Elizabeth Kneale 1674

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Date: 11 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #53 Bride will of Elizabeth Kneale, died about 1674: 
Summary: unmarried, father is dead, brother William Kneale, sister Catharine Kneale, sister Bahie Kneale, sister Ann 
(married xxxx Caistill, dau Ann Caistill) Kneale, sister Christian Kneale, witnesses: Samuel Christian & Catharine Cowle, 
pledges:Ewan Camaish & William Caistill
will of brother: ArW 1677A #079 Andreas will of John Kneale of Ballalheaney and Ballayocky, died 7 December 1677: wife 
is alive, has a daughter underage, sister Bahie Kneale, supervisors: nephew William Kneale of Battley & nephew William 
Kneale & nephew John Caistill, also: Margaret Kelly, John Kneale of Mullenlewn, Mally Kneale who entered a claim, 
witnesses: John Christian & John Lace, pledges: Daniel Garrett & Patrick Cormode and John Caistill 
For details of other related wills and marriage contracts see this 
entry in the Archdeaconal wills pdf file elsewhere on this site.

[torn]---- noie die I Elisabeth Kneale sicke in body b-----[torn] & pfect memory make my last will & testamt: in ma-----[torn] Inprmis I committe my soule to God & my body to Xtian bu-----[torn] It: leave to the poore to bee given at my executors discre-----[torn] they shall please; It: I leave for legasye to my brother Wm Kn-----[torn] 6d legasye of that ten shillings in his hands which my father lef-----[torn] to mee, It I leave legasye to my sistr Katherin Kneale one of he-----[torn] wearing petticoats, It: I leave to my sister Bahy Kneale 6d & to Xt-----[torn] Kneale my sistr 6d legasye & all the rest of my worldly goods movea-----[torn] & unmoveable to my sistr Anne Kneale & her daughter Anne Kaiste---[?]----[torn] whom I doe contsitute & ordayne my true & lawfull executor & to s----[torn] me honestly buryed & my will pformed Testes Sam: Xtin } iurati The executor sworne in Court Katherin Cowle } The whole Invent: prced by 4 sworne men in forme of law comes to xs[10s] The goods in the execr custody & have given pledges Ewan Camaish & Willm Caskill secundum forman legis

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