Henry Nowell 1677

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Date: 15 August 2017
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Archdeacon Will 1677A #130 Malew will of Henry Nowell, esquire, late Governor of the Isle of Man, died about May 1677, 
while off the Isle of Man: 
Summary: wife Margaret Nowell alias Huddlestone alias Litherland, nephew (but a full-blood brother) Mr. Roger Nowell 
of Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland, sister Jane Ore alias Nowell, halfblood brother Colonel Roger Nowell 
Malew parish register: Henry Nowell, esquire, married Margaret Litherland on 4 October 1675, in Malew Parish
NOTE: First husband of Magaret Litherland was Captain Thomas Huddlestone of Ballahott, Malew, who died in 
October 1674 after about 5 years of marriage.
will of first husband of wife Margaret: ArW1674A #01 Malew will of Captain Mr Thomas Huddlestone of Ballacott, died about 
1 November 1674, wife Margaret Litherland (remarried to Governor Henry Nowell esquire in 1675): brother in law John Barry 
(md to Mgt Huddlestone), wife is pregnant, son Thomas, wife Margaret Litherland (she remarried Governor Henry Nowell 
esquire by 30 May 1676 [Malew parish register indicates 5 October 1675]), father Major William Huddlestone (dead), 
mother Elizabeth (dead), sister Jane Cannell alias Huddlestone (living in Dublin, married to Edward Cannell, carpenter), 
brother George (died after parents & before August 1675), brother Ferdinand (died after parents & before August 1675), 
brother Silvester (apprentice of John Maddrell in 1675/6, & shoemaker by 8 January 1677/8), brother in law John Moore of 
Poleroish, Braddan (married Catharine Huddlestone who was dead by August 1675), brother Charles Huddlestone, brother John

NOTE: The following does not contain the Will of Henry Nowell, but is a collection of Petitions, Decrees, Claims, 
Payments, etc, regarding the death of Henry and the settlement of his estate on the Isle of Man.  There was no order 
to the pages, and I transcribed them (over 50 pages per the microfilm) as they occurred on the microfilm. 

Att a Court houlden at Douglass Chappell May ye 15th 1677 The death of ye worsfull: Hen: Nowell Esq late Governor of this Island being assured of unto this Court; and that it concerns us therfore both to take cognizance therof and to take a pfect Invent of his goods for ye discharge of the Court, and satisfacon of debts (if any bee): It is therfore decreed that Sr: Thom: Parre (takeing wth him the assistance of the Sumner and 4 sworn men) doe take a pfect Inventory of all ye goods belonging to his worsp: at his death (in this Island) with an Examinacon of all papers, of what nature soever, Impowering him also to take his wife sworne to give a pfect accompt of these concerns, and not to conceale any less, or more, and to return an exact accompt to ye Court within 14 dayes at furthest; And in soe doeing this shall be his sufficient discharge; Impowering himselfe to act further in ye prmisses as far as ye extent of Law admitts, that there may be no cause of complaint, nor any prjudice to any claimer nor unto the Court, who espetially is concerned to looke unto these thinges upon wch the Court at their first meeting will decree and order further in the prmisses as shall be altogether consisten wth Law, and rendering the pties next concerned sufficient Adminrs: to act in this pticular, dated ut supra Tho: Parre Charles Parr Tho: Robinson [next page] Insula Mona At a Court houlden at St Peters of Peele May ye 26th 1677, before ye Reverend Sr Thomas Parre, Parson Charles Parr, and Mr Thomas Robinson Vicar Generall Mr: John Woods sworn and Examined saith that hee was informed by a pson of nere relacon unto Hen: Nowell Esq late Governor of this Isle upon some queries or interogatories made by the depont: unto that pson, that Mr. Roger Nowell in Ireland was ye next in consan= =guinitie unto him the sd Governor wch report hee also had from severall others and that hee was also of ye full or whole blood as further saith Also by vertue of his oath saith that hee heard the sd Governor declare the same to be soe, that is to ssay, that ye sd Mr Roger Nowell was the next of consanguinities unto him, and nerer then Collonell Roger Nowell for hee was but ye halfe brother, and Mr. Roger Nowell was his brotherís sone by ffather & mother. and further saith not John Wood Anno et die prdicto Mrs Margt Nowell Relict to Hen: Nowell Esq: late Governor of this Isle questioning the certaintie of Mr Roger Nowell to be ye next in consanguinitie unto her deceased husband, the above depont: was pduced as an Evidence to prove the same, who (in refferrence thereunto) hath fully declared as above expressed, and subscribed unto: and all this in full Court, and in ye prsence of ye sd Mrs Margt: Nowell who seemingly assented unto ye truth therof: Therfore since the sd Mr Roger Nowell doth presse for ye benifitt of our Law (as next related) for ye Administracon of ye goods pperly belonging to ye sd Hen: Nowell in this Island at ye day of his death, and that there is no other pson or psons plead for any Intrest in them only his wife by suggestion of a deed of gift wch is not yett discovered: The Court decrees, and hereby doth decree the sd Roger Nowell (viz Roger Nowell of the Kingdome of Ireland) to be the whole and sole Adminr: of all the goods movable & unmovable belonging to ye sd Hen: Nowell Esq: at the day of his death, that is to say of all his goods, and chattells of wt: nature soever in this Country, and in pursuance therof the Court doth further decree that hee shall, and doe forthwith possesse himself of ye sd goods, in whose custody soever, or in what place soever in this Island they shall be found in, and if any make resistance upon his complowt[?] hee shall be relieved according to law; And for ye widdow Relict (her peticon) touching the pretended gift, if ye same be pduced thin ten dayes and lawfully pved before the Temprall officers, wee shall nevrthelesse and notwithstanding the above decree further order as farr forth as ye validitie ----- the sd gift is warrantable, and sufficient in Law, otherwise ----- -----[dark & edge] [next page, back of the above] to be of full forse and effect to all intent and purposes in Law whatsoever however upon sight of the Invent, wch the sd Roger Nowell is to bring into our Records within a month time at ffurthest, with sufficient Bonds, and that upon oath; the wife is to have a Legacie at the Courts discretion Salvo tamen vincuig The Administrator is sworn in suo jure fform of Law Decretum et solvit 3s 4d At a Court houlden at Douglasse June ye 14th 1677 This decree affords the Benifitt of the Goods unto Mr. Roger Nowell according to the words and Tenor of the Contracon Bargaine proved before Mr Deemster now brought in upon Record [next page] Thomas Parr, Charolus Parr et Thom: Robinson Clerici Redi: in Xto pris et domi: Henricis pne dina sod: et Mona Epispl: vicar in Spirlus: general: et officalis ligitue fulict. Prlecto nobis in Xto Rogero Nowell ne poli, et pr---- consanguinio Henrie Nowell nup de hae Insula prafecti Salute quum nup dictus defunctus ab haebue mi gravit nullo peidload ito testamenta salte Aram no bis ad hac ex= hibite ad Administrandum igitus co Argendid lenandu, temprandi et reciprende unnia, et singulu Bona, Juras Credita et chattello que fuerunt prdict default tempore vitae St Martis faru in quorum cung manibus sive custod dia ex estendum et et remaned (modo Inventorio vero et pleno eorendeum confectum) ae as aheiud in que dictus defunctus tempora mortis sull cuig exlitterat obligat vel obnox creditoribus psolvend qualinus bona jura Credita et Cattella es humo di ad hoe extendunt et jura volunt tibi de cujus fidelitate plurinud confidinus vice et Actate nostray comittimus, ae te primitus in debita--- juris forma juratum hamodi bonorum Juriam Creditorum et cha= =telorum Administratore et Receptore nominamus ordinarimus et p prsentes constituimus(Salvo jure cujusuing) dulum subsi= gillo offici nostri que in hae parte utimur viessimo osin--- die mensis Maii Anno domi: mille---- sexentesimo septuogesi---- septimo Rich Ffox Episcop: Regist: June 25th 1677 Mr Sam: Robinson entrs against ye Adminrs: of Hen:Nowell Esq: for ye summe of xijs 4d due debt as hee will make to appeare, & craveth tryall [on the back of the above] Wheras the concerns of our Court [next page] Know all men by these prsents that wee Robert Nowell of Gallweell in ye Kingdom of