William Corlett 1674

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Date: 12 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #54 Lezayre will of William Corlett, died 22 January 1674/5: 
Summary: apparently not married, kinsman William Kewney;  also: Ewan Kneale (son Edmund), 
Deemster Edward Christian, xxxx[?John] Corlett of Ballagarroo

Chrisr Leyayre The last will and testamt: of Wm Corlett who depted this life the 22th of Janry 1674, hee comitted his soule to God and his body to Christian buriall; Itt: hee declared that there was due to him from Ewan Kneale, and Edm: his sone the summe of Three pounds -----[dark edge] the price of the Lands, wth a sheet, Itt: from John Cu-----[dark edge] of Ramsey ffour shillings, ffrom Sr Edward Crow for worke -----[dark edge] sixe shillings sixe pence; ffrom Deemster Ed: Christian for work -----[edge] sixe shillings, from ye old Deemster Christian for work also x-----[dark edge] ffrom Corlett of Barr garrow viijs hee thought his name was John. Itt: hee declared hee had some peices of Land in Glanold for wch he nevr had penny or peny worth Itt: hee constituted his kinsman Wm Kewney his true and lawfull Executr: of all his goods whatsoever wittnesses pbatum est et solvit 8d Tho: Kegg } jurati John Kewney} one of ye wittneses remembrs: not ye words touching ye small peice of Land ---- the will vizt: Jo: Kewney The Invent included in the will

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