John Callister 1674

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Date: 3 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #37 Michael will of John Callister, died 2 March 1674/5:  
Summary: wife is alive, son Henry, brother Gilbert Callister, sister Catharine; 
witnesses: John Stephen & John Mylrea,   pledges: John Stephen & Thomas Teare
Michael parish register:  Jon: Calister    buried  2 March 1674/5

KK Michael This is affirmed to be the last will & Testament of John Calister who departed this life March the 2d 1674/5 Imprmis: He committed his soul to God & his body to Christian buriall; It: he left twenty shillings and six pence to Ellin Curlod wch he ought her; It: he left to Don: Stean seven shillings wch he also did owe unto ye sd Donold; It: he left to Charles Christian two shillings & three pence wch he ought him upon account; It: to Gilbt: Cowley two shillings due to him from ye testator It: to Gilbt: Moore one ---- ling and five pence he also ought him; It: to John Carett two shillings wch was due him; Also these debts he left to be paid out of the whole goods, for his wife is lia------ to see the same satisfied as well as he. Lastly he constituted & ordained his son Henry Calister his lawfull executor of all the rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable, left the tuition of his said son to his brother Gilbt: & the custody of his goods to -----[edge] oversight & managemt: Testes John Steane } The execr: being under yeeres Gilbt: John Moldrea } jurati Calister overseer is sworne in his s-----[edge] The Inventory of ye deceadts: goods taken pbatum et solvit xijd & prized by 4 sworn men vizt: Charles Cannell Hugh Caine, John Steane, & John Molldrea amounts to ye sume of ................................. 3£ 08s 05d Besides the above mentioned debts } in ye sd will there is unpaid of ye }.......... 0 - 09 - 00 Rent the decedts: part one half of....} pledges in forme of law Tho: Teere & Joh: Steane More to be deducted out of the above Inventory ye sum of 15s 06d wch was paid to ye moar in Rent out of ye childs goods by order from ye Dept Govrnr & Vicr Genrall, by reason the above tutor & supvisor Gilbrt: Callister fell into poverty and was not able to pay ye same and one shilling to ye soldjr: ye moars names are Wm: Quail & J----- Cannon p me Johane Christian Registrar The remandr of ye goods in ye hands of Katherin Callister Ant and also ye tuition of ye child, who is to give in bonds and to release ye formr Jo: Stean & ye above Katherin have bound ----[torn] selves joyntly & sevrally for ye forthcoming of ye above child ----[torn] and ye above Tho: Teare is released

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