Ireland, and Thomas Norris junior of Castletowne & Mathew Trair doe hereby acknowledge our selves to owe and stand truly indebted unto Sr Thom: Parr, Parson Charles Parr, and Mr Thomas Robinson viccars Generall off this Isle, each of us jointly and severally, our heyres executors Administratrs: and Assigns, in the full and just summ of ffive hundred pounds of good and lawfull moneys of England, to be paid unto them their heyres executrs Administratrs: and Assigns, at all times upon demand, sealed with our seales this twenty eighth of May 1677 The condicon of this obligacon in such, that wheras the above Rober Nowell hath beene decreed Administrator of all ye goods chattells and cattells that Hen: Nowell Esq lat Governor of this Isle dyed possessed of, and that therby hee is requried both to bring in a pfect Invent and Administer the goods altogeather accord ing to Law, and Keepe the office harmlesse to all intents; which thinge, if hee truly justly and faithfully pform as the Las requires, then the above obligacon to bee of no effect; otherwise to stand of full forse and vertue in the Law to all intents and purposes whatsoever. dated the day and yeare above written Signed Sealed and Roger Nowell Delivered in presence of us Tho: Norris John Wood Matth: Travers Elnor Robinson her X marke [next page] Whereas Robert Nowell Gent: decreed Adminr: of ye goods chattells & cattles of Hen: Nowell Esq deceased late Governor of this Isle as appeares; that is to say of what goods hee dyed possessed of here in being there was no other pson of a nerer relation appeared, and hee being ye next in consanguinitie as oath is made; upon wch he is possessed of pte of the sd goods in order to ye wholedue by Law: And craveing Letters ad Colligendum for ye plurent: of such debts as are abroad in Creditors hands due now unto him (as Administrator) to the end hee may pfect the Invent according to the Law, and his oath, and also to pay all debts due, and upon ye accompt of ye deceadt: and haveing given bonds secundum forman legis for pformancetherof; yet it is thought altogeather requishitt, that further assurance be given by other competent Bonds to keepe the office harmless from all other manner of psons who doth, or may pretend better interest, by former deed, by nerer relation, or by Letters of Administracon from ye prrogative Court to render him incapable of this Administracon; wch when the sd Roger Nowell hath soe done hee is to have full power (in adition to is former by ye decree of Court) to call for, to psecute, and receive all such debts due, according to ye Exact & prcise rule of the Law, that was in any kinde due unto ye sd Hen: Nowell all the day of his death, wch power also to pay and discharge all incumbent debts legally proved as due from him in his life time; All wch, being fully pfected, and an exact accompt taken, as well of the Receipts as the disbursmts: the pceedings are to be returned upon Record with all Bills and Escripts retaking thereto, as well for better discharge of the office, as satisfaccon unto such as may have a better tytle and Interest as afore sd. dated Aug: 22th 1677 [next page] For the Reve =rend Parson Charles Parr Vicar Genrall These Mr: Nowell not being willing to goe to Ramsay to give in bonds to ye Court, desired me to send for a coppy of ye decree, ye bond & Adcon: wt was accordingly sent me and I have taken ye bond and hee sent it on Record, and affix ed ye Seale to ye Adcon: & subscribed your name wch I suppose you will not disallow of Yesternight I had conference with the Governour touching Mrs: Nowells Appeale to Yorke, whose answer was ye we are not to accept of it, but throw it away, And for her prsumption if any complayne to be fined, ffor if we had done her wont she ought to have appealed to ye staffe of Gover =nemt: I have therfore -- hearer[?] ordered Mr: Ffox to take it of Record wch I supp ose you will consent unto; I have alsoe given Mr: Nowell an order to ye Sumner to deliver him possession according to ye decree & if any oppose to committ them &c: All wch I beleeve is justifiable & therfore will not want you Ascent: My Service to your lady, selfe & children upon assureance that I am theirs and sl: yor: affectionate Brother & se-- Tho: Robinson ---on may see what is writt to ye Registr: & send yor: approbation & seal it [The following is crossed out:] June ye 15th 1677 Wm Harley and Charles Moore executrs: to Tho: Moore entrs: their claime against ye Exec Adminr: of Hen: Nowell Esqr: for ye sume of 3£ 10s or therabouts, due as ye clamers cann more at large make to appeare, & craveth tryall August ye 22th 1677 Wm: Harley and Charles Moore entrs: against ye Adminrs: of Hen: Nowell Esq: late Govrnor of this Isle for the sume of ffive pounds 5ss sterl: due debt and craveth tryall [next page] Wheras wee John Parr of K Arbory and George Stowell of Castletown have been by and wittnesses unto a certaine Deed or Bargaine of Contract concluded and agreed upon by and Between Henery Nowell Esqur: Governor of this Isle late deceased, and Mrs Margrett Nowell als Litherland (then ye Relict of Captaine Thomas Hudlston of Ballacott alsoe de= deased) And beinge sumonned before Mr: Deemster Ffletcher for yr: proofe of ye said contract, ye same was desired to be produced, And ye said Mrs Margrett Nowell taking her corporall oath yt ye same Contract hath been miscarryed & can in noe wise be found; Therefore the deemster hath required us upon out oathe to declare our knowledg and remembrance of ye purport of ye said Contract, and to deliver ye same in writeing; And haveinge, in pursuance of ye said requiremt: mett this day, and strictly examined and called to mind our own knowledge of ye said Contract, wee doe to the nearest of our Remembrance declare ye pur= =port and extent of ye said Contract, by the Severall Articles therof, to run in effect and maner ffollowing: That is to say (1) By the ffirst Article of ye said Contract it was covenanted and aggreed upon, that ye said Hen: Nowell and Margrett his now Relict should upon an imediate prefixt time after ye mak= inge of ye said Contract, wch was much about ye latter end of September in ye years of our lord one thousand six hundred seaventy & five, enter into ye holy Estate of matrimony God and holy Church pmittinge (2) By the 2d Article of ye said Contract it was con= discended unto and aggreed upon by ye said ptys that all ye Estate, goods moveable or imovable of wt kind or nature they be, whether Jointures widdowrights, Dowers or tytle of Dowers, Lega= =cys, or any other yr reall or personall Estate of ye said Margrett Nowell should at [next page] and affter their said Intermarriage, be a---[dark fold] whole ordering and disposeing of ye said H---[dark fold] Nowell, any Law, custome, or practice in ---[dark fold] Island to ye Contrary notwithstanding (3) By the 3d, It was alsoe condiscended unto & aggreed upon by & Between ye said partyes that If it pleased God to call upon ye sayd Hen: Nowell before ye said Margrett, th---[dark fold] then ye said Margrett, was to have & enjoy in liew of a Jointure the third part of all his Estate moveable or imovable, of ---[dark fold] kind soever it be distinguished, exceptinge ---[dark fold] for oprizings all ye Lands or Tenemts: th---[dark fold] ye said Hen: Nowell had then purchased or affterwards might purchase; It being intended that ye said Lands and Tenemts: wth the other two parts of ye goods reserv---[dark fold] to himselfe, should be setled upon ye Is---[dark fold] that would be betwixt ye said Hen: N---[dark fold] and his said wiffe Margrett (if it please God to bless them with any) as ye said ---[dark fold] Nowell by a furthre Deed therafter to ---[dark fold] made by him should be setled and ---[dark fold] posed Wch Contract or writeings carryinge ye ---[dark fold] purport and Tenor (to ye best and neerest ---[dark fold] our knowledge) was unanimously subscribed and sealed by ye said Hen: Nowell and ---[dark fold] =grett Nowell als Litherland before and ---[dark fold] presence of us. And in Testimony th---[dark fold] wee have herunto subscribed our names this ffirst day of June, one thousand ---[dark fold] hundred, seaventy and seven, 16---[dark fold] Joannes Parre George Stowell Att Castletowne this 2th June 1677 The sd witnesses have upon their oathes declared & d---[dark fold] ye above writinge to bee in substance ye true Contract concluded & agreed upon betwixt Hen: Nowell Esq, late Governor & Mrgt: his wife before ye tyme of their inte---[dark fold] =radge, sealed & signed by them both, & this ---[dark fold] by ----- of their oathes taken before me Tho: Ffletcher [next page] An Inventory of ye Goods Chattles Chatell Debits and Credites yt hath come to ye hands of Mr Roger Nowell Administrator to Henry Nowell Esq now deceased late Govrnor of this Isle August ye 16 1677 veiwed & praised by foure sworne men: viz: Sr Tho: Parr, Wm Preston; Tho: Tubman & Thomas Ottiwell £ s d Imprs: To severall peces of plate value ....... 