thomas Lace & William Joughin & Michael Christian sumner
will of brother: ArW 1665A #024 Andreas will of John Teare, dated 1 March 1664/5: wife Catharine Radcliffe died shortly before him, son John, 
grandson Daniel, son James & dau Isabel Teare are execs. June 1665 John Crebbin entered a claim against John Teare & Alice Teare. Mar 1665/6: 
John Teare (of Balleigh, father is Gilbert Teare who is dead) entered a claimant against John Teare & his wife Cath Radciffe
?will of sister in law: ArW 1670A #091 Andreas will of Joney Cleator, died about 23 March 1669/70: apparently not married, brother 
William Cleator (has a daughter), brother John, brother Philip [married to Bahie Teare who died 1672, ArW 1671A #53], executors: 
John Martin & his wife & his eldest son John; also: Joney Cleator (left a coif), Alice Teare, Alice Brew [?dau of deceased John Brew & 
Bahie Teare], Alice Crebbin, John Brew (his wife entered a claim for ground to sow 4 quarts of flax seed), Bahie Brew, John Brew junior, 
Henry Teare, John Lace, William Crebbin, witnesses: William Teare of Smeale & Richard Kneale, pledges: John Brew & James Teare

1672 May ye 16th This is affirmed to be the last will & testament of Bahee Cleter being in good & pfect memorie, first commited her soule to God, & her body to Christian buryall. It: shee bequeathed to Willm Teere 6d. It: to Alice Martin 6d. It: Shee bequeathed to her husband Phillip Cleter her pte of a calfe, It: shee left to her daugr: Jaine Cleter xs[10s]. It: shee constituted & ordained her daugr Jony Cleter executrixe of all the rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable whatsoever Testes Willm: Teere The father sworne in forme of law Ales Teere jurati the execrs: being under yeeres Henry Teere & Ales Teere ye next of kin one ye mother side supvisors pbatum et solvit 6d 14 dayes to bringe in an Invent sub pena xs[10s] ad usum domini

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