Margery Christian alias ? 1674

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Date: 12 September 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1674A #55 Maughold will of Margery Christian alias xxxx, dated 16 June 1675: 
Summary: husband xxxx Christian is alive, son William Christian, dau Catharine Christian, also: William Cottiam, Richard 
Cottiam, Catharine Cottiam, Mary Christian, Ellin Kermode, witnesses & pledges: William Corkill & Richard Kermode

Maughold yd 16 June 1675 The last will & testament of Margery Christian. Imprs: she committed her soule to God & her body to Christian buryall, It: To her sonne Will: her pt of ye crop of corne & her part of ye Teame with her pt of all ye geares and Implements belong to husbandry worke now in her possession. It: to Mary Christian a yallow petticoat a wescoate a head carchife and a neck carchife. It: To Will: Cotteam one sheep and one lamb It: to Rich: Cotteam one yearling. It: To Katrine Cotteam a petticoate a neck =carchife and a shift. It: To Ellin Kermod so much Loghten cloath as will make her a wascoate; It: To her Daughter Katr: all her linnen & woollen cloathes It: To Will Corkill & Richd: Kermod one mutten. It: to her welbeloved husband his two choice brasse among her pt of ye horses & cattle; And willed her sone Will: and Katrine her Lawfull Executrs: of all ye rest of her goodes movable and unmoveable Testes Will: Corkill} pbatum est et solvit 1s Rich: Kermod } jurati The Inventory taken by ye Sumner and four sworne men viz: Patr: Cowle Will: Callow John Lowney, Will: Corkill amounts to ......... 05£ - 00s - 00d The Executrs: at age and given pledges secundum forman legis Wm Corkle and Rich Kermod

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