8 - 00 - 00 To five fether Bedes .......................... 5 - 00 - 00 To 3 Boulstres & on pillo ..................... 0 - 09 - 00 To six caddowes sixteen blanketts } on smothing blankett five } musinges on yd & y-- of Droghtt } ........ 2 - 10 - 20 To sope candelles tallow on ...} payr of brase snufers & whitt} earthen ward ................} ............. 1 - 00 - 00 To 4 shutts of hengings on Crysitt } 12 peeces of leinins cloath } containg 154 yards 5 payr of } sheettes 4 par of course sheetts} on Table cloath 5 towelles } six pillow beares 2 doz: & 3 } course napkines 1 doz & 3 fine } napkins on peece of curse } canuts totall ...............} ......... 10 - 00 - 00 To glasses & glass bottelles ................. 00 - 15 - 00 To 4 doz: & a halfe of Tranchr } 8 stone bottells six old buffett } stooles 3 back stooles on Thuon } cheare on old red cheare on strawe } cheare totall ..................}....... 00 - 12 - 00 To 38 books of severall soarts ................ 01 - 00 - 00 To 9 pewther dishes & pewter ............} quarts on old Brasson one old candell } sticke 2 old salts 3 old epranges[?] } 2 old master pottes on old pewter } Tankert 2 tin tundishes fifteen } pewter plates on littell box } on payr of hoarnes wth } a nutt cupp 2 rules on littell } draw box on raisar case on } pr of shoows one brush & ---- } 2 littell baskettes on old } capp totall .......................}..... 10 - 00 - 00 47 - 6-----[dark edge] [next page] from ye other sid 47£ - 6s - 00d 47 - 6 - 00 To one horse & a mare .............................. 6 - 00 - 00 To 2 cowes ......................................... 2 - 10 - 00 note these }on old coate on old dublett } given to}on old cloath coatt on old cloake } his servants}on payr stuffe trouses on } & poore }pr: of knitt trouses & stockings } people }on payr of bigg stockings nine } payr of old stockinges 2 quilts } capps 2 par of fixt stockings & } on pr: of lether stockings on } payr of knitt gloves ..............} 2 - 0 - 00 All ye rest of ye Deceased Cloaths being in England of his best To ye ffedt To on Large iron pott on } smale iron pott & one smale } Kettell 3 smale Brass panns } on warming pann 2 skimis } 2 littell basting ladelles } on skillitt 1 littell brass } mortter on bigg brass } mortter & pestele on } old brass pann 2 fire } crowes 2 payr of tonges } severall peecs of old iron } sold for 4s 2 old trunkes } on box case for chrmes } on wtt: firr chist on wtt: } dayll chist on black } ocke chist total }......... 4 - 00 - 00 To 43 Barrells of beare ................. 17 - 12 ----[fold] To 202 sheepe whereof ye 2 parts is mine ..................... 10 - 00 ----[fold] To 15 Barrells of salt .................. 03 - 00 ----[fold] To 2 cartts & horse gears .......} wth 4 old plowes & severall } old caske & som old plow } irons totall: .............} ..... 03 - 00 ----[fold] To a wacth .............................. 02 - 00 ----[fold] To ye cropp of coarne growing ............................. 05 - 05 ----[fold] To Booke Debts bills & bonds ............................. 20 - 00 - 0----[fold] Salt & casque att Ramsey ................ 00 - 15 - 00 123 - 08 - 00 [next page] Brough over £ s d To .................................................... 123 - 08 - 00 To a feild at Ramsay .................................. 002 - 00 - 00 To K Machall .......................................... 013 - 00 - 00 138 - 08 - 00 To 11 Barrells of coals ............................... 000 - 10 - 00 To 8 stone of woole ................................... 002 - 00 - 00 To 15 Load of turfe ................................... 000 - 10 - 00 To six bee hives ...................................... 000 - 12 - 00 To a cabinitt & pr of Tables .......................... 000 - 10 - 00 To 5 bee hives ........................................ 000 - 07 - 00 To honey & wax ........................................ 000 - 03 - 00 The Totall of ye Inventory ............................ 143 - 00 - 00 of the Goods chattles Cattelles Debts & Creditts Belonning to my prportion being ye two pts of three Amunts to ye some of of one hundred fforty & three pounds ster: 143 - 00 - 00 Debts due from my 2 partes To Jn: Woods ................................. 001 - 00 - 00 by Leagissy awarded my Ante .................. 007 - 00 - 00 Due to myselfe ............................... 37 - 13 - 04 Due to Mr Barry & Norris ..................... 005 - 16 - 00 To my Lord ................................... 015 - 00 - 00 Steward Callcoate ............................ 06 - 10 - 00 To 2 years rent of ye red Gapp ................................... 12 - 00 - 00 To ye rent of ye Greett Mill . .................................. 02 - 04 - 00 To Mr Tho: Harryson .......................... 05 - 00 - 00 To Roberts wages ............................. 01 - 18 - 00 To Roberts Diyitt ............................ 02 - 13 - 04 Besids severall Clames to be entred agt: my 2 partes Mr: Gwillian ............................. 0 - 13 - 05 This is a Just & true Inventory: to ye best of my knowledge judgmt: & Remembrance As Wittnesse my hand the day & yeare first above written Roger Nowell Octob: ye 3d 1677 Comparing these debts wth other acquittances, I find them charged also in the sd Acquittances, soe that these must signifie nothing [on a scrap of paper, see above Inventory:] prof shoows on ----- ------ [top line is cut off] 2 littill baskittes on old } capp totall ...............} To on Table on firr box } on Body cloath on horse cloath } hudds & 2 soulliars fine sadells } 4 bridelles 3 payr of heustolls } 2 old sadell coners } 3 payr of old bootts on cross } bowe 3 case of pistels 2 swords } one raper staffe 3 pewr harnes } 2 hameres 1 jaibe 1 gerditine } on Key & 4 gunnes total .....}........... 10 - 00 - 0-- 47 - 6 - 00 [on a piece of paper, maybe written on the back of the above] True Inventory of Mr Roger Nowells prportion [next page] ---nd that both partyes that is to say ye said Margrett ---- be aydinge and assisting to each of other to ye best of their ---- and fullfill ye Inventory, of goods chatles, catles To this our ffinall doome and award wee bind y--- ---dr Wittnese our hands and seales ye 5th ------ ----seaven 11 1677 Charles Christian Will: Ffarker Ew: Christian Rich: Stevenson[?] [slip of paper] ye 15 of Sep: 1677 Recevd from Roger Nowell Esqr: to Henry Nowell deceased ye } summe of seven pounds ten shill: as Legacy left in the award } and Twenty five pounds as gift out of his pportion of } 32---[edge] goods chatle catles Lands & tenemts: At Wittnesse my hand } Margrett Nowell [slip of paper] June ye 26th 1677 Mr David Murrey & Mr John Piggott entrs: against ye Adminr: of Hen: Nowell Esq: late Governor of this Isle for ye summe of three pounds sterl: due debt as will be made to appeare and craveth tryall Exam p me Rich Ffox Episcop: Regist: [next page] ye 27th of August 1677 --6:8 my Then Recevd: from ye hands of Mr Roger Nowell } --t pportion: & Mrs Margarett Nowell ye summe of foure } pounds sterl: being in full for ye Dyett } of Robt: Eccles servt: to ye late Governor as } .. 04£ - 00 - [edge] wittnesse my hand this day & yeare above ...........} wittnesse prsent Matth Travors John Barry ye 27th of August 1677 Recevd then from Roger Nowell & Mrs Margaret} --- 8d my aunts Nowell widd: The summe of Two pounds } ----ortion eighten shill: beinge in full for my wages } -2£ - 18 ----[edge] & washing due till July last past: I say } Recevd p me ................................... } wittnesses prsent Robt: - R - Eccles Matth Travors his [on the back of the above:] Robt: Eccles & Mr Barry acquittance for 6£ - 18s sterl: [slip of paper] ye 8 Sep: 1677 Recevd from Roger Nowell Esqr: to: Henry Nowell deceased } the summe of five pounds sixteene shill: & two pence 1/2 } being his pportion of debt due for wheat by his deceased } 05 - 16 - 0---[edge] unckle wee say Recevd by us ............................ } Tho: Norris John Barry [on the back of the above:] John Barry & Thomas Norris for: ........... 