Joney Cannell alias Corlett 1674

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Date: 3 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #35 Michael will of Joney Cannell alias Corlett, died 7 April 1675: 
Summary:  husband James Cannell, dau Catharine and dau Ann Cannell, nephew Adam Corlett (brother's son); witnesses: 
James Cannell & John Kneale,  pledges: John Kneale & Patrick Corlett  
Michael parish register:  Jony Corlett   buried  8 April 1675

?husband: Michael parish register: James Cannel buried 24 April 1690  Episcopal will
will of mother: ArW 1656A #21 Michael will of Catharine Corlett alias Kneale, died 20 September 1656: husband [Adam] 
Corlett is not mentioned, son John Corlett, dau Joney Corlett (married [James] Cannell), granddaus Catharine & Alice 
Cannell; witness & pledge Daniel / Dollin Corlett,   pledge: John Quark
will of mother in law:  ArW 1637A #102 Ballaugh of Christian Cannell alias Corlett, died 30 May 1637: husband [Patrick] 
Cannell is alive, 3 children including dau Marriad, eldest son [James] (married, has a contract bargain), dau in law 
Joney Corlett, witnesses: John Cowley & Philip Garrett; pledges: the children
?:  1657 Liber Vastarum, Michael:  William Cannell had farmland/quarterland of 19s 8d rent in Cammall treen (full rent 
    was 19s 8d), and in 1657 he gave it to James Cannell as his right by handfasting bargain/marriage contract; Mally 
    Kneale was joint owner with James.
?:  1656 Liber Vastarum, Michael: Donold/Daniel Corlett had farmland/quartland of 4s 10d rent in Cammall treen (full 
    rent was 29s 8d), and he was dead so his son John Corlett was entered by way of heirship
?:  1697 Liber Vastarum, Michael  James Cannell & Mally Kneale had farmland of 6s 8d rent in Cammall treen (full rent 
    was 29s 8d), and John Cannell was entered for 3s 4d rent as right tenant of the land as the eldest son of James, 
    and John Kneale and his wife Catharine were entered for the other half of 3s 4d rent in the right of Mary Kneale 
    who was tenant of it.  
?see Mally Kneale mentioned in Lib Vast: ArW 1661A #024 Michael will of Mally Cannell alias Kneale, dated 2 July 1662: 
husband William Cannell is alive, nephew Thomas Corlett & his son Daniel (each left 6d), also: Ann Caley, Joney Kneen, 
William Corlett & son John Corlett (each left 6d), William Corlett junior (left 6d), Edmund Corlett (left 6d), Sir Hugh 
Cannell, John Cannell, Catharine Corlett, Christian Corlett, Daniel Corlett, William Corlett senior, Joney Corlett, 
Mally Cannell, John Quayle, Daniel Kneale, Duncan Kneale
will of sister in law (brother's wife): ArW 1694A #13 Michael will of Alice Corlett alias Cannell, died 11 November 
1694: husband [John] Corlett is alive, dau Ann Kelly alias Corlett [married William Kelly in 1689], dau in law Joney 
Corlett alias Kelly [married as 2nd wife to Adam Corlett], granddau Catharine Corlett [dau of Adam Corlett & Joney Kelly], 
son & executor John Corlett,    witnesses: xxxx Corlett & xxxxt: Cannell

KK Micheall 1675 The last will and testement of Jony Corlett who departed ys life the 7th of April ffirst shee commited hir soule to God & her body to Christian buriall; Itt: she left to her brother sone Ad: Corlett a coate of new cloath when it shall be made; Itt: she left her one pettycoate and weskett between her 2 daughders Kathen: and Ann Cannell; Itt: She left halfe of ye flax seed to her eldest daughter Kathrin Cannell Itt: She left her husband James Cannell her true and lawfull executor of all her goods movinge and unmovinge Testes James Cannell The execr: sworne in Court John Kneall juratus pbatum et solvit 6d The Inventory of the abve mentioned Testator taken and praised by foure sworne men and the Sumner amounts to 14s pledges in forme of law John Kneele & Pat: Corlett

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