Mally Camais alias Orum 1674

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Date: 10 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #51 Bride will of Mally Camaish alias Orum, dated 18 December 1674: 
Summary:  husband Ewan Camaish is alive,son Michael, dau Joney, dau Christian & dau Catharine Camaish, 
also: Ronald Mylchreest, Catharine Christian, witnesses: William Caistill & Christian Watterson 
?will of sister: ArW 1634A #26 Maughold will of Ellin Callow alias Orum, died 22 April 1634: husband xxxx [Daniel] 
                 Callow is not mentioned [his will ArW 1632A #022 Maughold], son Donold the elder, dau Joney, son 
                 Donold junior, son John; witnesses: Daniel / Donold Corkill & Joney Callow 
?will of brother in law: ArW 1632A #022 Maughold will of Daniel/Donold Callow, dated 28 August 1632: wife Ellin Orum 
                         [her will ArW 1634A #26 Maughold], 3 sons John, Daniel the elder and Daniel the younger, 
                         witness: James Moore junior 
?sister: Margaret Orum was a witness to the will of Thomas Christian will 1642A #72 Lezayre her will Episcopal books 1660-65 Bride

Bride Dec: 15 - 74 In nomini Dei amen, I Mally Orum sicke in body but whole in mynde and pfect memory praised bee God, make my last will ut sequitur; Inprmis I committe my soule to God and my body to Xtian buriall &c: It: I leave to Ranold Mcylchrist soe much of the cloth in the walke mill as will make in him a wastcoate; It: I leave to Christian Waterson a petticoate, It: I leave to Jony Camaish for legasye a westcoate, It: I leave for legasye a wastecoate to Katherine Xtin if shee please to weare it; It: I leave legasye a hand cherchieffe to Anne Waterson &c; Item: I leave to my son Mitchell Camaish my pte of the Crofte wholy and I constitut my children Mitchell, Jony Xtian and Katherin Camaish with my loving husband Ewan Camaish ioynt Execrs: of all the rest of my goods moveable & unmmoveable whatsoever and they themselves to doe one with another and helpe one another lovingly Lastly I leave to Ranold Mcylchrist the roofe of the litle house and a chiest which is in his owne possession during his life & after to returne to Testes Wm Kaiskill jurati my executors Christian Waterson The children beinge under yeeres the father who is joynt executor is sworne in Court in forme of law pbatum et solvit xijd Invent of Mally Orum taken & prced by Jo: Howlayne, Wm Kaiskill, Rich: Howlayne & Wm Kaighin sworne The whole Invent is all in smale trifles & noe horses nor beast, save only 1 sheep & prced to 36-4d for the deads pte The goods in the custody of the father & have given pledges in forme of law Willm Kneele & Willm Caskill

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