Catharine Stephen/Steane alias Cowley 1672

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Date: 16 April 2018
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Archdeacon Will 1672A #34 Ballaugh will of Catharine Stephen/Steane alias Cowley, died 1672:  
Summary: husband John Steane/Stephen is alive & previously married [to Joney Kelly, died 1649/50, ArW 1649A #042 Ballaugh], son Robert, son John, dau Callicooney/Cooney 
(her will ArW 1695A #11 Malew), stepson Thomas, stepdau Mally, also: William Mylrea (owed 7s 6d), John Cowley (owed 7s 6d), witnesses: Henry Craine & Patrick Kewley  
Will of husband's first wife: ArW 1649A #042 Ballaugh will of Joney Steane/Stephen alias Kelly died 20 Feb 1649/50: husband [John] Stephen/Steane is alive & remarried 
to Catharine Cowley who died 1672, ArW 1672A #34, son Phinlo Stephen (died 29 March 1650, see ArW 1649A #43), dau Mally Stephen, son Thomas Stephen, sister Ann Kelly,
supervisors: Thomas Cowley & Thomas Stephen; father xxxx Kelly is alive; also: Margaret Craine, Catharine Key, Ann Mylrea, Joney Cowley, Margaret Stephen, witnesses: 
Phinlo Craine & Thomas Kneen, pledges: Nicholas Craine & Philip Killip    
will of dau: ArW 1695A #11 Malew will of Cooney Stewan/Stephen, dated November 1695: brother John Stewan/Stephen, 
witnesses William Kinley & Patrick Killey,pledges: William Killip & Patrick Killip 
will of father: ArW 1658A #041 Ballaugh will of John Cowley, died 17 March 1657/58: son Thomas Cowley, dau Ellin Cowley, son John, dau Catharine 
(married [John] Stephen), granddau Cooney Stephen, witnesses: Philip Garrett & John Quayle; pledges: John Stephen & Philip Garrett
will of brother: ArW 1661A #054 Ballaugh will of Thomas Cowley, dead by March 1662/3: wife is alive, son John Cowley (underage), 
sister's son & daughter left 1 sheep; Supervisors: brother John Cowley, sister Catharine Cowley & sister Ellin Cowley; one of the 
sisters has a son & a daughter; witnesses: Philip Garrett & Thomas Garrett, pledges: Gubbon/Gibbon Craine & Thomas Garrett
will of sister: ArW 1667A #11 Andreas will of Ellin/Nelly Sayle alias Cowley, dated 22 March 1667/8: husband Thomas Sayle junior, only child son John Sayle, 
Thomas Sayle uncle to husband Thomas Sayle, sister Catharine (married to John Stephen/Stewan, son John, daughter [Cooney], son Robert, son Thomas); brother 
John Cowley (has a son), also: Margaret Sayle, Philip Kermod a poor man, Joney Kinley 

Ballaugh 1672 This is affirmed by ye oathes of ye subscribed wittnesses to be ye last will of Kathrin Cowley as ffolloweth Imprs: She bequethed unto her son Robt Stean a new white blankett Itt: To her son John a sheepe and a lambe Itt: To her daughter Callacooney all her shap'd cloathes both of linnen and woolen Itt: To her stepson Thom: Stean a lambe if there would be soe much debtless, and to be good to her children Itt: An other lambe to Mally Stean uppon ye like accompt Ittm: She constituted her housband Jo: Stean her executr: he useing the children as becometh to his abilitie Itm: She left her executor to pay to Wm Ylera 7s 6d that is due to him Itm: She left her Executor to pay to John Cowley 7s 6d that is due to him Itm: She left an old cow to discharge ye debts Testis Hen: Craine Patr Kewley jurati The exec sworne pbatum et solvit 6d Invent within 14 days

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