5 - 16 - 02 1/2 [next page] ye 4th Sepr: 1677 The Recevd from Rober Nowell } Admr of Henry Nowell deceased } ye summe of: Tenn shill: in full } for his labor & paines in selling } & Receiving ye monies of eight } 00£ - 10 ----[edge] milstoanes belonging to ye sd } Henry Nowell deceased I say } Recevd p me ..................... } Phillip ------ ye 5th Sep 1677 Recevd from Roger Nowell foure shill: & } 4d in full of his 2 prts: of all monies due} from ye sd Roger as Admr: to Henry Nowell } 00£ - 04 ---[edge] deceased: I say Recevd p me ..............} John Quaile [next page] Worke done by Henry Wattleworth blacksmith for the Worpll: Govr: Nowell (deceased) since the yeare 1667 £ s Impr: ffor dressinge the cartt & cloutings } the old axelltree .................... }.. 00 - 01 - 00 2 shooes & 2 removes on his } saddle horse .......... }................. 00 - 00 - 10 1 shooe on the white mare } and 1 remove ........} ................... 00 - 00 - 05 ffor 2 pound & Ĺ of hoggs lard } for the cart use ..........}............. 00 - 00 - 10 ffor nayles to dresse the cart ................ 00 - 00 - 02 one shooe & one remove on the } bay mare ..............}............... 00 - 00 - 05 ffor clouting the new axelltree ............... 00 - 01 - 00 A new curb for a bridle ....................... 00 - 00 - 03 lynks for the fox chaine & stapls ............. 00 - 00 - 03 A hooke to hang up the bird cage .............. 00 - 00 - 01 Totall 00 - 05s - 03 unsatisfyed a former bill the sum of 13s - 4d wch his sorsh: kept; save the heobage[?] of a cow, ye wch dyed in ye pasture, & 4d ---d soe me-- ut one certaine time p his worsp: [on the backside of the above:] Henry Wattleworth discharge for 12----- sterl: 20 September 1677 Recevd Then from Roger Nowell } Exec: to Henry Nowell deceased ye } summ of: Twelve shill: in full } 00£ - 12s - 00d of all debts due by ye sd Henry } As Wittnesse my hand ............. } his Wittnesse prsent Henrie X Wattleworth David Murrey marke [next page] Septembr: 12th 1677 Then Received the summ of } thirteen pounds six shillings } & eight pence from Mr Roger } Nowell being his two parts } of twenty pounds due to } 13£ - 6s - 00d my Lord from the late Gover } nour Hen: Nowell deceased } from wch sum or obligacon } hee is hereby accquited } witnesse my hand the day } & yeare above writen } this Rec: by me Willm Qualtrough witnesse presents Fferd: Calcott Arthur Calcott The atturneys discharge for 13£ - 6s - 8d, being my pportion of 20£ due to my Lord: paid ye 12th Sep 1677 [next page] ye 27th of August 1677 Recevd then from Roger & Mrs Margarett } Nowell ye summe of three pounds six shill: } & eight pence sterl: being in full: for the } 2 yeares rent of ye great hill ending } at Michl: next ensuing the date hereof } & doth further oblige to acquitt Exonerate } & discharge him ye sd Roger & Margarett } their heires, Exrs: & Admrs: from any incumbra} =nces hereafter to bee upon the sd lands } by their contract: they having resigned } 03£ - ----[edge] their whole interest unto Mr David Murry } & Mr Robt Quark: for the yeare ensuing } being all can bee pretended to be ye sd } Roger & Margarett: as Wittnesse our } hands the day & yeare abovesd .............. } David Murrey [next page] 11th of Sepr: 1677 Recevd from Roger Nowell the } summe three pounds eleven } shill: & 7d: being his 2 prt: } due of an acct to Mr Thomas } Harryson of Peele: by his } 3£ - 11 - 07 deceased unckle Henry Nowell } I say Recevd upon Mr Harryson Aut: from ye sd Roger as Admr:} to ye sd Henry ye summe of } by mee Matth Travers Mr Harrysons release for 3 - 11 - 7 : pd p Rec: (77) [slip of paper] ye 3d of Octobr: 167 Recevd then from Roger Nowell Exr: tto Henry Nowell } ye summe of thirty three pounds six shill: & eight being prt } of a debt of 50£ due by ye sd Henry Nowell to ye sd Roger I } 33£ - 06 - 8d say Recevd p me ................................................ } Roger Nowell [slip of paper] ye 14 Sep 1677 Recevd from Roger Nowell twelve shill: & nine pence sterl: in ----[dark edge] of his 2 prts: of 19s & 3d due from ye deceased Henry Nowell, as his Admr: I say Recevd p me witnesse present mark Matth Travers John J Q Quilliam his [next page] ye 20th of Sepr: 1677 Then Recevd from Roger Nowell Exr: to Henry Nowell deceased ye summe of fourteene shill: & six pence: being in full of ye sd Rogers pportion of the claime entered by Mr David Murry of Castletowne: I say Recevd p David Murrey Katherin Murrey her usuall marke X the word fowerteene enterlyned before ---e: signing as wittnesses John Barry Sam:Robinson Mr David Murrey acquittance for 14s 6s sterl: 77 [slip of paper] ye 4h Sep: 1677 Recevd then from Mr Roger Nowell Admr: to Henry Nowell deceased } the summe of seventy one pounds eleven shill: & 6d sterl: is fully } --- of all accts due from ye sd Henry Nowell, being only his pportion} 21£ - 11 - 06 I say Recevd p me: ................................................. } Fferd: Calcott [next page] The 12 Sep: 1677 Recevd from Mr Roger Nowell ye sum } of three pounds sixteene shill: & } eight pence in full of two claimes } being his 2 prts: entered & proved } and adjudged agst: yd sd Roger: as } Admr: to Henry Nowell deceased I } 3£ - 16 - 8d say Recevd p us ................... } Charles Moore & Willm: Harley [on the back of the above:] for 3 - 10 - 8 ----- of my unckles The Invent: ................. 143 - 00 - 00 The whole acquittances some to 130 - 13 - 08 --- [next page] 24th Sept: 1677 Then rec'd from ye Mr: Roger Nowell his pte as admr: unto his deceased Unkle Hen: Nowell Esq: late Governor of ye Isle of Man his pte or porcon of ye moneys entred by ye Executors of John Shimmin agt: him, being ye two pts thereof wch is proved upon ye alter of KK Malue, ye other third pte being due from ye relict of ye sd Hen: Nowell Esqr: wch pte I doe hereby clerely acquitt ye sd admrs for his two pts: afforesd as wit nes my hand ye day & yeare abovesd witnesses Tho: Norris By me Edw: Shimin his mrke X John Barry note this pte is ye sume of three pounds eighteen shills: & two pence wch I receive in ye behalf of my self & ye sd Executors of John Shimmin -----e exrs: of John Shimings discharge for £3 - 8s - 02d sterl: 25 Sep 77 [next page] I doe heerby discharge the executrs of Hen: Nowell Esqr: late Governor of this Isle of all clames entred in Courts and of all debts & demands yt have been due or recoverable & recovered by me George Christian witnes my ----hn ption this 11th of March 77 ----- Richard Uarker Thomas Ottiwell [slip of paper] ye 15 Octobr: 1677 Recevd from Foger Nowell three shill & eight } pence in full ofa bill for his pportion as admr:} to Henry Nowell deceased: I say Recevd p me } 0 - 03 - 08 Edw: Redfearne tnesse prsent his mrke X ---- Norris ----n Berry Edward Redferne p 03s 08d sterl: [slip of paper] ye 6th Octobr: 1677 Recevd from Roger Nowell excr: to Henry Nowell deceased: the summe of foure shill: & foure pence sterl: being his pportion of six shill: & 6d debt due by ye sd Henry Nowell to mee as wittnesse my hand John Quaile wittnes present Robert Ratcliffe John Parr [slip of paper] Oct: ye 11th 1677 Hen: Stafford entrs against the Adminrs: of Hen: Nowell Esq: for ye summe of sixe pounds sterl: due debt as will be made to appeare and craveth tryall Exam p me Rich: Ffox Episcop: Regist: Oct ye 12th (77) The claimer is admitted to prove his debt at the Altar of KK Malew wth lawfull compurgators in form of law, giveing the Administratrs: notice to be in place to produce their allegations if they have any. The minister of the parish is desired to take their oath and to certifie Joh: Harrison Vicr: Gls: P Thompson officiall [on the back:] ye 19th Octobr: 1677 I doe acknowledge to have Recevd full satisfaction of the within claime being six poun sterl: & wittnesse my hand & seale the day & yeare abovesd Sealed Signed & Delivered Henry Stafford his ---- in presence of us HS John Barry James Thompson David Murrey Hen: Stafford Receipt of 6£ sterl: [next page] June ye 11th 1677 Major Richard Stevenson Esq: entrs his claime against the Adminr: of Henry Nowell Esq late Govrnor of the Isle of Man deceased for ye summ of ten pounds sterl: due as appeares by Bond under his own hand; And for come to ye valew of ffortie shillingsk (more or lesse) due as will be made to appeare, & craveth tryall Exam: p me Rich Ffox Episcop Regist ye 19th of Octobr 1677 Recevd then full satisfaccon of ye abovsd claime being six pounds sixteen shill: & 2 being Mr Nowells pportion of eight