Elizabeth Kelly alias Quinney 1674

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Date: 3 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #32 German will of Elizabeth Kelly alias Quinney, died 8 November 1674: 
Summary: husband xxxx Kelly is dead, dau Ann, younger dau Elizabeth/Bessy, son James (has a marriage contract)
         & son Henry Kelly, [dau in law?] Ann Gell [?married to James Kelly], witnesses: Phlip Kennaugh/Kenny 
         & John Lewney; pledges: Philip Kennaugh / Kenny & John Gell
German parish register:  Elizabeth Quinney  buried  8 November 1674

?dau in law:   German parish register:  Ann Gell    buried  14 December 1676
?will of dau in law:  ArW 1676A #47 German will of Ann Kelly alias Gell, died 14 December 1676: husband 
xxxx alive (still alive in 1688), son William (of age by Aug 1688), dau Elizabeth/Bessy, dau Ellin Kelly, 
witnesses: John Woods & Margaret Quine,     

The last will and testament of Elizabeth Quinney who departed this life the 8th of 9ber first the committed her soule to God and her body to Christian buriell. It: She left to her daughter An: halfe a crowne that was due to her, for which she left her, her clothes and linen, and if -----[fold] would not be pleased with that, that her younger daughter should have the clothes and linen and pay her the halfe crowe. It: She left to her younger daughter Bessie a blankett and quart of thred a cowe and a goate that was due to her by her father goods, It: She left to her son Henry one colt. It: She left to her son James one canvaish that she promissed him in -----[fold] contract bargaine, It: She left to An: Gell one churne and constituted and ordained her two sons viz James and Henry Kelly her true and lawfull exec: of all her goods testes Philip Kenagh} pbatum est et solvit xjd John Loanney} jurati Invent: priced by William MalleXt; Phillip Kennagh, John Quilliam and William Chr-----[fold] being sworne It: all the goods amounts to eight shillings pledges secundum forman legis Phillip Kenny & Jo: Gell [slip of paper] Novembr: 9 - 75 Thomas Harrison enters his clayme agt: the Executors of William Cosnahan for the full and iust summe of 22s as appeareth by a Specialty: under his hand as he will make to appeare and craveth tryall of law

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