Philip Crenilt 1674

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Archdeacon Wiill 1674A #07 Andreas will of Philip Crenilt, died 3 July 1674 interstate, not included in the Old Typed Index:  
Summary: [1st wife Cathrine McNameer died 1666 (her will ArW 1666A #35 Andreas)], 2nd wife is alive, 3 unmarried 
children: dau Margaret of age (by 1st wife) & dau Joney (underage, by 1st wife) & son William (underage), son John 
(married, by 1st wife), dau Catharine by 1st wife married to Richard Cowle in about 1656, also: Alice Crenilt entered 
a claim, pledges: Patrick Cormode & William Joughin,     
will of 1st wife:  ArW 1666A #35 Andreas will of Catharine Crenilt alias McNameer/Inemeer, dated 24 May 1666: husband 
Philip Crenilt [died 1674, ArW 1674A #07 Andreas], son John Crenilt (of age), dau Margaret & dau Joney Crenilt; dau 
Catharine married to Richard Cowle about 1656 or before, also: the executors of William McNameer & William's wife 
entered a claim; witnesses: William Radcliffe & Alice Teare & dau Catharine Crenilt [married about 1656 to Richard 
Cowle] & William McNameer (dead by 1666/7), pledges husband Philip Crenilt & Daniel Keneen
will of mother in law: ArW 1655A #43 Andreas will of Margaret McNameer alias Joughin, died by October 1655: husband Daniel 
McNameer is not mentioned [died 1645, ArW 1644A #72 Andreas], son William McNameer (married 1st xxxx, & 2nd Bahie Gawne, 
he died 1666A #36 Andreas, Bahie died 1669, Episcopal Will), dau Christian McNameer & dau Catharine McNameer (married 
Philip Crenilt, her will ArW 1666A #35 Andreas, Philip's will ArW 1674A #07 Andreas), son Thomas McNameer, also: William 
Christian, witnesses: John Gawne & John Huddlestone, pledge: Callum Radcliffe
self & 1st wife & dau: 1656 Liber Vastarum, Andreas: Philip Crenilt & his wife Catharine MacNameer had farmland in All 
Lodest treen of 4s rent, and they transferred land of 3s rent, to their daughter Catharine Crenilt & her husband Richard 
Cowle, by Contraction Bargain.  Self & 1st wife: 1654 Liber Vastarum, Andreas:  Philip Crenilt had farmland of 16 1/2d 
yearly rent in Smeale Begg treen & he and his wife Catharine McNameer sold it to John Quirk, who was entered for it in 
1654, also per bill of sale dated 11 November 1650 that was annexed
?will of dau Catharine's father in law?: ArW 1654A #59 Maughold will of Richard Cowle, died 28 April 1654, intestate: 
wife is alive [Is she Catharine Stowell/Stole?], son  Richard of age, dau Catharine of age, son Thomas, son William 
(underage), dau Margery (underage); pledges: William Callow & Philip Cowle

B Phillip Crenile departed this life intestat about the 3d of July 1674 whereof the Court haveing intelligence have decreed his 3 children unmaryed Admynistrators: vizt Margt, Jony & Willm Crenilt, & the daughrs: at age sworne supvisors of the childe under yeeres; & a Legasie to ye wife upon sight of the Invent Margt Crenilt at age supvisor joyntly with her brother Jo: Crenilt are boath sworne in forme of law, over the other 2 underage decretum et solvit 2s - 6d The Invent of of the said testator taken & priced by 4 sworne men Joh: Carrett James Camaish Donll: McYlworrey & Joh: Brew ne grasse amounts to 3£ - 1s - 0d It: halfe a quarter of the fishinge boate ......................... 0 - 5 - 0 The goods in the custody of Margt & John Crenilt supvisors & have given pledges in forme of law: Pat: Cormod & church dues ....... 1s - 3d Willm Joughin probation ......... 2 - 6 to ye Registrar for all 0 - 6 deductions in fine ..... 1 - 3 funerall charges ....... 2 - 6 duty to ye clark ....... 0 - 4d for our petition to mittigate the fine ............... 0 - 6d & charges .............. 0 - 3 pd ye old more for ye dead 6 - 8 ffeb ye 13th 1674 pd to ye parson for corn 3 - 9 Willm Cleter enters his claime against ye said Phillip Crenilts execr for ye summ of 8d eod die James Camaish enters allso against ye said execr for the sum of 14s & craveth tryall Apll: 29th 75 Margt Crenilt one of ye execrs being at lawfull yeeres came to the Records, & acknowledged ---- all the above clamed debts & disburstments to be true, & allso 20s more due to Ricd: Kneele ---- debts is to equally paide by the executors & the stepmother, & yt in ye prsence of Jo: Crenilt ---- allso to Joh Lace 9d-ijd to Willm Cowle 8d Margt Crenilt X Nor: 30th 75: Ales Crenilt enters her claime against ye said execur: for the sum of 20s of the ---- of the house 2 dayes plowing & a butt of barly: John Crenilt hath xxxxxxx ----- appeares by her owne conffessione ffeb 27th 1675 --- except 5s wch ------- [Several pages later:] Andreas 1674 The following is crossed out. See ArW 1674A #07 Andreas will of Phliip Crenilt: This is affirmed to bee the last will & testament of Phillipe Crenilt who depted this life aboute ye 3d of July last, beinge in good & pfect memorie, first commited his soule to God, & his body to Christian buryall It:

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