Daniel Kinry 1674

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Date: 2 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #08 Andreas will of Daniel Kinry / Harrison, died in 1674: 
Summary: wife xxxx is alive, son John Kinry, dau Mally Kinry, brother John Kinry, 2 sisters (sister Mally & halfsister 
Joney) brother in law Philip Christian (married to Mally Kinry), supervisor: John Teare of Smeale & brother in law Philip 
Christian, witnesses: Daniel Sayle & John Christian & sister Marriad Kinry/Harrison, pledges: John Christian & Daniel Sayle
will of grandfather: ArW 1632A #035 Andreas will of xxxxx Kinry/Harrison, a weaver/webster, died 2 October 1632:
wife is not mentioned, son Daniel/Donold Kinry (left the looms), dau Ann, dau Marriad, son John Kinry, granddau 
Mally Kinry, brother Henry Kinry, sister Mally Kinry, witnesses: Philip Crenilt and Mally Kinry alias Harrison 
will of father: ArW 1654A #88 Andreas of John Kinry/Harrison, died 24 June 1654: 1st wife is dead, 2nd wife is alive 
[Christian Cormode, she died soon after, her will ArW 1654A #81 Andreas], dau Mally Kinry, son John Kinry, son Daniel 
Kinry, granddau Catharine Kelly, 2nd wife Christian Cormode & her children: Joney (of age by 1664) & Christian (died 
in 1654) both underage; Also: Michael Kelly had custody of the maternal legacy of 40s left to one of John's sons, 
pledges: brother in law Michael Cormode & William Teare, NOTE: Mally was left a quarter of the crop belonging to her 
mother, an indication that her mother had 4 children.
Will of stepmother:  ArW 1654A #81 Andreas will of Christian Kinry/Harrison alias Cormode, died after June 1654: husband 
[John] Kinry/Harrison is not mentioned [died 1654, ArW 1654A #88 Andreas], dau Joney (of age by 1664) & dau Christian 
(dead in 1654 before will was proved) both underage, brother Michael Cormode, overseer [brother?] John Cormode, mother 
xxxx Cormode als xxxx is alive, witnesses: Daniel Corlett & Daniel  Cormode, pledges: William Teare & Callum Radcliffe.   
Will of mother of Daniel's brother in law: ArW 1687A #31 Andreas will of Catharine Christian alias xxxx, buried 23 
April 1687: husband xxxx Christian is not mentioned,   dau Catharine, dau Joney, son Philip Christian (married to 
Mally Kinry), grandson Daniel; witnesses: John Cowle & William Cottier; pledges: Thomas Cowle & James Wade
NOTE: Kinry and Harrison are the same family: McHenry = Kinry, Harry’s son = Harrison (the English form)

Andreas 1674 This is affirmed to bee the last will & testement of Donll: Kinry, beinge sick in body & whole in minde & of pfect memorie praised bee God, make this his will as followeth: first hee commits his soule to God & his body to Christian buryall, It: hee left & be= queathed to the poore a gallon of corne, It: he left & bequeath to his son John Kinry his pt of the crope of corne, with all necessaries belongeing to the Land, & to --- house use, & a yonge heffer, with 3 or 4 sheepe. It: hee constituted & ordained his daughter Mally Kinry soe executrixe of all the rest of his goods wtsoever move able & unmoveable It: hee bequeathed to his wife 3 sheepe & a heffer; It: to Sr Joh: a mutton; It: to Donll: Sayle 6d, to Joh: Christian 6d, to his brother Joh: a sheep & a lambe if he come for it, & any such then remaineinge, It: hee bequeathed the tuitione of his children to his wife, & his brother in law Phillip Christian ----[fold] It: it was his will, yt if boath his children depart this life under yeeres yt his wife should have the one halfe of all his pt of goods, & the next of kindred the other halfe; It: hee bequeathed to his two sisters a sheep & a lambe betwixt; It: he nominated & poyinted John Teere Smeale & his brother in law Phillip Christian supvisors of his children Testes Donll: Sayle jurati Maryod Kinry have only sworne the heffer Joh: Christian bequeathed to the wife: Maryod Kinry The supvisors are be sworne by Sr John pbatum et solvit xijd pledges in form of law Joh: Christian & Donll: Sayle The Invent prized by 4 sworne men amounts to ..... 3£ - 1s - 6d & given in by ye wife upon oath: pledges as before said

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