pounds twelve shill: & 8d & all other accts as wittnesse my hand this day & yeare abovesd Richd Stevenson [next page] Reverend Sirs I desire yt Mr John Parr & George Stoall bee Examined to the Interr: ensuinge: Sr Anthony Hawlsell: 1) Have you (that is to say) the sd parties heerin Recevd: or handled any Bills Bonds obligacons: spetialties of Accts: ether of Receipts or Disbursmts, or ay other ----[edge] in writing; yt did belong or gift any manner: of an----[edge] appertaine unto Henry Nowell late Governor of ----[edge] Isle, or his Relict Margarett: in whose hands or custo----[edge] were such papers, Acct, Bills, obligacons, or Bookes of acct or who were ye psons yt did demonstrate pduce ----[edge] shew them to yow or was any papers &c: C----[edge] (or accedentally came) to yor charge custody or keeping any pson whatever: And if any such were (what are extant) what became of them or did you underst----[edge] by any psons yt did shew or demonstrate the same: es----[edge] or writtings of what nature soever that they or any of t----[edge] were intended or Resolved to conceale, or otherwise to m----[edge] away any of ye sd writings of what nature soever or yew Remember the effect or purport of the same, or ----[edge] privy or consenting to the Concealmt: or making away of ----[edge] what was ye reason thereof 2) Were yow not privy to by & consenting & assenting un----[edge] breaking open, or unhinging of any of ye cabinetts boxes or other the utensills of ye sd Henry Nowell, since his Relict came into this Isle, and by vertue of what Autho----[edge] did yow ye same, and was not Mrs Margarett Nowell ----[edge] privy & consenting to ye same, as also declared to ----[edge] best of your knowledge the words, then discoarsed b----[edge] her to any of yow, Relating to ye matter in Question 3) Have yow beene Intrusted wth any Bills Bonds or Bookes of Accts goods merchandises or wards of wha----[edge] Nature soever, appertaining or belonging to the sd Henry Nowell, at upon or since his goeing out of this Isle o----[edge] if soe, where are the sd Bills, Bonds Bookes of Accts ----[edge] merchandises or Wards, and if pd: to whom & when ----[edge] whether since yow heard of ye decease of the ----[edge] [next page] Nowell, or if ye same pd: by what warrant or order did yow pay ye same, or was it yor: owne voluntary will 4) Have yow given up any of the sd papers, by what meanes soever come or conveyed to yor: hands, since his death, wth ye concerne thereof to whom have yow soe given the same, & by what power 5) Yow shall give true & just Testymony of all yor sd Receipts mentioned in the 3d Inter:, & give in a pfect & True Calculatt Thereof to this Court: wth yor perticular answer, to ye other Inter: herein laid downe wthout mentall reservacon or equivocation to ye best of yor: knowledge & Remembrance Roger Nowell In general Tearmes I answer ye before goeinge Inter: that I neither had received, nor was comitted to my Charge or custody, either by ye said Hen: Nowel or his now Relict Margrett, at, upon or since his or their last goeing for England, any Bill, Bond, obligacons, or any Papers or Bookes of accompts any way relateinge to ye sd Hen: Nowell; neither doe I know where any such are or con= =cealed; And further that I have noe goods or merchangize of any other goods, or wares belonging or any wise appertaininge to ye sd Hen: Nowell, save only a parcell of Leather, wch the sd Hen: Nowell & his sd wiffe before their sd goeinge for England, gave into my hands for ye paymt: of a Debt of three pounds sixteen shill & ten pence due upon Bill, and ye overpens or remainder of ye Rate of ye sd Leather (that was to be made Sayle of) to be returned to ye sd Hen: Nowell & his sd wiffe. And to these[?] use ye verity herof I have subscibed my hand herunto this 15th of June 1677 Anthony Halsall [next page] Brsp: 1) To the ffirst and seacond Inter: I answer genera-----[dark] 2) them in manner followinge: vizt: That inj----[dark] upon and affter ye landinge of ye said Mrs Margret Nowell in this Isle, The Servt: Robt Eccles (her hus----[dark] servt:) to this Exam: house to desire him to ----[dark] speak to his said Mrs: wch ye Examr: did; and a----[dark] some discourse the said Mrs Nowell tould me that she had taken one L--- of Administracon for her ----[dark] husbands goods in England, and that ye viccars ----[dark] were to meet in ye town of Castltown yt day to ----[dark] som thing in her business, and before she would take any oath (wch she thought then to be ad= =ministred unto her) she would be satisfied of y----[dark] Contract Bargaine that was betwixt herself & ----[dark] Hen: Nowell wch she thought was in his Cabinett at Duglass in her Trunk, an shee then declard she resolved to break open ye Cabinett, and ther= =upon sent Geo: Stowell for a hammer and a ches----[dark] to unhinge it, wch accordingly was done; whereup----[dark] ye said Mrs Margrett Nowell desired me to ----[dark] out for ye said Contract Bargaine, wch I did, and found & read ye same unto her before severall persons the----[dark] present in ye Roome; and as for what other Bonds papers of accompts or other writings was in ----[dark] said Cabinett then, I cannot perticular--- But ----[dark] Examinacon for ye said Contract, I saw in ye sd Ca----[dark] nett two paper Books, that (as I understood) weere Bookes of Accompts, and severall other Bundells of workings tyed up and soarted, one bundell whereof was endorsed to be Bills and Bonds, wch Bookes & Bundells or writeing were layd up againe by me in ye said Cabinett; And never saw nor pused any of the sd Papers Bookes or writings since, nor knowe not where any of them are, or what is become of them 3) To ye 3d I answer that I neither have nor had any Bill, Bond nor Bookes of Accts relateing to ye sd Hen: Nowell or his sd Relict, save only a Bond we ye sd Hen: Nowell (wth a Letter of Atturney) gave me to prosecute in CHancery, upon his goeing out of ye Isle, agt: Sr Jo: Hudlston deceased, wch bond up----[dark] determinacon of ye case, was taken in upon Reccord, ----[dark] I beleeve is there remaining yett; And as for any goods I had not nor have not any save a fowling peece he lefft wth me at his goeing out of ye Isle & some geese that Robt: Eccles sent to me to be ----[dark] on ye halffes, which are yett in my own custody 4) The 4& 5th I have answered in ye forgoeing I-----[edge] 5) In testimony of all wch I subscribe my name -----[edge] 1677 Joanne P-----[edge] [next page] 1) To ye 1st and 2d I answer possitivly as ye said ffore= 2) goeing depont: Jo: Parr hath declared concerning ye Breaking up of the Cabinett; And that I saw in ye sd Cabinett 2 Bookes wherin ye Gover= nor Nowell kept his accompts, wth severall other papers wch I know not what they were, because I did not hear them read, or pused by my selfe, neither have I any of ye sd Bookes, or papers, nor knowe not where any of them remaine un= less they are in ye sd Cabinett yett; nor any other papers of Accompts relating to ye sd Hen: Nowell 3) To ye 3d I answer that I have not Bill, bond, or any other paper of Acct: relateing to ye sd Hen: Nowell or any goods or merchandize wtsoever; save only a thousand (neer upon) of Barrell staves wch ye said Hen: Nowell before his goeing out of ye Isle gave me to make sayle of, and before his sd goeing I paid him ye sd Hen: Nowell three pounds seaven shillings of ye rate of ye sd staves; and alsoe paid Robt: Eccles servant to ye sd Hen: Nowell, imediatly before ye sd Mrs Nowell, now cominge over into ye Isle twenty shillings two pence, in moneys & accompts, And noe other goods or wards of ye sd Hen: Nowell I had not, nor have not in my hands or custody at present same some shoemakers casts & an old barrell in staves 4) The 4th & 5th Inter: I have answered in ye 5) 2 before goeing Answers, And to wittness all the premisses I have subscirbed my name this 15th June 1677 George Stowell Att Castletown June ye 15th 1677 This answer to ye Interagatorys were exhibitted in Cort by ye pties upon oath this Day & yeare [next page] To the Reverent the Viccars Gennerall of This Isle The humbl: peticon of Mrs Margrett Nowell widdow Shewinge to yor worships that the 22th of May last, at the Instance of Mr: Rogier Nowell yor peticor: was charged to appeare before yor worship at Peeltowne, in obedience to wch yor: peticor: appeared, & the Court proceedinge to a Decree against yor: peticor: yor poore orratrix was for his saifty & releife constrained to exhibit his Appeall from the