John Christry 1674

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Archdeacon Will 1674A #44 Jurby will of John Christry died 14 February 1674/5: 
Summary: wife Joney Skinner is alive, son, grandchild; witnesses & pledges: Mullenex Bittle & Gilbert Skeally
Jurby parish register:  Jon: Cristery   buried 14 February 1674/5
will of mother: ArW 1637A #008 Jurby will of Ebod Christian/Christry als Vondy als Ylchoill/Choill/Cooil/Coole, dated 20 
November[?] 1637:  1st husband xxxx Vondy, 2nd husband xxxx Christry/Christian, her last husband is alive,  eldest son 
Thomas Vondy, dau [Joney Christry, married xxxx Cowley, her will ArW 1656A #52 Lezayre], son John Christian/Christry 
[his will ArW 1674A #44 Jurby, wife Joney Skinner],  also: Joney Moughton, Iny Brew, Joney Callow, Philip Christry, 
also: Joney Moughton, Iny Brew, Joney Callow, Philip Christry;  witnesses: Sir John Clark & Thomas Fayle
will of sister: ArW 1656A #52 Lezayre will of Joney Cowley alias Christy/Christry, died 20 April 1656, intestate: 
husband xxxx Cowley is alive, son Philip Cowley (of age), son William Cowley, maternal half-brother Thomas Vondy; 
brother John Christry (Joney paid for a suit of clothes for him), pledges: William Corlett & Thomas Clark, appraisors: 
William Kissack / Kissage & Thomas Callister & William Corlett
?the testator:  Court Proceedings 1653 Jurby regarding controversy between widow Christian of Ballachurry and Daniel/
Dollin Caine of the Nappin, and seats in the church:  Impr  Jo: Christrie aged 60 yeares or ther aboutes sworne & examined 
saith that he did see Margrett Caine and An Kewne sitt by the cheeck of ye chancel all the tyme they were in balecurrie 
and lykwyse bo--- ------d ------ ------- the same place ever and further sath not,   Jo: Christrie X
self & son: 1666 Liber Vastarum, Lezayre: John Christry had a parcel of intack of 1d rent, and in 1666, 
            William Christry was entered for it
son: 1671 Liber Vastarum, Lezayre: William Christry had a parcel of intack of 12d rent, and was entered again for it in 1671
son: 1688 Liber Vastarum, Lezayre:  Thomas Freer & wife Joney had a parcel of intack of 2d yearly rent, called 
          by name of Shakems Croft, and sold it to William Christry who was entered for it in 1688
?grandson & son: Jurby parish register:  Tho Crystery son of Wm Crystery buried 13 May 1681

Jurby The last will and testament of John Christrie who depted this liffe the 14th of february 1674, who first committed his sone to God and his bodie to Xtian buriall; Itt: to his sonn his cassage, coate, and a payre of shooes as legasie. Itm: ye great chist to be kept in ye house for his grandchilde; Itm: to ye minister 2 yards of linnen. Itt: he willed that if his son would worke the land and give his wiffe a quarter of the croppe of corne free, that then his sd son should have a qrter of ye crope that was in her hand and if not, that he should not have it till after his mothers decease according to his Contract bargaine Itt: he constituted and appoynted his wiffe Jony Skinnr his true and lawfull executrix of all the rest of his goods movable and unmovable Testes Mull: Bittle pbatum et solvit 1s Gilbert Skallie jurati A true Inventory of all the goods movable and unmovable of John Christrie deceased priced by 4 sworne men vizt: Tho: Skallie, Ro: C------e Mullenex Bittle and Nich Moore as followeth £ s d Inpr: in houshould stuffe ............................... 00 - 14 - 00 Itt: in cattle and horses ............................... 02 - 00 - 00 pledges secundum forman legis Mullenex Bittle Gilbert Skallie

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