John Crebbin 1674

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Archdeacon Will 1674A #46 Andreas will of John Crebbin, died 7 August 1675 intestate: 
Summary: wife Catharine Sayle [died 17 April 1675 (ArW 1674A #45)], only daughter Ann Crebbin,  siblings: William 
Crebbin & James Crebbin, Catharine Martin alias Crebbin; overseers also: brother in law [brother of the testator's 
wife Catharine Sayle] William Sayle Ballachurry
will of wife: ArW 1674A #45 Andreas will of Catharine Crebbin alias Sayle died 17 April 1675 intestate: husband John 
Crebbin [died 7 August 1675 (ArW 1674A #46)], only daughter Ann Crebbin, siblings: Margaret Cannell, William Sayle 
senior Ballachurry, William Sayle junior, Philip Sayle
   will of father: ArW 1656A #38 Andreas will of John Crebbin, died 10 June 1656: wife is alive, son John Crebbin 
   (made supervisor), daughter Joney Crebbin, dau Alice Crebbin (of lawful years), dau Catharine Crebbin (of lawful 
   years by December 1665) son William Crebbin, son James Crebbin, also Gilbert Skinner
   will of mother: ArW 1666A #61 Jurby will of Ann Clark alias Crebbin alias Sayle, died 6 March 1666/7:[1st husband 
   John Crebbin, died 1656, ArW 1656A #38 Andreas], 2nd husband Patrick Clark, son John Crebbin, dau Catharine Crebbin, 
   son William Crebbin, son James Crebbin, stepson William Clark, also: Ann Cowley, Margaret Brew (servant), John Clark 
   (witness), Christian Kneale (witness)

John Crobbin the husband allso departed this life (the 7th of August 1675) intested whereof ----[torn]..... Church haveing intelligence hath decreed his said only daughter Ann Crobbin A----[torn]..... mistratrixe, & the next of kin one the fatherside supvisors vizt: Willm: James, ----[torn]..... rin Crobbin decreed August the The Supvisors are sworne in forme of law 6th 1675 decretum et solvit 2s 6d ffeb: 16th 1675 Pat Cowle enters for 8 pottles barly & a pottle of pease & allso for 33s yt lyes in morgage of a pcell of meddow pd by ye supvisors to ye Moore 1s fine for ye church cess: 6d August ye 14th 1675 Catherin Martin alis Crobbin enters her claime against the Adm----[torn]..... Cathrin Sayle & of her brother John Crobbin boath deceased, for a----[torn]..... & halfe a heffer about 3 yeeres old, beinge halfe the encrease of ----[torn]..... ym to bee kept upon for halfe the encrease, all her owne pr----[torn]..... a boule of barly wch her said prother promissed her for the lone of ----[torn]..... shee left in his hands for many yeeres, all due debt as sh----[torn]..... & craveth tryall Recovered by order of Court in for----[torn]..... [next page] Nor: 28 - 75 Note: that Willm Sayle ballacurry & James Crobbin have delivered all theire interest in the household stuffe vizt barrells chists traces, oke board, showell spaide, bedcloathes hives dollans, canns, dish wooden platter, whorus, harrowes draughts 2 quings, as within mentioned, & the corbs therein allso mentioned: unto their brother Willm Crobbin who is to be responsible for ye same & have given pledges for the same Willm Sayle ballacurrye

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