Catherine Creer alias Gelling 1674

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Date: 3 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #21 Braddan will of Catharine Creer alias Gelling, died 19 December 1674:  
Summary: husband Gilbert Creer is alive [his will ArW 1678A #03 Braddan], son Thomas, son Paul, dau Bahie, son John the 
elder, son John the younger, witnesses: Thomas Quine & Donold/Daniel Kneale,     pledges: Robert Creer & William Kewley
will of husband: ArW 1678A #03 Braddan will of Gilbert Creer, died 17 March 1677/8: wife [Catharine Gelling] is not 
mentioned [died 1674, ArW1674A #21 Braddan], son Thomas, dau Bahie, son John the younger, son Paul, son John the elder 
(his dau Margery Creer), also Ann Creer, witnesses: William Cottier & John Cottier, pledges: William Kewley & John Cottier
?son:   Braddan parish register:  Thomas son of Gilbert Creer  christened  6 November 1628  in Braddan
?son:   Braddan parish register:  Paul son of Gilbert Creer  christened  20 May 1632  in Braddan
?dau:   Braddan parish register:  Catharine dau of Gilbert Creer  christened  14 April 1635  in Braddan
dau:   Braddan parish register:  Bahee dau of Gilbert Creer  christened 24 August 1641 in Braddan

Braddan This is Afirmed to be ye last will & testament of Katherin Creere alias Gelling who depted this life ye 19th of December 1674. first shee bequeathed her soule to God & her body to Christian buriall. It: shee left to ye poore dj a firlett of mault & dj a firlett of oate meale & a mutton. It: shee left to her husband Gilbart Creere her pte of ye rideing horsse & 2 yards of white cloath legasie. It: shee left to her son Thomas dj a heffer a yeare & a halfe old and if he would not be satisfied with that to have but 6d legasie. It: shee left to her son Paul 1 sow a sheep or a goate in case he could not be content with yt to have but 6d leg: It: shee left to her daughter Bahee all her shapen clothes both woollen & linen & a white blanett besids a churne & if yt would not satisfie her to have but 6d leg: It: shee left to her elder son Jo: Creere her pte of a featherbead; It: shee left a mutton & 2s worth of beere to be distributed ye night yt shee was to be lodged. It: shee constituted & ordayned her son John ye yonger to be her true & lawfull exec: of all ye rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable wtsoever The execr sworne in forme of law pbatum et solvit xijd Testes Thomas Quyne Danald Kneale jurati Inventory as faloweth £ s d It: one cow 2 heffers ............... 1 - 16 - 0 It: one mayre & a colte ............. 0 - 15 - 0 It: 3 swine & dj a sow .............. 0 - 8 - 0 It: carlayne wooden vessels.......... 0 - 2 - 6 pledges in forme of law Ro: Creer & Willm Kewley ----e 7th 76: Cathe: Castmint enters against ye execr for xs[10s] due debt etc: [next page] June ye 7th 1675 Willm Cowne of KK Bradan for & in the behalf of his wife Jony Cowne enters his claime againste the execur: of Cath: Creer alis Gellin for the full sume of of 3£-19s-5d, due debt as hee will mak to appeare & craveth tryall: and allso for an oxe, wch was left of the claimers in the hands of Gilbt Creer & ye said Jo----[fold]

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