Margaret Gell alias Ellison 1672

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Date: 10 April 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1672A #15 German will of Margaret Gell alias Ellison, died 4 March 1672/3, husband Patrick Gell: 
Summary: husband Patrick Gell, kinswomen Bahie Crellin and Ann Caine, also James Caine; witnesses: Henry Lace & William Gell; pledges: John Quirk & William Gell
self & nephew: LibCanc 1660 #113: Silvester Ellison sold to his aunt Margarett Ellison a half of a quarter of land of 7s 9d rent
will of brother: Episcopal Will 1676 German, will of Philip Ellison
will of sister in law:   ArW 1663A #115 German will of Catharine Ellison/Elletson alias Moore, died 20 April 1664: husband Philip Ellison/Elletson, 
dau Catharine, son John, son William, son Silvester, son Michael, witnesses & pledges: Patrick Gell & Patrick Kewish   
?relative: ArW 1693A #57 Maughold will of Dorothy Cottier alias Ellison, died 12 February 1693/4: husband Patrick Cottier, 
witnesses: John Kerruish & ---lish Garrett & Patrick Sayle & John Casement, pledges: John Kerruish & Patrick Sayle

March the 4th 1672 Germane the 20th of June 72 In the name of God Amen, I Margrett Ellisson doe make my last will and Testament as followeth: Impris: I bequeath my soule to God and my body to Christian buriall. Item I leave to be given to the poore accordinge to my husbands discretion at the usuall time accustomed. Item I leave to my kindswoman Bahy Crellinge a choyce petticoat and a wascoat and a bussell and a carcheife in Legacie. Item to my kindswoman Ann Caine a petticoat in Legacie. Item to James Caine 1s in Legacie. Item to any of my kindsfolke that can lawfully clame or make it appeare by due course ot Law that part of my goods was due to them, I leave to each of such persons sixe pence apeece Legacie. Item I leave and doe constitutde my husband Pattericke Gell my true and law =full executor of all the rest of my goods movable and un= =movable for all came by himselfe, and God forbid I should leave any from him but what I have heare nominated in Legacie, And to this my last will and testament I put my hand: not doutinge but he will see if God give him leave this my will truly performed, my kindswoman Bahy Crellin must not expect a better bussell or carcheeif then I have but such as their is; wittnesse my subscription before these wittnesses Margrett Ellisson hir mrke Testes Henry Lace The execr sworne in form of law William Gell jurati pbatum et solvit xijd [next page] May the 29th 1673 The Inventorye of Margrett Ellisson Pattericke Gells late wife Imprimus Boats and netts hir halfe prsed by 4 sworne men videlesett Will: Cowper William Christian Patt: Kewish and William Christian to ......................... 2£ - 2s - ----[ edge] Item hir halfe of 2 cowes prsed to .................. 1 - 12 - ----[ edge] Item hir halfe of the houshall stuffe prsed to ...... 0 - 08 - ----[ edge] funerall charges and buriall monys deducted out of the aforesaid summ with the Legatts The goods in ye custody of ye execr & hath given pledges in forme of Law Will Gell Jo: Quirk

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