William Daugherty 1674

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Date: 10 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #50 Andreas will of William Daugherty, died 9 July 1674: 
Summary: [1st wife Joney Lace of Ballalheaney, her will ArW 1657A #23 Andreas]; 2nd wife [Isabel] Kewney is alive, 
children Daniel & William & John Daugherty, brother in law John Kewney (owed William £6 & a bowl of barley & daymoth 
of hay), sister Mally Daugherty (1st husband Patrick Corlett of Ballavane [ArW 1659A #28], 2nd husband John Killip), 
supervisor Daniel Teare; also:  John Camaish & wife Joney Kewney who was owed wages, witnesses: Daniel Teare & 
Margaret Cowley, pledges: William Kinread & Captain John Sayle    
Andreas parish register:   William Dougherty     buried  9 July 1674
?Andreas parish register:   Cath: Daugherty orphan dau of Wm Daugherty    buried  12 Oct 1664
?Andreas parish register:   Cath Dougherty    buried  1 April 1671
See the entry in the file of Archdeaconal wills (elsewhere on this site) for further details relating to:
will of 1st wife ArW 1657A #23 Andreas will of Joney Daugherty alias Lace of Ballalheaney, Andreas, 17 September 1657
will of brother:  ArW 1657A #24 Andreas will of John Daugherty, dated 20 August 1657
will of mother: ArW 1661A #35 Andreas will of Catharine Daugherty alias Joughin, dated 2 March 1661/2
will of father: ArW 1663A #030 Andreas will of William Daugherty, died 14 November 1663
will of father of 2nd wife: ArW 1661A #099 Lezayre will of Robert Kewney, died 13 March 1662/3
will of mother of 2nd wife: EpWill 1670E #078 Lezayre will of Catharine Kewney alias Kewney, died 20 Feb 1669/70

Nor: ye ---- 1674 This is affirmed to bee the last Will & testament of Willm Doughertie, who comen------ his soule to God & his body to Christian buryall; It: hee left & bequeathed, ordained & constituted his 3 children Donll: Willm: & John Doughertie his true & lawfull executors of all the rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable; It: he left & bequeathed due to him from his brother in law John Keyney six pounds & a daymoath of hay due to him, & as yet unsatisfied of in gerting[?] & allso a boule of barly or 8s; It: due to him from Tho: Carrett 3s; It: due to him from Joh: Kneele 1s 6d, It: due to him from Michell Christian 20s, It: due from Munnellex Bittle for malt & wheat 4s, due allso from Donll: Christian 2s - 0d, It: hee left Donll: Teere & his sister Mally Daughertie supervisors of his children & to be aydeing & assisting to his poore wife to get in the foresaid debts, & any else due; due to him from Will Crow ..... 6s - 6d allso hee wished his said sister to take away with her ye browne Testes Don Teere juratus cow; & sent ym the worth of corne to sow ye ground, wt Margt Cowley juratus soever shee pleased to give for it The supvisors sworne in forme Mally Daughertye sworne supvisor of law This will proved deduct church dues pbatum et solvit xijd June 7th 1675 & burying & pbatione 2s-0d writeing ye will & Invent & a coppie of ye will 1s-6d clark fees......3d fees for charging & Sumner fees 1s-4 The Invent of the said testator taken & priced by 4 sworne men, vizt: Joh Teere & Joh Teere junior, Joh: Cowle & Joh: Kewene amounts to ...... 01£ - 09s - 0d It: there was but 3 quarts of barly prized to .................. 0 - 1 - 4d both wills pledges in forme of law note my fee of 1s 2d p----- Willm Kinread & Capt: for writeing 1s & 2d fee Joh: Sayle The Supvisor adds to ye Invry: of Wm Daughardy ..... 2 pound of hemp yarn June ye 27th 1675 Charles Joughin enters his claime against the execrs: of Willm Daughertie for ye sume of 20s due debt for wch hee hath Land in morgag as apeares by Specialti & craveth tryall July 4th 1675 Joh: Teere enters against ye said execr: for the sume of 20s due debt as appeares by Specialti for wch hee hath Land in morgag & craveth tryall; And allso for 22s more for wch they hee hath Land in morgage from Joh Kneele belongeing to the said Willm Doughertie July ye 20th: Donll Doughertie enters his claime against ye said execrs: for 6 sterling & his charges in presenting suit for ye same 6 yeeres 7s August ye 15th 1675 Joh: Camaish for, & in the behalf of himself, & his wife Jony Keney enters ye claime against the executor of Willm Daughertie for 8s being pt of her wage due to her, & as yet unsatisfied, as they will make to appeare & craveth tryall December ye 4th 75: Mally Daughertie supvisor have ys day paid unto Joh: Camaish & his wife Jony K----[torn] 4s of the said debt as ordered in Court, of 10d fees disburse by the clamer ----[torn] Nor: ye 29 1675 note ye fee bloted is 1s - ---[torn] Mally Daughertie enters for dj fir barly meale & 2 pottls of ------[torn] barly & 3s for ye roofe of a house he bought from her May 28th 1676: Phillip Cowle enters against ye said execr for ye sume of 4s for all Lands in morgag & craveth tryall

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