Marriad Bridson 1677

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Archdeacon Will 1677A #007 Malew will of Marriad Bridson alias xxxx, died April 1677: 
Summary:  husband Giles Bridson, son Giles, children (executors) Thomas (md Jane Conilt 1676) & John & Jane (md 
Tho Cubbon 1668), son in law Thomas Cubbon (married Jane Bridson 1668, has a contraction bargain), also: children at 
Ballagransey, witnesses: Thomas Parr & Jane Caveen alias Callister; pledges: Gilbert Cubbon & Thomas Stowell & Thomas Clark
Malew parish register:  Mariott Bridson w. of Gyles Bridson    buried 21 April 1677
daughter: Malew parish register:    Jane Bridson married Thomas Cubbon on 17 May 1668 in Malew Parish
husband: Malew parish register:   Gyles Bridson (Hill)    buried  23 March 1679/80
grandson: Malew parish register:   Gyles Bridson son to Giles Bridson     buried  6 February 1680/1
son: Malew parish register:   Giles Bridson    buried  16 Nov 1714
	spouse 1) Joney Quayle, married 1670, she died 1678
	spouse 2) Christian Quinney, married 1678, she died 1687
	spouse 3) Margaret Kelly, married 1687, she died before June 1712
son: ArW 1714 #6, Malew of Giles Bridson: dau Cath (md Wm Bridson by 1720), dau Marriot; dau Mary; eldest son John, son Thomas
?husband & son: ArW 1681A #17 Malew of Christian Quork als Conilt als Kinvig: Articles of Marriage dated 29 Oct 1676: Between 
Giles Bridson (weaver) in behalf of son Thomas Bridson  and  Christian Quork als Kinvig in behalf of dau Jane Conilt, 
Tho & Jane to be married in Malew; witnesses Thomas Cubbon, Christopher Bridson, William Quork, Gyles Bridson junior 
           Malew parish register:  Thomas Bridson married Jane Conilt on 19 Nov 1676 in Malew Parish
           Malew parish register:  Christian Quork als Kenvig     buried  10 March 1681/2
Malew parish register:    Jane Bridson dau of Giles Bridson    buried  2 Sep 1705
?grandson: Malew parish register:    John Bridson (Giles)   buried  14 January 1777/8
?son: ArWills 1673 Malew presentment:  Thomas Bridson of gransy/Ballagraingey presented 1673 Malew 
for not paying his Church assesment
?father in law: Malew parish register:   John Bridson, Granshy, bur 6 Aug 1649
?relative: Malew parish register:   Katherine wife of Jo: Duccan, Ballagranshy,   buried  25 Feb 1665/6
?relative: Malew parish register:   John Duccan junr,  Ballagraney,    buried 15 Feb 1658/9
Malew parish register:   Jane Bridson, Granie, bur 4 Oct 1666
Malew parish register:   John Bridson son of Thos:Bridson, Ballagrancie, died of smallpox, bur 15 May 1685
Malew parish register:   Tho: Bridson, Grancie,   buried  3 Dec 1688
  ArW 1688/9 #45 Malew of Thomas Bridson of grashy (or Ballagrancie) & Ballamodda, died Dec 1688: 
  children by 1st wife: son Philip Bridson, Henry & Jane & Marriot;  
   2nd wife Mary Quayle (md 1676) & their children: Thomas[b 1678] & Joney[b~1681] & Catharine(b 1679, of age by Jul 1696) 
	 & Ellin/Nelly (b 1685]); 2nd wife Mary Quayle remarried to Hugh Shimmin by 1696; ?Thomas Halsall was a supervisor
	 of the children OR in charge of the money.  3 of the children died not long after Thomas died.
	 See also ArW 1701 # 26 Malew of Hugh Shimmin died 29 Apr 1702: dau Isabel Shimmin (md Robt Cottier by 1731); 
	 John Quayle; son Hugh; stepchildren; of Ballamoddy & Ballacloagagh
Malew parish register:   Infant Bridson, Grensie,   buried  15 March 1690/1
Malew parish register:   Phil Bridson, Ballagransie, bur 30 Apr 1692
Malew parish register:   John Bridson, son of John Bridson, B'Grahgee, bur 9 Oct 1741
Malew parish register:   Jane Callister married Daniel Caveen on 23 November 1675 in Malew Parish
see also:  ArW 1679A #15 Malew will of William Kermode, a common beggar with few goods, buried 5 February 1679/80:
  William Caine, Giles Bridson of Santan, Robert Gick/Juke/Duke & wife Joney Taggart, Marriad Lewn als Bridson, 
	Thomas Bridson of Ballagrancie and wife Mary Quayle, Alice Bridson alias Taggart
	Marriot Bridson md John Lewne 7 Oct 1679 Malew
	Thomas Bridson md Mary Quayle 13 May 1676 Malew
	Malew bur reg: Alice Bridson als Taggart bur 2 Sep 1689

[torn]------stament of Marriott Bridson who comitted her soule to God and [torn]------to X?ian buriall; Item she bequeathed to the poore a ferlett malt [torn]--- ferlett wheat to be payd by her son and heire out of the cropp of corne alsoe a mutton & the poore to be payd by her executors. Item she bequeahted her pt of a cow or of a heffer his choyce to her husband Gyles Bridson and her pt of the rideinge horse and alsoe the bed she lay on to her sayd husband dureinge his owne life and then to bequeath it to what child hee pleased or that he best loved, she acknowledged 4 to be due to ye children of Balleygransie wherof one halfe was to be payd by her son Gyles Brid= =son alsoe sayd that there was an oxe of the sayd goods in the custody of her husband and son Gyles towards the payment of the sayd money, Lastly she constituted and ordained her children Tho: Jo: and Jaine Bridson her true and lawfull Executors of all the rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable what soever Probatum et Solvit 1s Test: Tho: Parre .........} Jane Caveen alis Calister } jurati This will is proved cum consensu partium yt is to say the husband shall have the feather bedd and ye quarter of the house and Tho: Cubbon to have the benefitt of his contraction bargain The Executrs: at age and sworn in Courte according to law The Inventory of the goods of the sd Marriott viewd and priced by foure swarne men to wit Tho: Ffarghar Nich: Quaile Hen: Duckan Jo: Quackin as ffolloweth: Imprimis halfe of 7lb of wooll 1s 2d, Item halfe of 4lb of flax } £ s ---[fold] and flaxen yarne 10d & halfe of 4lb of hurden yarne 6d .......}.......00 - 02 ---[fold] Item her linen cloaths xxiiijd, Item halfe of 2 blanketts 3s 6d} Item halfe a fledge 1s 6d, Item a petticott et aprin 1s 8d .....}.........00 - 08 ---[fold] Item a petticotte et hood 1s 6d, Item halfe an old chest 3d, Item} halfe a little wheele 7d, Item halfe of 3 sheep 4s ..........}........00 - 02 ---[fold] Item halfe a hoge et halfe a goate 1s, Item a quarter of a } sheep et quarter of a lamb 4d .........................}..............00 - 01 ---[fold] Item the deads part of the geese 5d, Item a quarter of a maire} and foole 1s 3d ..........................................}...........00 - 1---[fold] Item the deads part of the cattle ........................................01 - 1---[fold] Item 5s in money belonging to the deads part Pledges given secundum forman juris Gilbrt: Cubbon Thomas Stole & Tho: Clark Debts to be added due from Jo: Quill 9d, due from Tho ---[fold] 1d ob, due from Tho: Moore 1d ob, due from Wm Corkill 1s 1d ob due from Ffin: Duckan 7d

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