sensure & Decree of you: said Court: ---- the Prerogative Court at York to be tryed before the Most Reverend The Lord Artch: Bpp: of York & his Councell, wch sd Appeall was by yor: sorshps: accepted & recorded & the accustomed time allowed to yor: peticor: for the tryall thereof, Yet neverthelesse yor: Court hath since further proceeded wthin a few dayes after; grantinge letters of administr: to ye sd Mr Nowell together wth an ordr: to invest him in the right & possestion of yor Oratrix as shee humbly conceive & was charged by ye Sumner to give obedience thereunto, wch yor peticor refused, till such time as shee had hir further tryall, hir appeal beinge accepted, Whereupon the sd Sumner wth a souldier came and charged yor peticor: to prisson, to wch shee did yeild obedience rather then invest any other person wth hir right; Now soe it is, may it pleas yor: peticor: and Lockt naild & bard yor poore oratrix out of Doares soe that shee cannot com to hir wearing Apparrel nor any other nessessary, whereupon shee maid hir addresses to the temporall Court, for hir releife, who seeinge ye sd Mr Now =ell Justifie himselfe by yor order would grant yor poore oratrix no releife but referd hir to yor Worships May it therefore please yor: worships, the premises tende to consider, and shew unto yor: poore oratrix, undr yor worships hands, that yow doe accept of the sd Appeall as formerly you Did, or yor absolute deniall thereof That yor: peticor: may proceed to a further tryall heare for hir releife and shee as bound shall pray Uc June ye 14th 1677 The peticonr is very much mistaken in chargine us wth ye accep tacon of her Appeale to Yorke; the Recording of it, and allowing of ye accustomed time for tryall therof for wee neyther did the one nor the other as knowing that ye indirectnesse therof was a ---[edge] sufficient supersedios for us: however ye petr: pceeding regular ---[edge] wee shall grant her such reliefe as is legall, and justifiable Tho: Parre Charles Parr Tho: Robinson [on the back side:] the Humble peticon of Mrs Margrett Nowell widdow Sept: 3d 1677 Mr John Wood entrs his claime against ye Adminrs of Hen: Nowell Esq: deceased for ye sume of two pounds fifteen shillings sterl: due debt as will be made to appeare, and craveth tryall Sept ye 18th 1677 Edward Callow entrs against ye Adminrs: of Hen: Nowell Esq: late deceased for ye sume of xxxvijs sterl: due debt as hee will make to appeare & craveth tryall [next page] Att a Cort houlden at KK Mallew June ye 16th 1677 Wheras Mr Roger Nowell is sworn Administr----[dark] of ye goods of Hen: Nowell Esq: late deceased who by ordr: is required to bring into our Recor----[dark] a pfect Invent: within a month; and ----- -------[dark] =ing of severall obstruccons in ye Exact pformance thereof because of ye unnessessary prtences of some psons comend ---- interested in pt of the concerns; Therfore the Court decrees and soe orders that all & every such pson & psons in this Island, as have intermedling in Lands goods chattels, more due upon any accompt to ye sd Hen: Nowell Esq) Bills bonds Escripps, parchmts and papers of what nature or weight soever, shall and doe forthwith surrender, pay and deliver upp unto ye sd Mr Roger Nowell the two parts of such incumbent dues, and that by vertue of their oaths, and this in order to a Muttuall contract pced legally) made betwixt the sd Hen: Nowell Esq: and Mrs Margt Nowell his wife; unto the better obser vance hereof, the Sumners in their respective pishes are required to charge strictly all psons concernd in this behalfe to be imeadiatly done, to ye end the Inventory as aforesd may be pfected within the limitted time; And if any refuse, or bee disobedient to this our order the Sumnr: is further required to commit them into St Germ: prisson, and a souldjer in case of opposicen, and this shall be their discharge dated ut supra Tho: Parre To ye respective Sumnrs: Thomas Robinson concerned [next page] To the Right Reverend father in God Henery by Divine providence Lord Bishop of this Isle The humble peticon of Margrett: Nowell widdow Meekly shewinge yt yor: peticor: beinge desired to Appeare this day before yor Lordshipp doth most Humbly declare, that shee hath form =erly exhibited an Appeall to ye Reverent the Viccars Gennerall of this Isle at Peelltowne Shewinge yt yor: peticor: did Humbly appeall from the sensures and Decrees of of this Court To the most honorble: the prerogative Court of York to be tryed there before his Grace The Lord Artch Bupp: of York & his Councell and that for reasons therein shewed yt yor: peticonrs: husband sieinge intestate Estated in several Dioces where hee had Bonn Notabilliam Yor peticor conceined it be must propper to be tryed there. And Toutchinge a peticon preferred by Mr Jo: ----[dark, edge] requireinge yor peticor: to give in secure for hir childrenís goods; To wch shee is will----[dark] and doth most Humbly Begg, that as yor Lordshipp is the father of orhants soe yow will in pittie look upon the sad condicon of a distressed widdow, whose nessessity is so great that shee hath not somuch as a pence of hir own goods to releive hir or to follo----he occations Wherefore yor: poore Orator upon bended knee, craves yor: Lordshipp wth the rest of the worshpll: Court, will be--- to order the Gennerall Sumner to take both the Lands and -----[dark] and the proffitts the rent for his present security & to -----[dark] in his saife Custodie untill the matters in Diffence That soe yor: peticor: be at libertie to pass into England hir busines where it is most propper and shee as bound shall ever pray &c shee will be willinge -----[dark] such securytis as the Court shall think fitt And as -----[dark] bound shall every pray &c: [next page] July ye 2d 1667 Doct: Hen: Bridgman Bop of Soder & Man enters against ye Adminr: of Hen: Nowell Esq: for the sume of sixe hundred pounds sterl:, and crageth tryall Aug: ye 29th 1677 Mrs Margt: Murrey, and the Adminx: of her deceased husband enters their clame against the Administratr: of Hen: Nowell Esq: deceased for the sume of three pounds and sixe pence, due debt as will bee made to appeare & craveth tryall Oct: ye 8th 1677 Robt: Allen entrs: his clame against ye Adminr: of Hen: Nowell Esq: for ye sume of xxvs sterl: being halfe a yeares wages for nursing one of ye children of Capt Thom: Huddleston and craveth tryall ----ry: ye 14th 1677 ----- Callister entrs against the Executrs or Adminrs: of Hen: Nowell Esq: late Governor of this Isle for nine shillings, and for some hives of Bees, and craveth tryall June ye 14th 1678: Mr. Thom: Norris Comptroller enters his claime against ye Adminr: of Hen:Nowell late Governor of this Isle for five sparrs or Rafters 15 foote long apeece and craveth tryall [next page] Be it Knowne unto all men by theise presents that I Margrett Nowell Widdow Relict of Henry Nowell Esqr late of Casseltowne in the Isle Mann, Diseased doe acknolledge and confess my selfe my --ed---- Executors and Admrs: to be owinge and Justly indebted unto my nefew Roger Nowell of Belfast in ye County of Antrim in the Kingdome of Ireland Gent: in the full and intire summ of one Thousand pounds sterl: to be paid unto the sd Roger Nowell his Heirs Executors Admrs: or assignes upon Desscand, for true prform----[fold] heareof I binde mee my Heirs Executors Admrs: & Assigns in the penalty of Double the summ the one half or moyety therof to the use of or: Honnobll: Lord of this Isle and the other to the parson greived as witness my hand & seale this 18th dau of July in the year of or: Lord God 1677 Whereas severall Controversies, disputes, Lawsutes and other differences have of late Arissen, and are now dependinge betwixt Mrs Margrett Nowell aforesd: & Mr Roger Nowell aforesd: Toutchinge & concerninge all the Estate & right prop and belonginge to ye sd Henry Nowell ----[fold] Moneyes, goods chattels, lands & Tennemts:, and all o ther differences aswell in this Isleand as in the Kingdome of Englans, All wch sa----[fold] Differences & Disputes & Lawsutes are by a mutuall concent of both parties (that is to say) as well on the part and behalfe of the sd Roger Nowell as on the part and behalfe of the sd Margrett Nowell, Referred to the toward[?] Doome finall end and Determinacon of Charles Christian of Whitehouse Gene: Ewan Christian of Lewage Gen: Will: Parker Ballakegen Gent: & Rich Stevenson of Balladoole Gent Arbitrator Indifferently chosen by both parties, and if it soe happen yt the said parties cannot Agree, then in like