Hugh Colvin 1674

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Date: 3 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #30 German will of Hugh Colvin, soldier, died 14 February 1674/5: 
Summary:  wife xxxx is not mentioned, daughter Ann Colvin, son Henry Colvin, witnesses: John Woods & Michael Allen, 
pledges: Thomas Kneale & Silvester Crellin
German parish register:  Hugh Colbin, a souldier,   buried  14 February 1674/5
Archdeacon Wills 1670:  German defuncts:  Hugh Colvin wife a dede of gift a---ed to be given to hir sonn, wch he 
is [to] bring in forth with, or ---- --- pr---- ---- wo---
?wife: German parish register:  Alice Colbin intd in Peel Castle, buried 1 Nov 1675   Episcopal will books
?: German parish register:  Ann Colbin buried in churchyard   8 May 1669
will of brother: ArW 1631A #077 German will of Peter Colvin, died 22 May 1631 intestate: only brother Hugh Colvin, 
base daughter xxxx Colvin
will of son: ArW 1690A #14 German will of Henry Colvin, looms mentioned, died January 1689/90: wife Ann xxxx is alive 
[her will ArW 1703A #24 German], son Arthur, dau Jane, dau Ann, son Henry, son Thomas, son John, son & heir Hugh Colvin, 
sister Ann Colvin (married, entered claim due by father Hugh Colvin's will), deceased father Hugh Colvin, witnesses: 
Caesar Wattleworth & Henry Quay,     
    dau in law: German parish register:  Ann Colvin buried 14 June 1703
    will of dau in law:  ArW 1703A #24 German will of Ann Colvin alias xxxx, died 14 June 1703: son Arthur (shoemaker), 
    son John (to be taught shoemaker trade), son Hugh, dau Ann (married xxxx Kewish 6 Oct 1680 German)
      granddau: German parish register:  Anne Kewish als Colvin buried 17 February 1724/5

The last will and testament of Hugh Colbin who departed this life the 14th of feb: 1674: first he comitted his soule to God and his body to Christian buriall. It: he left to his daughter An Colbin fortie shillings and his son Henry to pay her it out of the land within three yeares and left the little goods that he had betwixt his son and his daughter An Colbin and constituted and ordained his son Henry Colbin his true and lawfull exec: testes John Woods jurati The execr: is sworn in form of law Michael Allen pbatum et solvit 6d The Invent: priced by Tho: Malvory John Christine John Kanlish and William Christin sworne It: all the goods to give shillings and three pence Pledges secundum forman legis Tho: Kneele & Sill Crellin my fee prove

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