Edward Posley 1674

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Date: 3 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #19 Braddan will of Edward Posley of Douglas, died about 1674: 
Summary:  wife Margaret Posley als xxxx, dau Jane Stowell alias Posley (husband John Stowell of Whithaven), 
witnesses & pledges: John Coultry & John Clark
?relationship:   Malew parish register:   Margaret Posley married xxxx Moore on 5 August 1684 in Malew 
?Relationship:  Matthew Posley his wife was mentioned in the will of William Vorrey/Mylevorrey junior, will 1637A #51 Malew
?Relationship:  ArW 1676A #31 Rushen will of Christian Posley als Gell, dated 3 December 1676:  husband xxxx 
Posley is alive, 4 underage children (all dead but Ann by March 1691/2), brother John Gell, sister Ann,  
overseers(?siblings): Henry Gell & Ann Watterson; also: Margaret Costeen, Thomas Gell, Margaret Nelson, 
witnesses: William Taylor & William Kelly, pledges: William Kinry & John Quay; 

Braddan This is Afirmed to be the last will and testament of Edward Posley of Duglas late desiensed: ffirst he bequeaths his soule to God and his body to Christian buriall etc: Imprimis: Itt: he left all his goods movable and unmovable to his wife Margrett Posley during her life provided that his sd wife should att her death leave what goods remained to there daughter Jaine wife unto John Stowel of Whit haven; Itt: he nominated and apoynted his sd wife his lawfull Executrix of this his last will and testament wittnesses present The execurx: sworne in forme of law John Coultrie my marke X John Clarke my marke X jurati pbatum et solvit xijd solvo tamen vincuig suo jure Inventory taken by 4 swarn men & ye Sumner & prized as followeth It: dj ye house & dj ye garden ................ 2 - 0 - 0 It: ye dead pte of ye clothes ................. 0 - 3 - 0 It: ye dead pte of ye linens .................. 0 - 2 - 0 It: ye dead pte of ye wooden vessels .......... 0 - 1 - 6 It: ye dead pte of ye pewter .................. 0 - 1 - 6 The goods in ye wife hand & have given pledges in form of law Jo: Cultrie & Jo: Clark

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