Mannor & by and wth the consent of Roger & Margrett aforesd: it is wholy refered to the umpiradge finall and Determinacon of Tho: Norrise Comptrollor of this Isle, umpier Indifferently chosen by the sd: parties (provided allwayes) provided allso that if the four Menn Agree they Certifie the same in writeinge and there hands and seales at upon or before the 25th day of this Instant July, and if they doe not agree: Then the umpeer to Declare a publish his umpiradge and finall determinacon under his hand ----[fold] seale, at upon or befor the 26th day of this Instant July: Now Know yee that ye condicon of the above obligacon is such that if the above bounden Margrett Nowell shall well and truly performe, abide ----[fold] and stand to: The award Arbittrymt: finall end and Determinacon ----[fold] umpiradge above, recited wth on her part ought to be prformed full----[fold] or Kept: that then this obligacon to be void and of noe Effect, otherwise to remaine in full force & vertue in Law Signed Sealed & Delivered Marg: Nowell in sight & presence of us Antho: Halsall Robert Ratcliff Tho: Norris Mrs Margarett Nowells Bonds of Reference for 1000£ Sterl: 1677 Insula Mona [next page] Be it Knowne unto all men by those presents that I Roger Nowell ------[dark] in the Countie of Antrim, in the Kingdome of Ireland Doe Acknowlledge and confess my selfe my Heirs Executors ------[dark] to be owinge and Justly indebted unto my Aunt Mrs Margrett Nowell widdow Relict of Hen: Nowell Esqr: lage deceased in the Just & intire sume of one thousand pounds sterl: to be paid the sd Mrs Margrett Nowell her heirs executors and Administrators ------[dark] demand for true and performance heareof I bind mee my hirs executors administrators and assignes in the pennalty of double the sume the one halfe or moety therof to the use of our honoble Lord of this Isle and the othe rto ye partie greived as witness my hand and seale this 18th day of July in the years of our Lord God 1677 Whereas severall controversies, disputes, llawsuites, and other differences have off late arissen, & are now dependinge betwixt Mrs Margrett Nowell aforesd: & Mr Roger Nowell aforesd: toutching & concerninge all ye & right prop and belonginge to the sd Henry Nowell, as moneyes chattel, land and tennemts: and all other differences as well in the Isle and as in the Kingdome of England. All wch said Differences and disputes & law suites are by a Mutuall consent of both parties, (that is to say) as well on ye prt: & behalfe of the sd Roger Nowell as in the pt: & behalfe of the sd Margrett Nowell, referred to the award doome, si---- end, & determinacon of Charles Christian of Whitehouse Gent, Ewan Christian of Lewage Gent:, Willm Parker of Balllykegen Gent:, and Richard Stevenson of Balladoole Gent: Arbitrators indifferently chosen by both parties, And if it soe happen that the sd parties cannot Agree -----[dark] in like mannor & by and wth ye consent of Roger & Margrett afor-----[dark] is wholy referred to the umpiradge finall and determinacon of Th-----[dark] Norrise comptroulor of this Isle umpier indifferently chosen by -----[dark] said parties (provided allways) yt is the foure men agree they certifie -----[dark] same in writeinge under their hands & seals at upon our before -----[dark] 25th day of this Instant July and if they doe not agree, then the umpire to Declare and publish his umpyrage and fynall determinacon under his hand and seale At upon or before ye 26th day of this Instant July: Now know yee that the condicon of the above obligacon is -----[dark] if the above bounden Roger Nowell shall well and truly perfor-----[dark] fullfill & stand to the award arbittrymt: finall end and determinacon -----[dark] our umpirage above recited wch on his part ought to be performed -----[dark] fullfilled or kept: That then this obligacon to be voide and if no -----[dark] otherwise to remaine in full force & vertue in Law signed sealed & delivered in sight & presence of us Roger Nowell Antho: Halsall Robert Ratcliff Tho: Norris [next page:] NOTE: This was written on a very wide piece of paper. Know all whom these prsents doe or may concern, That whereas the did arise a Suite att Law Between Roger Nowell of the Kingdome of Ireland Gent: and Mrs Margret Nowell widdow upon the decease of Hen: Nowell late Governor of the Isle of Mann, who dyed Intestate being husband to ye said Margrett, and direct uncle to ye abovesd Roger; And forasmuch as there hath been severall proceedings in Court rouchinge ye said Suite: yett upon further and mutuall consideracon for ye preventinge of furture expence and tendious suits att Law betwixt soe neer Allyes, the said partyes by hoint consent did referr the whole diffrence now dependinge to the Arbitriment finall doome and award of us whose names are hereunto subscribed, in ye penalty of two thousand pounds, as appears by certaine Bonds beareinge date ye 17h and 18h days of this Instant interchangeably sealed and delivered by the foresaid Roger and Margrett Nowell Now Know yee further, that whereas wee have consideratly weighed & discussed ye severall perticulars appertaininge to ye controversie unto us refferred as afforesd: By vertue of wch refference wee doe herby order and award, upon penalty of the Bonds mentioned as afforesaid, that the foresaid Roger Nowell shall have twoo partes of three of all goods cattles and chattles, money, gold, plate, jewells, rings, belongings and of right appertaining to the above Hen: Nowell and Margrett his now Relict within ye said Isle, Excepting what here= =after shall be excepted. Alsoe all one halfe parte of all and every ye severall Lands, tenemts: goods cattles and chatles money, gold plate, jewells rings, and what else is or ought to be of right belonging or appertaininge to the foresaid partyes, now byeing and being in the Kingdome of England; And alsoe wee doe order and award for and unto Margaret Nowell afforesaid the third parte of all the goods cattles, chatles money, gold, plate, Jewells, rings appertaininge or belonginge to her and late husband afforesd within the said Isle; Alsoe one halfe of all Lands, Tenemts: goods cattles, chatles money, gold plate Jewells Rings, and whatever did, doth or ought of right to belong or appertaine unto her ye said Margrett and late husband a---[edge] afforesaid, now lyeing and being within ye Kingdome of England; And as touchinge ye exception before promised wee doe further order and award unto the foresaid Margrett Nowell the whole and sole ffarme of Ballacott together with ye appurtenences and milne thereunto belonginge, according to the purport tenor and full extent of ye last will and Testamt: of Captaine Thomas Hudlston late of Ballacott afforesd deceased, former husband to ye afforesd Margrett Nowell, she payinge and dischargeing all debts and demands charged or chargeable thereuppon, according to the Testamt: before men =coned; And alsoe her proporcon of debts that is to say, a third parte of all other debts in ye Isle of Man, and halfe of the debts in England as afforesaid falling due and ariseing by or upon the proporcons afforesaid; Alsoe all he----[edge] wearinge cloathes silkes and linnen apparrell, the choise ring, and all other debts in ye Isle of Man, and halfe ye Legacy of Seaven pounds ten shillings; And also to the abovesd Roger Nowell wee doe order and award all and every the Lords third of Tyths and Staffe Land Rents bjeing and ariseinge out of the parish of K Maugholl dureing the teame of the Lease thereof As also a certaine House and parcells of Land comonly called and know by the name of Paradize wth the appurtenences thereunto belonginge sattuate lyeing and being at ye north end of Castletown in ye said Isle; And alsoe the severall proporcon of debts wigt ye two third parts of all debts in ye Isle of Mann (except before excepted touching Ballacott) and halfe of all Debts in ye Kingdome of England as afforesaid falling due and ariseinge by and up as the proporconed partes above mencioned Likewise the said Roger shall have all ye Apparrells swords belts, pistolls, bootes, sadles and bridles of late belonginge to Hen: Nowell afforesaid; And further yt if all and every ye severall goods within this Isle already ordered by Court be duely proporconed according to ye said order they shall stand and remaint as already appointed, otherwise to be forthwith justly and duely rectified according to ye purport of ye said order; And lastly ye said Roger Nowell now and att all times hereafter