Daniel/Donald Corrin 1674

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Archdeacon Will 1674A #23 Arbory will of Daniel / Donold Corrin, died 5 August 1674, intestate: 
Summary:  wife [Jane Corrin als Callow als Gawne] is not mentioned, son William in Ireland, dau Joney Corrin. 
will of wife: ArW 1675A #127 Arbory will of Jane Corrin alias Callow alias Gawne, died 6 February 1675/6: 
dau Jane Callow, dau Joney Callow (in Ireland), son William Corrin (in Ireland), dau Joney Corrin (married xxxx Holding)
?self:  1660 Liber Vastarum, Arbory: Richard Quoole/Coole had cottages of 2d rent & 1d rent, and he was long dead,
and his son Sir Charles Quoole/Coole to whom the right descented together with his wife Catharine sold the 3d rent 
to Donold/Daniel Corrin, which Corrin had for several years past been in quiet possession thereof & paid the rent, 
so was entered in 1660

Arbory B Donald Corrin depted this life about the 5th of Augt: 74 intestate wherof the Church haveinge intelligence hath Decreed his son Wm and Jony Corrin administrs: who are at lawfull yeares and in regard the son is in Irland the daughter is sworne to administr: & to reserve the remaynder after the Debts payd, of her brothers pte (if any ---) and to give in Security the Court June 10th - 75 Salvo tamen vincuig suo jure Decretum et solvit xijd Salvo tamen vincuig The Admynistratrix is sworne suo iure in forme of law Invent wthin xiiij dayes sub pena 10s ad usum dom: [The following was crossed out:] After this Decree was mayd there was a Contract pduced and proved before the Deemster wherin wee fynd the son to bee cutt off all rights belonging to his father wth vjd pence legasye, & he is to have no interest by the Decree above written, but resl--- wholy in the Decree abovsd to the daughter pledges in forme of law: Edwd Cloage & Tho: Cannell

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