John Kneale 1677

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Date: 17 July 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #006 Malew will of John Kneale, died February 1676/7, weaver? (has looms): 
Summary: son John Kneale, wife is alive (?pregnant), brother Thomas Kneale (has a son John), also: Thomas Sansbury, Thomas Stowell
Malew parish register:  John Kneel, Crumble,   buried 26 Feb 1676/7

KK ------ [torn] The last will and testament of J--- --neele who wa-----[torn] 1676 who comitted his soule to God and bodie to X?ian bur--- Item -----[torn] to his son Jo: Kneele all his shaped cloathes woollen and lynyn -----[torn] best paire of breetches wch he bequeathed to Tho: Samsburie -----[torn] sd John his sonn all his loomes and geeres and to give the price of halfe -----[torn] to his wife and alsoe to him a sheepe and lambe wth three shillin-----[torn] was due to him from Jo: Kneele the son of Tho: Kneele and to give the-----[torn] the said Tho: Kneele for the price of the quarter of the house that the sd -----[torn] Kneele son to the deceadent bought from the sayd Tho: Kneele ye same beinge the last part of the payment; Item he bequeathed to Jo: Kneele son of Tho: two paires of loom geeres to witt one of boo woollen geere and thother yoo -----[torn] geere; Item he sd that his brother Tho: owed to him xijd wch he bequeathed to -----[torn] sayd Tho: To Tho: Stole 6d legacie Item he said that he thought that his wife is wth child and if it should soe happen then he constituted the sd child the posthum sole executor and xxvs legacie to his wife And in case she proved not wth child or that the child should die then he constituted and ordained the wife his whole Executrix of all his goods whatsoever and in case his sayd wife should die wthout issue then that his next of kin should have the house and garden upon the prisement before any bodie els and in case the wife proved wth child and lived he appointed supvisors of the sayd child John Caine Tottabee and his brother Thomas Kneele Tho: Stoale This will is frustrated by vertue of a con Thomas Quaile =traction this day exhibitted in Court John Kinley The Inventory of the goods of the said Jo: Kneele viewd and priced by foure swarne men to witt

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