shall secure defend and save harmless ye foresaid Margrett Nowell from all and every person or persons sueing or claimeinge by from or under ye foresaid Hen: Nowell deceased, and naely from [next page] Mrs Jaine Ore als Nowell sister to the abovesd ----[edge] and Roger shall upon oath, when called by Lo----[edge] power, judgmt: and knowledge fully to comp----[edge] values, money, gold, plate, Jewells, rings as within ----[edge] foresd partys in penalty of forfeitinge their for----[edge] day of July on thousand six hundred ----[edge] [next page] Sept: ye 11th 1677 Doctor Hen: Bridgman Lord Bipp of Soder & Mann enters his claime against ye Adminirs: of Hen: Nowell Esq: late Governor of this Isle for ye numb: of 49 stouckes of corn taken ---- his man robrt: Eccles for his worsp: use out of his Lordsps: ground --- ye Curraugh to ye value of ffortie shillings sterl: due debt as will be made to appeare, & craveth tryall according to Law Oct: ye 1st 1677 Gyles Arthur entrs his claime against the Adminrs: of Hen: Nowell Esq deceased for ye sume of three pounds sterl: due debt as hee will make to appeare and craveth tryall Oct: ye 2d 1677: Thom: Ottiwell Adminr to his bro: John Ottiwell deceased entrs against ye Adminr of Hen: Nowell for ye summe of tenn pounds sterl: due debt as hee will make to appeare and craveth tryall [next page] Hen: Sodor et Mona Apud Ranolsway none die mensis July 1677 Whereas it doth appear by the oath of Mrs Margrett Nowell widdow relict of Henry Nowell of the Country of Lancaster Esqr: Late Governour of the Isle of Mann decea= sed had in the time of his life good rights credits cattalls & chattells in severall diocesses within the province of York amounting unto the summe of above 5£ and that she did specify and declare the same according to the requi sition of the 92 Canon and constitution of ye Church of England and did thereupon make a formall appeal from Henry Ld Bop of Mann and his Consistory unto the most Revd: Father in God Richard by divine providence Ld ArchBop: of York primate of England & metropo= litan upon her greivance in business touching the Administration of her said husbands estate and did in due time require Appostles and did obtaine the same and is preparing thereupon to seek relief in the proero gative Court of York to whose iurisdiction as shee alle dgeth the cognizance of this affaire doth properly and of right appertaine and that I am requirred by the said canon not to prsume to intermedle with the granting Administration of the goods of the partie so dying intestate in due obedience thereunto I doe not onely surcease my selfe any further proceeding in this affaire but doe firmely inioyne and comand by these prsents all & singular officers belonging to my spirituall court of what degree soever that they and every one of them upon their further contumacy and [next page] and suspension ipso facto according to the Canon aforesaid doe forbear all iactation transaction prosecution execution on in and concerning this cause during the limitation in this behalfe granted untill further order under hands and seale of myne and their supperior 1st obtained given under my hand and seale Episcopallthis ninth day of July 1677 Joan Allen Actuar Thes for Ewan Christian Sumner Generall in the Diocese of Mann [next page] June ye 26th 1677 Mr Tho: Quayle entrs agt the Adminrs: of Hen: Nowell Esqr: deceased for a payre of R----bs or Goabettts valuable to xxs[20s] and craveth tryall At a Consistory Court houlden at Ranaldsway house before the right revrend ffather in God Hen: by divine pmission Lord Bop: of Soder & Mann, Sr Thomas Parre parson, Charles Parr & Thom: Robinson viccars Generall July ye 2d 1766 Then and ther declared upon oath by Mrs Margt: Nowell that her husband Hen: Nowell Esq: late Governor of this Isle dyed possessed valuable to the summe of ffive pounds sterl: in the diocesse of Chester; Therfore exhibitting her appeale from this Court to ye prerogative Court of Yorke (as more pper ther to have its tryall) it is humbly ac= cepted of, and 4 months time is given, and allowed (according to ye limitacon allowed for Appeales oversea) to psecute her Appeale, and return the pceedings there to this Court Coppies of them that ye Law may bee further executed according to the constitution of the place, shee takeing wth her all Coppies of the pceeding of this Court had already in this behalfe, under our subscripcons and seale of office, for better light, information, and satisfacti= =on to that Court; otherwise for fayleure in ye psecudon of this matter wthin ye limitted time, the former pceedings of this Court is to stand and bee effectuall accordindto yir purport therof to all intents & purposes whatsoever The above order is declared by ye Lo: Bop: to be of no Effect, because hee himselfe had drawn up another order more formall, therfore this is Invallid, and not Coppies to be given of it ---- ye 127th 1677 note that my Lord Bops: order in this behalfe is Reccorded ye next or the left hand, being given to me by ye Generall Sumner Ewan Christian to be recorded Rich: Ffox Regr: [next page] June ye -- 1677 -----[dark]------ ----- Mr John Pigott f----- agt ----- ---- sume of 3£ sterl: due as will be made to appeare and craveth tryall Mr David Murrey entrs against ye Administr: of Hen: Nowell Esq for the sume of 3£ sterl: & craveth tryall Sept: ye 14th 1677 Joney Piggett Pickard entrs against ye Adminr of Hen: Nowell Esqr: for ye summe of sixetie pounds sterl:, and craveth tryall Sept: ye 13th 1677 Mr Thom: Norris and Mr John Barrey entrs against the Adminr of Hen: Nowell Esq late Governor of this Isle for the summe of nine pounds sterl:, and craveth tryall [next page] I am sory to heare of yor -----[dark edge] distemper after you parted so well with us and -----[dark edge] I viewed all Mrs Nowells business thought -----[edge] Adcor: was not soe well as might be wished -----[edge] have taken ye bond & here sent it you, Mrs -----[edge] =ell hath ye bearer sent for a coppy of all p-----[edge] & hath sent you 4s to content your -----[torn & edge] the remaindr:; I have yesternight disc-----[edge] =sed with ye Governour touching ye Appeale who is satisfyed that it ought not to be accepted And if Mrs: Nowell complayne that such a thing was attempted she is to be fined you are therefore to take Appeale of the Re =cord, and convert it to some other use; And forasmuch as she hath writt for a coppy of it, you are to returne her answer, that it is not accepted of & therefore it doth not concerne you, This is all saie[?] Reports wish =ing your health & remayne your affectionat Brother Duglass May Tho: Robinson 29th 1677 June ye 15th 1677 The Executrs: of John Shimin deceased enters against the Adminr of Hen: Nowell Esqr lat Governor for the summe of sixt pounds sterl: in money and goods due as will be made to appeare & craveth tryall also entrs for 40s more [written on the back of the above page] ffor Mr Rich: FFox Registr: These [next page] June ye 11th 1677 I doe declare by vertue of the oath I have taken that all the goods ----[dark] I know of in Ramsey to belonge to Hen: Nowell Esqr: late Governor of this ----[dark edge] late deceased are 23 casyne, and 1 in staves, of wch number 4 is ----[dark edge] salt one of them being crow salt; this is all I know of as wittness my subs----[dark edge] Edward Curghey Ano et die prdicto Capt: Edward Curghey hath taken his corprll: oath that the ----[dark edge] pticulrs: ----all hee knows of, of ye goods of ye above Hen: Now----[dark edge] Esqr: and this before me Charles Parr June ye 15th 1677 Willm: Geile entrs upon our honrble Lords accompt against ye Administratr: of Hen----[dark edge] Esqr: for the summe late Governor of this Isle for 5 emptie ----ca----[dark edge] herring gadge, and 300 splitts and also for ye sume of ----[dark edge] two pounds sterl: as formrly due from Capt: Thom H----[dark edge] and craveth tryall [next page] June ye 11th 1677 Major Richard Stevenson Esquire enters his claime against the Administrator of Hen: Nowell late Governor of the Isle of Mann for ye summe of tenn pounds sterl: due as appeares by Bond under his own hand; And for corne to ye valew of ffortie shillings more or less due also as will be made to appeare, & carveth tryall June ye 11th 1677 Deemster Edward Christian esq: enters against ye Adminr: of Hen: Nowell Esq: late Governor of this Isle deceased for ye sume of xs[10s] sterl:, and craveth tryall

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