Philip Kermode 1674

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Archdeacon Will 1674A #06 Andreas will of Philip Kermode, died 6 September 1674:
Summary: not married, sister Catharine Kermode (has a daughter), kinsman William Kermode, also: Margaret Quayle, 
John Crebbin, Thomas Sayle, William Sayle, Margaret Teare, Bahie Cowle, witnesses Charles Sayle & Daniel/Donold Knickle
Andreas parish register:   Philip Kermod    buried  6 September 1674

Andreas 1674 This is affirmed to bee the last will & testament of Phillip Kermod who commited his soule to God & his body to Christian buryall: It: hee bequeathed to his sister Cathe: Kermod & Ma---- Quaile & to his sisters daugr 4s-6d & the 6d to ye said daugr: & the 4s betwixt his said sisters & Margt Quaile as a Legasie. It: he declared that there was 9s due to him from Tho: Sayle, & if hee would pay it willingly without any striffe yt he should pay but 7s-6d & if not to payt the whole: allsoe yr was due to him from Joh: Crobbin a gallon of barly or 1s-6d: in money It: he declared yt there was due to him from Willm: Sayle 14s 6d wages for 2 yeeres & yt hee received the rest in ye scoareing of a beest; It: he declared yt there was due to him from Jony Sayle a quart of woole; It: he left to Margt Teere & Cathe: Kermod 2 yards of Russett cloath; It: to Charles Sayle 6d, to Donll: Kneckle 6d & to Bahee Cowle 6d; It: hee constituted & ordained his loveinge kinsman Willm Kermod his sole execr of all the rest of his goods undisposed of, & he to gett ym & to see him fairely & honestly buryed The said Tho Sayle came to him after his will making & would needs have him to acknowledge yt he was paid the said Debt of 9s in his lodging, but the decedent denyed, saying yt he wrought for him & yt hee put noe cost on him for any thing save house roome, & yt hee was to pay the whole debt to his execr: Testes Charles Sayle have sworne to ye whole will, save ye last pticuler vizt ye 9s wch Tho: Sayle ought to ye testator Donll Kneckle juratus & alledged to be paid in the house roome, wch was denyed by the testator as ye other witness deposed pbatum et solvit xijd The Invent included in the will except ye 4th pt of a stirk priced to 2s - 6d

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