Catherine Cubbon 1677

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Date: 18 July 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #010 Arbory will of Catharine Cubbon, died 12 March 1676/7: 
Summary: (no relationships are given:) Ann Corrin, Margaret Keig, Thomas Cubbon, David Cubbon (son of Robert Cubbon), 
Isabel Gawne, John Cubbon, Isabel Cubbon, William Cubbon (executor);  also: John Corrin of Ballagawne

Kathrin Cubon who ------[torn] the 12th day of March 16------[torn] her last will and Testa------[torn] maner and forme following ------[torn] in good and perfect memory p------[torn] be God for the same Ffirst she bequeathed her Soule to God, a------[torn] her Body to Christian Buriall. Itm: she ------[torn] to Ann Corrin (a dumb wench) one pettycoate ------[torn] those that she wore every day. Item to Margret Keig a petty-coat, hancharchife, and a coife Itm: she bequeathed to Thomas Cubon a blankett Itm: She bequeathed to David Cubon, son to Robt Cubon, a shirt cloath. Itm: to Issa: Gawne a petticoate. Itm: to John Cubon vjd legacy; Itm: to Issa: Cubon vjd Legacy, and that it was in her own hand. Itm: lastly she or= dained and constituted William Cubon her sole Exr: of all the rest of her goods moveable & imoveable, paying all the Legacys aforesd and setting her out to the Ground the said Testatrix further willed that there was due unto her from Jo: Corrin Ballagawne two shillings and three carrs of Ling. And from William Corrin a pound of woole Itm: from Jaine Costeen a pound of woole Testes Probatum et solvit xijd John Kermod } Ann Gawne } jurati The Executr: sworn in Court according to law The Inventory of ye above Testatrix prizd by 4 sworn men viz: John Corrin Wm Cluayg John Juke & Nich: Moore amounts to ye summ of .............. 00£ - 17s - 00d To be added to ye Inventory 2 smocks yett unprizd Pledges given secundum forman legis R----- Cu---- & John Watterson

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