Joney Kewley 1672

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Archeacon Will 1672A #01 Braddan will of Joney Kewley, died 15 January 1672/3: 
Summary: not married, brother John Kewley & 2 sisters, executor: Edward Kelly, witnesses: Isabel Knickle & Alice Quayle, pledges: Matthew Kelly & Richard Cottier
See executor: Edward Kelly husband (remarried about 1668 to Margaret Caine) of Isabel Kelly alias Dobson will 1666A #02 Braddan
executor & his 2nd wife: 1673 Liber Vastarum, Onchan: Edward Kelly had a cottage in Villa Douglas for 4d rent, and he and his second wife Margaret [Caine] sold 
part of it for 1d rent to Sir William Oates, who was entered for it in 1673. The house and garden in Douglas formerly was held by William Dobson, which fell to 
Edward Kelly by marriage to William Dobson's daughter, the former & 1st wife of Edward.

Bradan This is afirmed to be ye last will & testamt: of Jony Kewley who depted this life ye 15th of Januaryie 72 first shee bequeathed her soule to God & her body to Christian buriall; It: shee left to her brother John & her two sisters to each of ym 6d legasie. It: shee left to Issable Knekill her wearing clothes & a blankett for lookeing to her in her sicknes. It: shee constituted & ordayned Edward Kelly to be her true & lawfull exec: of all ye rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable wtsoever he paying all charges & dues belonging to ye Church The execr sworne in forme of law pbatum et solvit 9d Testes Alice Quaile jurati Issable Knekill Inv: At a Court holden in Duglasse June 18th 1672 [next page] this is a true inventorie of ye goods of poore Jony Kewley £ s d Imprimis 5s yt is in ye hands of Mrs uxor Quaile ........... 0 - 5 - 0 Itt: all hir wearing Linens praisd to ...................... 0 - 1 - 8 Itt: a small chip and a course sheet & a pediquoat & wast and wast quoat praist to ............................. 0 - 2 - 6 Itt: 4 yards of course linen unwoven praisd to ............. 0 - 1 - 0 Itt: 2lb of yarn praisd to ................................. 0 - 0 - 8 ye totall is 00 -10 -10 ye names of ye praisers Mathew Kelly The goods in ye exer owne custody & hath Daniell Quork given pledge in forme of law Gibburt Caine Math: Kelly & Ricd: Cotter Richard Cotter

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