John Kinnish 1674

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Date: 3 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #18 Braddan will of John Kinnish of Douglas, died 12 January 1674/5: 
Summary: wife Margaret Kinnish alias Cannell [died 1676], dau Catharine & dau Isabel, 
nephew (sisterís son) William Huddlestone,  witnesses: Robert Corkill & Thomas Teare   
Braddan parish register:  Jo: Kinish    buried 8 January 1674/5
wife:  Braddan parish register:  Margaret Kinish als Cannell buried 24 May 1676  Episcopal Will
dau: Braddan parish register:  Kath Hayes als Kinnish buried 19 January 1706/7
dau: ArW 1731A #02 Braddan will of Isabel Vinch als Kinnish, died 24 Feb 1730/1: husband Philip 
Vinch is not mentioned, son Michael, gson Michael; gson Philip; cousins[?] Alice Quayle & 
John Fayle, witnesses John Christian & Peter Corlett, pledges William Kelly & John Cottier
  will of son in law:  ArW 1722A #03 Braddan will of Philip Finch of Douglas, buried 3 April 1722: 
  wife Isabel [Kinnish, she died 1730/1, ArW 1731A #02 Braddan], dau Alice Quayle alias Finch 
  (left 6d), son Michael Finch (left 6d), witnesses: John Christian & Thomas Smit & John Cooper, 
  pledges: Mr John Christian & James Oates
father & nieces: 1696 Liber Vastarum, Douglas: Edward Kinnish had cottages of 3d yearly rent & 
was now dead, and his grandchildren Isabel Vinch alias Kinnish & Catharine Hayes (the daughters 
of John Kinnish & Margaret [Cannell], wills in Episcopal wills) were entered for it, Isabel & 
her husband Philip Vinch for 2d, and Catharine Hays alias Kinnish for 1d

This is Afirmed to be the Last will and testament of John Kinish of Duglas late disceased who departed this life the 12thof Januar: 74 ffirst he bequeathed his soul to God and his body to Christian buriall. Itt: he bequeathed to his sisters son Willm: Huddel leston six pence Leagasie; Itt: he bequeathed to his wife Margrett Kinish allias Cannell five shillings Legasie. Itt: for all the rest of his goods and chattles he bequeathed unto his two daughters viz: Cathrin and Issable whom he constituted and apoynted joyntly his true and lawfull executrix of this his last will and testament wittneses hereunto Robert Corkill my marke X The execur: sworne in form of law Thomas Teare my marke X jurati pbatum et solvit xijd Inventory taken by swarn men & ye Sumner £ s It: dj ye house & dj ye garden .................... 0 - 15 - 0 It: all ye househould stuffe woollen & linnens & all kind of vessels ............... 0 - 10 - 0

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