Gilbert Sayle 1674

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Archdeacon Will 1674A #04 Andreas will of Gilbert Sayle, dated 14 December 1674: 
Summary:  wife Christian Fargher is alive,  eldest son ---- [John?, born 1667 or about 1663],  3 youngest children son 
Daniel/Dollin & son James Sayle (born about 1665) & dau (Margaret?, who is the youngest), sister xxxx Sayle, godson Gilbert 
Skinner, supervisors: John Skinner & William Kermode, pledges: John Skinner senior & Thomas Sayle, NOTE, that 20s was left
for the eldest son to be put to a trade, that is, to be apprenticed; generally apprenticeships started when the young man 
was 14 to 17 years old, which gives an indication of the age of the eldest son, 
?son:  Andreas parish register: John son of Gilbert Sayle buried 24 September 1667 in Andreas OR born about 1663 
?dau:  Andreas parish register: Margaret dau of Gilbert Sayle  buried  9 February 1672/3  in Andreas
?self & 2 sons: 1691 Composition Book, Andreas, entry #120: Gilbert Sayle was entered/compounded for farmland in 1643 & renewed it, and in 
1691, his son John Sayle was tenant of it, with lives in being son John Sayle age 28 [born about 1663] and James Sayle age 26 [born about 1665]
?will of son: ArW 1712A #27 Andreas will of John Sayle, died 23 March 1712/3: wife is alive, eldest son xxxx was not 21 years old yet, eldest 
dau xxxx left Corlet's Croft & a sheep & lamb,  dau Joney, son John, son Gilbert, dau Ann, overseers (which they refused): Gilbert Skinner 
left a mutton & brother James Sayle left a mutton, witnesses John Cotter & James Radcliffe, pledges: Gilbert Skinner & James Sayle
?will of son: ArW 1723A #34 Andreas will of James Sayle, died 24 December 1723: wife is alive, son William left 6d, dau Margaret left 6d, son 
John left part of a heifer, son Thomas left part of the red calf, witnesses: Philip Brew & Ellinor Kneale, pledges: Philip Brew & Philip Radcliffe
?godson: ArW 1732 #71 Andreas of Gilbert Skinner, died 3 December 1732: ArW 1732A #71 Andreas of Gilbert Skinner, died 3 December 1732: 
1st wife [Margaret Quayle] is not mentioned [died 1699, ArW 1699A #48 Andreas], 2nd wife Bahie Sayle alias Cottier alias Cleator (died 
March 1716/7, ArW 1717A #42 Andreas [she married 1st in 1678 to Thomas Sayle who died 1684, & 2nd to xxxx Cottier with children Elizabeth 
& Bahie & John, & 3rd to Gilbert Skinner by 1704 who was previously married),  daughters by 1st wife Margaret Quayle: dau Ellinor Skinner 
(married in 1721 to John Teare of Ballavane, he was dead by August 1762, son Gilbert), son in law John Christian [married in 1718 to 
dau Joney Skinner], son in law John Teare, grandchild, also: Daniel Teare, witnesses & pledges: Samuel Kinley & Philip Radcliffe
  Joney Skinner married John Christian on 21 November 1718 Andreas (John Christianís parents are John senior & Bahie Cormode)

Decembr: 14th 1674 Andreas This is affirmed to be the last will & testament of Gilbt: Sayle, who commited his soule to God & his body to Christian buryall; It: Hee bequeathed to the poore at the discretione of his executor It: hee bequeathed to his three youngest children to each of ym a stirk Legasie & ye best of the stirks to his youngest child. It: hee willed & bequeathed to his eldest sonn his Croft & houses after his mother deceased, & his said mother to give 20s with him to binde him to a traide & to leave him the houses & crofts free without any Debt at her decease: shee giveinge libertie to none to cut turff therein save only him yt liveth in the houses: to all wch the mo= ther have at ys prsent obleidged herselfe; It: he left to his sister a lambe, It: hee left his godson Gilbt: Skinner a ew lambe if there be any, if not a cuip[?] lambe; It: hee bequeathed to Willm Kermod a mutton; It: to John Skinner a mutton; It: hee left to Willm Kermod 6d; It: to John Skinner 6d. It: he constituted & ordained his loveinge wife executrixe of all the rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable wtsoever. It: hee appointed and nominated John Skinner & Willm Kermod supvisors of his children & to see this his last will & testament pformed; It: hee willed allso, yt the 20s abovesaide given to ye eldest son to binde him to a traide, should be returned by him, after he hath learned his traide (if able) to the other children Testes John Skinner The executrixe sworn Christian Sayle alis Farger Willm Kermod in forme of law pbatum et solvit xijd The Invent of Gilbt Sayle priced by Tho: Sayle Joh: Skinner Dollin Sayle & Jo: Keneene priced as followeth Imprs: the executors pt of 2 cowes priced to...... 1£ - 0s - 0d The execr pt of horsses priced to ......................................... 0 - 3 - 0 It his pt of all household stuffe priced to ............................... 0 - 4 - 0 summ 1 - 7 - 0 It: the daugr Legasie being a stirk 4 yeeres old priced to ................... 18s - 0d It: his sons Dollins Legasie a stirk & priced to ............................. 8 - 6 It: to his sonn James a stirk of the said age priced to ...................... 8 - 6 The goods in the executrixe custody & have given pledges in forme of law John Skinner senior & Tho: Sayle

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