William Corlett 1674

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Date: 3 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #36 Michael will of William Corlett, died 30 November 1674, pauper: 
Summary:   not married,    brother? Patrick Corlett (lawful age, ?relationship, refused the administratorship), mother is dead & Robert Cannell has Williamís legacy in his hands,    witnesses: James Cannell & James Cannell

	May ye 14th 1675

This is afirmed to be the last will and Testemt: of Willm Curled who departed 
this life ye 30th of Novembr: 1674
first he commited his soule to God and his body Christian buriall.    It: he had 
noe goods ---- nor appointed noe executor nor left any Legacie   And this is 
all that we heard of him uppon his deathbed as wittness our hands the day 
and year abovsd;    It: he left that his pt of all goods yt was due to him 
by ye death of his mother being in Robt: Cannells hand
   James Cannell his mrk X	The Admynistatoire being refused by Pat Corlett who 
   James Cannell his mrk  X	is at lawfull yeeres, alledging that the testator dyed poore 
				is therefore left to the generall sumner: & all the rest are 
				under yeeres: the said Pat is sworne to bring in a pfect 
					paup erat et nihill habet

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